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Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
040702040AAABAB Tramadol 100mg/2ml solution for injection ampoules
040702040AAACAC Tramadol 100mg modified-release tablets
040702040AAADAD Tramadol 150mg modified-release tablets
040702040AAAEAE Tramadol 200mg modified-release tablets
040702040AAAFAF Tramadol 50mg soluble tablets sugar free
040702040AAAGAG Tramadol 50mg modified-release capsules
040702040AAAHAH Tramadol 100mg modified-release capsules
040702040AAAIAI Tramadol 150mg modified-release capsules
040702040AAAJAJ Tramadol 200mg modified-release capsules
040702040AAAMAM Tramadol 300mg modified-release tablets
040702040AAANAN Tramadol 400mg modified-release tablets
040702040AAAPAP Tramadol 75mg modified-release tablets
040702040AAATAT Tramadol 50mg orodispersible tablets sugar free
040702040AAAUAU Tramadol 37.5mg / Paracetamol 325mg tablets
040702040AAAYAY Tramadol 50mg modified-release tablets
040702040AAAZAZ Tramadol 50mg/5ml oral suspension
040702040AABABA Tramadol 37.5mg / Paracetamol 325mg efferv tab sugar free
040702040AABBBB Tramadol 100mg/ml oral drops
040702040AABCBC Tramadol 75mg / Paracetamol 650mg tablets
040702040AABDBD Tramadol 75mg / Dexketoprofen 25mg tablets
040702040BBAAAA Zydol 50mg capsules
040702040BBABAB Zydol 100mg/2ml solution for injection ampoules
040702040BBACAC Zydol SR 100mg tablets
040702040BBADAD Zydol SR 150mg tablets
040702040BBAEAE Zydol SR 200mg tablets
040702040BBAFAF Zydol 50mg soluble tablets
040702040BBAGAD Zydol XL 150mg tablets
040702040BBAHAE Zydol XL 200mg tablets
040702040BBAIAM Zydol XL 300mg tablets
040702040BBAJAN Zydol XL 400mg tablets
040702040BBAKAY Zydol SR 50mg tablets
040702040BDAAAA Zamadol 50mg capsules
040702040BDABAG Zamadol SR 50mg capsules
040702040BDACAH Zamadol SR 100mg capsules
040702040BDADAI Zamadol SR 150mg capsules
040702040BDAEAJ Zamadol SR 200mg capsules
040702040BDAFAB Zamadol 100mg/2ml solution for injection ampoules
040702040BDAGAT Zamadol Melt 50mg tablets
040702040BDAHAD Zamadol 24hr 150mg modified-release tablets
040702040BDAIAE Zamadol 24hr 200mg modified-release tablets
040702040BDAJAM Zamadol 24hr 300mg modified-release tablets
040702040BDAKAN Zamadol 24hr 400mg modified-release tablets
040702040BEABAC Dromadol SR 100mg tablets
040702040BEADAE Dromadol SR 200mg tablets
040702040BFAAAU Tramacet 37.5mg/325mg tablets
040702040BFABBA Tramacet 37.5mg/325mg effervescent tablets
040702040BGAAAC Larapam SR 100mg tablets
040702040BGABAD Larapam SR 150mg tablets
040702040BGACAE Larapam SR 200mg tablets
040702040BHAAAC Mabron 100mg modified-release tablets (Morningside)
040702040BHABAD Mabron 150mg modified-release tablets (Morningside)
040702040BHACAE Mabron 200mg modified-release tablets (Morningside)
040702040BHADAC Mabron 100mg modified-release tablets (Teva)
040702040BHAEAD Mabron 150mg modified-release tablets (Teva)
040702040BHAFAE Mabron 200mg modified-release tablets (Teva)
040702040BIAAAC Tradorec XL 100mg tablets
040702040BIABAE Tradorec XL 200mg tablets
040702040BIACAM Tradorec XL 300mg tablets
040702040BJAAAG Tramquel SR 50mg capsules
040702040BJABAH Tramquel SR 100mg capsules
040702040BJACAI Tramquel SR 150mg capsules
040702040BJADAJ Tramquel SR 200mg capsules
040702040BKAAAC Tramulief SR 100mg tablets
040702040BKABAD Tramulief SR 150mg tablets
040702040BKACAE Tramulief SR 200mg tablets
040702040BLAAAC Zeridame SR 100mg tablets
040702040BLABAD Zeridame SR 150mg tablets
040702040BLACAE Zeridame SR 200mg tablets
040702040BNAAAC Marol 100mg modified-release tablets (Morningside)
040702040BNABAD Marol 150mg modified-release tablets (Morningside)
040702040BNACAE Marol 200mg modified-release tablets (Morningside)
040702040BNADAE Marol 200mg modified-release tablets (Teva)
040702040BNAEAD Marol 150mg modified-release tablets (Teva)
040702040BNAFAC Marol 100mg modified-release tablets (Teva)
040702040BPAAAG Maxitram SR 50mg capsules
040702040BPABAH Maxitram SR 100mg capsules
040702040BPACAI Maxitram SR 150mg capsules
040702040BPADAJ Maxitram SR 200mg capsules
040702040BQAAAC Oldaram 100mg modified-release tablets
040702040BQABAD Oldaram 150mg modified-release tablets
040702040BQACAE Oldaram 200mg modified-release tablets
040702040BSAAAC Tilodol SR 100mg tablets
040702040BSABAD Tilodol SR 150mg tablets
040702040BSACAE Tilodol SR 200mg tablets
040702040BTAAAC Invodol SR 100mg tablets
040702040BTABAD Invodol SR 150mg tablets
040702040BTACAE Invodol SR 200mg tablets
040702040BUAAAC Maneo 100mg modified-release tablets
040702040BUABAD Maneo 150mg modified-release tablets
040702040BUACAE Maneo 200mg modified-release tablets
040702040BVAAAD Zytram SR 150mg tablets
040702040BVABAP Zytram SR 75mg tablets
040702040BVACAC Zytram SR 100mg tablets
040702040BVADAE Zytram SR 200mg tablets
040702040BWAAAC Brimisol PR 100mg tablets

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.