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Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
0206020C0AAACAC Diltiazem 90mg modified-release tablets
0206020C0AAAEAE Diltiazem 300mg modified-release capsules
0206020C0AAASAS Diltiazem 120mg modified-release tablets
0206020C0AAATAT Diltiazem 90mg modified-release capsules
0206020C0AAAUAU Diltiazem 120mg modified-release capsules
0206020C0AAAVAV Diltiazem 180mg modified-release capsules
0206020C0AAAWAW Diltiazem 240mg modified-release capsules
0206020C0AAAXAX Diltiazem 200mg modified-release capsules
0206020C0AABABA Diltiazem 360mg modified-release capsules
0206020C0BBABAC Tildiem Retard 90mg tablets
0206020C0BBACAS Tildiem Retard 120mg tablets
0206020C0BBADAE Tildiem LA 300 capsules
0206020C0BBAEAX Tildiem LA 200 capsules
0206020C0BCABAS Calcicard CR 120mg tablets
0206020C0BCACAC Calcicard CR 90mg tablets
0206020C0BEABAC Angiozem CR 90mg tablets
0206020C0BFAAAS Adizem-SR 120mg tablets
0206020C0BFACAT Adizem-SR 90mg capsules
0206020C0BFADAU Adizem-SR 120mg capsules
0206020C0BFAEAV Adizem-SR 180mg capsules
0206020C0BFAFAE Adizem-XL 300mg capsules
0206020C0BFAGAU Adizem-XL 120mg capsules
0206020C0BFAHAV Adizem-XL 180mg capsules
0206020C0BFAIAW Adizem-XL 240mg capsules
0206020C0BFAJAX Adizem-XL 200mg capsules
0206020C0BHABAT Dilzem SR 90 capsules
0206020C0BHACAU Dilzem SR 120 capsules
0206020C0BHADAU Dilzem XL 120 capsules
0206020C0BHAEAV Dilzem XL 180 capsules
0206020C0BHAFAW Dilzem XL 240 capsules
0206020C0BIAAAU Slozem 120mg capsules
0206020C0BIABAV Slozem 180mg capsules
0206020C0BIACAW Slozem 240mg capsules
0206020C0BIADAE Slozem 300mg capsules
0206020C0BJAAAT Angitil SR 90 capsules
0206020C0BJABAU Angitil SR 120 capsules
0206020C0BJACAV Angitil SR 180 capsules
0206020C0BJADAW Angitil XL 240 capsules
0206020C0BJAEAE Angitil XL 300 capsules
0206020C0BMAAAE Zemtard 300 XL capsules
0206020C0BMABAU Zemtard 120 XL capsules
0206020C0BMACAV Zemtard 180 XL capsules
0206020C0BMADAW Zemtard 240 XL capsules
0206020C0BNAAAU Viazem XL 120mg capsules
0206020C0BNABAV Viazem XL 180mg capsules
0206020C0BNACAW Viazem XL 240mg capsules
0206020C0BNADAE Viazem XL 300mg capsules
0206020C0BNAEBA Viazem XL 360mg capsules
0206020C0BPAAAT Dilcardia SR 90mg capsules
0206020C0BPABAU Dilcardia SR 120mg capsules
0206020C0BRABAT Bi-Carzem SR 90mg capsules
0206020C0BRACAU Bi-Carzem SR 120mg capsules
0206020C0BRAEAE Bi-Carzem XL 300mg capsules
0206020C0BVAAAV Zemret 180 XL capsules
0206020C0BVABAW Zemret 240 XL capsules
0206020C0BVACAE Zemret 300 XL capsules
0206020C0BYABAT Kenzem SR 90mg capsules
0206020C0BYACAU Kenzem SR 120mg capsules
0206020C0BZAAAE Uard 300XL capsules
0206020C0BZABAU Uard 120XL capsules
0206020C0BZACAV Uard 180XL capsules
0206020C0BZADAW Uard 240XL capsules

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.