Alcohol consumption codes

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  • 20200812


Taken from the ALC_COD refset published by NHSD.


Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
105542008 Current non-drinker of alcohol
1082631000000102 Alcohol units consumed per day
1082641000000106 Alcohol units consumed per week
10939881000119105 Unhealthy alcohol drinking behavior
160573003 Alcohol intake
160575005 Light drinker - 1-2u/day
160576006 Moderate drinker - 3-6u/day
160577002 Heavy drinker - 7-9u/day
160578007 Very heavy drinker - greater than 9 units/day
160579004 Stopped drinking alcohol
160582009 Ex-trivial drinker - less than 1 unit/day
160583004 Ex-light drinker - (1-2u/day)
160584005 Ex-moderate drinker - (3-6u/d)
160585006 Ex-heavy drinker - (7-9u/day)
160587003 Ex-very heavy drinker - greater than 9 units/day
160588008 Drinker of hard liquor
160589000 Beer drinker
160590009 Drinks beer and hard liquor
160591008 Drinks wine
160592001 Alcohol intake above recommended sensible limits
160593006 Alcohol intake within recommended sensible limits
198421000000108 Hazardous alcohol use
198431000000105 Harmful alcohol use
219006 Current drinker of alcohol
228274009 Lifetime non-drinker
228276006 Occasional drinker
228277002 Light drinker
228278007 Fairly heavy drinker
228279004 Very heavy drinker
228281002 Problem drinker
228315001 Binge drinker
228316000 Alcoholic binges exceeding sensible amounts
228317009 Alcoholic binges exceeding safe amounts
228326007 Drinking binge
230085005 Beer intake
230086006 Wine intake
230088007 Hard liquor intake
266917007 Trivial drinker - <1u/day
28127009 Social drinker
286857004 Ex-problem drinker
300939009 Abstinent alcoholic
43783005 Moderate drinker
442547005 Number of alcohol units consumed on heaviest drinking day
447087000 Drinks alcoholic cider
748381000000102 Drinks real ale
777631000000108 Increasing risk alcohol drinking
777651000000101 Higher risk alcohol drinking
777671000000105 Lower risk alcohol drinking
783261004 Lifetime non-drinker of alcohol
82581004 Ex-drinker
86933000 Heavy drinker

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.