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PRIMIS Covid Vaccination Uptake Reporting
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  • v.1.5.3


Taken from the DXT_CHEMO_COD fields in SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Vaccine Uptake Reporting Codes v.1.5.3


Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
10611004 Teleradiotherapy protons
1103251000000108 Injection of chemotherapeutic substance into tumour using ultrasonographic guidance
1127003 Interstitial radium application
113117004 Teleradiotherapy particulate radiation
11331000224100 Tomotherapy
1149431000000106 Intraoperative electron radiotherapy
115959002 Stereotactic radiosurgery
115960007 Total skin electron beam therapy
1167461000000101 Intra-arterial injection of antineoplastic agent into left ophthalmic artery using fluoroscopic guidance with contrast
1167471000000108 Intra-arterial injection of antineoplastic agent into right ophthalmic artery using fluoroscopic guidance with contrast
1167481000000105 Intra-arterial injection of antineoplastic agent into bilateral ophthalmic arteries using fluoroscopic guidance with contrast
118640001 Radioimmunotherapy
12149006 Chemotherapy administration, subcutaneous, with local anesthesia
16554781000119103 Intravenous radionuclide therapy using strontium 89
16554931000119102 Intravenous radionuclide therapy using radium 223 dichloride
16560241000119104 Oral radionuclide therapy
168523002 Preoperative course of radiotherapy
168525009 Postoperative course of radiotherapy
168531007 Radiotherapy started
169291001 X-ray beam therapy
169292008 Grenz ray therapy up to 10 kV
169293003 Superficial X-ray therapy 10-60 kV
169294009 Half-deep therapy 60-150 kV
169295005 Deep X-ray therapy 150-400 kV
169296006 Ultrahard X-rays 400-2000 kV
169297002 Short distance X-ray therapy
169298007 Intracavitary X-ray therapy
169299004 Combined X-ray therapy
169301006 High-energy beam therapy
169302004 Linear accelerator photon therapy
169303009 Betatron photon therapy
169304003 Van der Graaff photon therapy
169305002 Combined photon therapy
169307005 Fast-electron therapy
169309008 Linear accelerator electrons
169310003 Betatron electron therapy
169311004 Positron therapy
169312006 Combined fast-electron therapy
169314007 Proton therapy
169315008 Deuteron therapy
169316009 Pi-meson therapy
169317000 Neutron capture therapy
169318005 Fast neutron therapy
169319002 Combined heavy particle therapy
169331000 Combined radiotherapy
169332007 External beam with internal radiotherapy
169333002 External beam - surgery with preoperative radiotherapy
169334008 External beam - surgery with postoperative radiotherapy
169335009 External beam - surgery with chemotherapy
169336005 External beam with chemotherapy
169340001 Internal metabolic radiotherapy
169342009 Thyroid tumor/metastasis irradiation
169343004 Bone marrow suppression - irradiation
169344005 Polycythemia irradiation
169345006 Bone tumor/metastasis irradiation
169346007 Radioactive drug therapy
169347003 Combined internal radiotherapy
169349000 Internal radiotherapy - unsealed source
169350000 Radiotherapy: infuse skull/brain
169351001 Radiotherapy: infuse head/neck
169352008 Radiotherapy: infuse pleural cavity
169353003 Radiotherapy: infuse peritoneal cavity
169354009 Radiotherapy: endolymphatic infusion
169355005 Radiotherapy: infuse urinary bladder
169356006 Radiotherapy: infuse organ cavity
169357002 Radiotherapy: infiltrate tissue
169396008 Radiomimetic chemotherapy
169397004 Radiochemotherapy: local infiltration
169398009 Radiochemotherapy: to stop spread
169399001 Radiochemotherapy: oral route
169400008 Radiochemotherapy via intravenous route
169401007 Radiochemotherapy: for immunosuppression
169402000 Radiochemotherapy: local artery
169403005 Radiochemotherapy: into cavity
171765004 Intrathecal injection of chemotherapeutic agent
172286002 Radiotherapy to lacrimal gland
21372000 Radium therapy
22733003 Chemotherapy for non-malignant neoplasm
228660009 Contact therapy
228661008 Grenz ray therapy
228662001 Betatron X-ray therapy
228663006 Microtron X-ray therapy
228664000 Van der Graaff X-ray therapy
228666003 Teletherapy with dual headed cobalt unit
228667007 Stereotactic cobalt teletherapy
228671005 Linear accelerator electron teletherapy
228672003 Microtron electron teletherapy
228673008 Strontium 90 electron teletherapy
228674002 Cyclotron neutron teletherapy
228675001 Deuterium on tritium neutron teletherapy
228676000 Hiletron neutron teletherapy
228681009 Cobalt 60 brachytherapy
228682002 Cobalt 60 brachytherapy manual loading
228690002 Iodine 125 brachytherapy
228696008 Yttrium 90 brachytherapy
228697004 Yttrium 90 therapy
228698009 Iodine 131 therapy
228700000 Iodine 131 meta-iodobenzylguanidine therapy
228701001 Strontium 89 therapy
230857009 Injection of chemotherapeutic substance into subcutaneous reservoir
230865007 Injection of chemotherapeutic substance into tumor of brain tissue
231544004 Radiotherapy to orbital lesion
231711000000108 Radiotherapy delivery
231737005 Radiotherapy to ciliary body
232681000000103 Chemotherapy delivery
235331000000103 Delivery of oral chemotherapy for neoplasm
235391000000102 Delivery of chemotherapy for neoplasm
236221000000103 Delivery of a fraction of total body irradiation
236231000000101 Delivery of a fraction of intracavitary radiotherapy
236441000000109 Delivery of a fraction of radiotherapy on a superficial or orthovoltage machine
238041000000102 Delivery of a fraction of interstitial radiotherapy
238051000000104 Delivery of a fraction of simple radiotherapy on a megavoltage machine
238831000000103 Delivery of exclusively oral chemotherapy for neoplasm
238841000000107 Delivery of complex chemotherapy for neoplasm including prolonged infusional treatment at first attendance
238851000000105 Delivery of complex parenteral chemotherapy for neoplasm at first attendance
238861000000108 Delivery of simple parenteral chemotherapy for neoplasm at first attendance
239071000000100 Delivery of subsequent element of cycle of chemotherapy for neoplasm
24242005 Cobalt-60 therapy
24977001 Topical chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm
265760000 Intravenous chemotherapy
265761001 Intramuscular chemotherapy
265762008 Subcutaneous chemotherapy
266719004 Oral chemotherapy
284701000000103 Oral delivery of radiotherapy for thyroid ablation
29391003 Chemotherapy administration into peritoneal cavity requiring paracentesis
309698005 Continuous infusion of chemotherapy
312244008 Cobalt 60 brachytherapy remote afterloading
312248006 Heavy ion teletherapy
314604005 Palliative course of deep X-ray therapy
314605006 Preoperative course of deep X-ray therapy
314606007 Postoperative course of deep X-ray therapy
315601005 Ambulatory chemotherapy
31632008 Stereotactic focused proton beam on cerebrum
31652009 Intracavitary chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm
33195004 Teleradiotherapy procedure
33356009 Betatron teleradiotherapy
363688001 Administration of antineoplastic agent
367336001 Chemotherapy
380021000000105 Megavoltage treatment for adaptive radiotherapy
380031000000107 Megavoltage treatment for simple radiotherapy
380041000000103 Megavoltage treatment for complex radiotherapy
38104006 Teleradiotherapy by linear accelerator
38216008 Infusion chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm
394894008 Pre-operative chemotherapy
394895009 Postoperative chemotherapy
394918006 Iodine seed radiotherapy
394934009 Combined pre-operative chemotherapy and radiotherapy
394935005 Combined post-operative chemotherapy and radiotherapy
395096001 Stereotactic radiotherapy
39646005 Hemibody irradiation
396780003 Chemotherapy AND/OR radiation therapy prior to lymphadenectomy
399042005 Chemotherapy cycle
399180008 Interstitial radioactive colloid therapy
399315003 Radionuclide therapy
4114003 Parenteral chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm
427541000119103 Intravenous radionuclide therapy
427561000119104 Intravenous radionuclide therapy using samarium Sm 153 lexidronam
428412000 Radiotherapy to head
428416002 Radiotherapy to neck
428624002 Radiotherapy to chest wall
428829005 Radiotherapy to pelvis
428831001 Radiotherapy to perineum
428923005 Radiotherapy to breast
429579007 Radiotherapy to axilla
429584001 Stereotactic radiosurgery of brain tissue
429685005 Radiotherapy by body site
429774000 Radiotherapy to abdomen
431200001 Radionuclide iodine 131 therapy to thyroid
431399005 Brachytherapy using iodine (131-I) ethiodized oil
431588009 Radionuclide iodine 131 therapy for thyrotoxicosis
431743005 Yttrium 90 somatostatin analog therapy
432094005 Radiolabeled Iodine 131 antibody therapy
438629002 High dose rate electronic brachytherapy
441783000 Conformal radiotherapy
441799006 Intensity modulated radiation therapy
445232009 Boost radiation therapy
446504008 Stereotactic destruction of lesion using gamma radiation
447704003 Single dose stereotactic radiosurgery using linear accelerator system
447912004 Fractionated dose stereotactic radiosurgery using linear accelerator system
448137007 Brachytherapy using radioiodine
448288001 Targeted radionuclide therapy
448294009 External radiation therapy using superficial radiation
448385000 Megavoltage radiation therapy using photons
448461009 Stereotactic radiation therapy using megavoltage radiation
449290006 Megavoltage radiation therapy using photons and electrons
450827009 Induction chemotherapy
45643008 Teleradiotherapy using electrons
46044009 Megavoltage radiation therapy
468111000000107 [X]Other chemotherapy
473237008 Stereotactic radiosurgery for acoustic neuroma
47479005 Total body irradiation
47668009 Intracavitary radium application
50632006 Cyclotron teleradiotherapy
51534007 Oral chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm
5304008 Deep radiation therapy, 200-300 KVP
589631000119102 Intravenous radioimmunotherapy using monoclonal antibodies
62867004 Teleradiotherapy with radioactive cesium
64134004 Stereotactic focused gamma radiosurgery of cerebrum
64291000052106 Radioactive iodine therapy
65952009 Gamma ray therapy
68619000 Chemotherapy for non-neoplastic disease
6872008 Perfusion chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm
700356003 Radium 226 brachytherapy
700357007 Radium 223 brachytherapy
700496000 Postoperative administration of antineoplastic agent into peritoneal cavity
703423002 Combined chemotherapy and radiation therapy
70446004 Chemotherapy administration into pleural cavity requiring thoracentesis
711299007 Radiotherapy to thorax
712746000 Total body electron beam therapy
712753009 Administration of chemotherapeutic agent into bladder via intravesical route
714029009 Preoperative high dose brachytherapy
716872004 Antineoplastic chemotherapy regimen
720379009 Hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy
722472009 Rituximab, ifosfamide, carboplatin and etoposide chemotherapy regimen
722480002 Chemotherapy started
722482005 Doxorubicin, bleomycin, vinblastine and dacarbazine chemotherapy regimen
722491009 Rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine and prednisone chemotherapy regimen
74023000 Teleradiotherapy of 1 to 25 mega electronvolt protons
77613002 Teleradiotherapy with iodine-125
77738002 Local chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm
782204001 Superficial radiation therapy
785706005 Hypofractionated radiation therapy of prostate
785707001 Hypofractionated radiation therapy of entire breast
80347004 Teleradiotherapy neutrons
816151001 Administration of consolidation antineoplastic agent
819971000000103 Hyperthermic intraoperative peritoneal chemotherapy
829591000000101 Neoadjuvant chemotherapy
830155008 Administration of hyperthermic antineoplastic agent into peritoneal cavity
830156009 Administration of hyperthermic antineoplastic agent into thoracic cavity
843671000000104 Electrochemotherapy
847541000000102 Intra-arterial infusion of antineoplastic agent using fluoroscopic guidance with contrast
847581000000105 Intra-arterial injection of antineoplastic agent into ophthalmic artery using fluoroscopic guidance with contrast
847641000000103 Infusion of antineoplastic agent into cerebral artery using fluoroscopic guidance with contrast
853301000000101 Stereotactic focused gamma radiosurgery of trigeminal nerve
86036005 Intravenous chemotherapy administration by push technique
862921000000106 Intravesical electrochemotherapy
869901000000105 Retroorbital radiotherapy
870249004 Folinic acid, fluorouracil and irinotecan antineoplastic chemotherapy regimen
870250004 Fluorouracil, leucovorin, irinotecan and oxaliplatin antineoplastic chemotherapy regimen
870385001 Hypofractionated radiation therapy
87776000 Intra-arterial infusion of antineoplastic agent
879915007 Radiotherapy to bone
890093004 Administration of multiple antineoplastic agents
895121000000103 Hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy using megavoltage radiation
897713009 Antineoplastic chemoimmunotherapy
898251000000109 Pulsed dose rate brachytherapy

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.