High dose inhaled corticosteroids

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code term
0302000C0AAACAC Beclometasone 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0AAAUAU Beclometasone 250micrograms/dose breath actuated inhaler
0302000C0AABKBK Beclometasone 250micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000C0AABWBW Beclometasone 250micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000C0AABZBZ Beclometasone 200microg/Formoterol 6microg/dose inh CFC free
0302000C0AACACA Beclometasone 200microg/Formoterol 6microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000C0BBAAAC Becloforte 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BEABAU AeroBec Forte 250 Autohaler
0302000C0BFACAC Beclazone 250 inhaler
0302000C0BFAFAU Beclazone 250 Easi-Breathe inhaler
0302000C0BIAFBK Asmabec 250 Clickhaler
0302000C0BPADBW Clenil Modulite 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BQABBZ Fostair 200micrograms/dose / 6micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BRABCA Fostair NEXThaler 200microg/dose / 6microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000C0BTADBW Soprobec 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000K0AAAHAH Budesonide 400micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000K0AAAUAU Budesonide 400mcg/dose /Formoterol 12mcg/dose dry powder inh
0302000K0BBAIAH Pulmicort 400 Turbohaler
0302000K0BDACAU Symbicort 400/12 Turbohaler
0302000K0BGACAH Easyhaler Budesonide 400micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000K0BHABAU DuoResp Spiromax 320microg/dose / 9microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000K0BIAAAU Fobumix Easyhaler 320microg/dose / 9microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0AAAFAF Fluticasone propionate 250microgram inhalation pdr blist
0302000N0AAAPAP Fluticasone propionate 500microg inhalation pdr blist
0302000N0AAAUAU Fluticasone propionate 500micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000N0AAAZAZ Fluticasone propion 500mcg/Salmeterol 50mcg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0AABCBC Fluticasone 250micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000N0AABGBG Fluticasone 250mcg/dose / Salmeterol 25mcg/dose inh CFC free
0302000N0AABKBK Fluticasone 250microg / Formoterol 10microg/dose inh CFCfree
0302000N0BBAFAF Flixotide 250microgram disks
0302000N0BBAUAU Flixotide 500micrograms/dose Accuhaler
0302000N0BBBABC Flixotide 250micrograms/dose Evohaler
0302000N0BCACAZ Seretide 500 Accuhaler
0302000N0BCAFBG Seretide 250 Evohaler
0302000N0BDABBK Flutiform 250micrograms/dose / 10micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BFABBG Sirdupla 25micrograms/dose / 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BGAAAZ AirFluSal Forspiro 50microg / 500microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0BGACBG AirFluSal 25micrograms/dose / 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BHAAAZ Aerivio Spiromax 50microg / 500microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0BIABBG Sereflo 25micrograms/dose / 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BJABBG Aloflute 25micrograms/dose / 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BKABAZ Fusacomb Easyhaler 50microg / 500microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0BLACBG Combisal 25micrograms/dose / 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BMAAAZ Stalpex 50microg/dose / 500microg/dose dry powder inh
0302000U0AAABAB Ciclesonide 160micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000U0BBABAB Alvesco 160 inhaler
0302000V0AAAAAA Fluticasone furoate 184microg/Vilanterol 22microg/dose
0302000V0BBAAAA Relvar Ellipta 184microg/dose / 22microg/dose dry pdr inh

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.