Pregabalin capsules

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code term
0408010AEAAAAAA Pregabalin 25mg capsules
0408010AEAAABAB Pregabalin 50mg capsules
0408010AEAAACAC Pregabalin 75mg capsules
0408010AEAAADAD Pregabalin 100mg capsules
0408010AEAAAEAE Pregabalin 150mg capsules
0408010AEAAAFAF Pregabalin 200mg capsules
0408010AEAAAGAG Pregabalin 300mg capsules
0408010AEAAAIAI Pregabalin 225mg capsules
0408010AEAAASAS Pregabalin 25mg tablets
0408010AEAAATAT Pregabalin 50mg tablets
0408010AEAAAUAU Pregabalin 100mg tablets
0408010AEAAAVAV Pregabalin 200mg tablets
0408010AEAAAWAW Pregabalin 300mg tablets
0408010AEAAAXAX Pregabalin 75mg tablets
0408010AEAAAYAY Pregabalin 150mg tablets
0408010AEAAAZAZ Pregabalin 225mg tablets
0408010AEBBAAAA Lyrica 25mg capsules
0408010AEBBABAB Lyrica 50mg capsules
0408010AEBBACAC Lyrica 75mg capsules
0408010AEBBADAD Lyrica 100mg capsules
0408010AEBBAEAE Lyrica 150mg capsules
0408010AEBBAFAF Lyrica 200mg capsules
0408010AEBBAGAG Lyrica 300mg capsules
0408010AEBBAHAI Lyrica 225mg capsules
0408010AEBCAAAD Rewisca 100mg capsules
0408010AEBCABAA Rewisca 25mg capsules
0408010AEBCACAB Rewisca 50mg capsules
0408010AEBCADAC Rewisca 75mg capsules
0408010AEBCAEAE Rewisca 150mg capsules
0408010AEBCAFAF Rewisca 200mg capsules
0408010AEBCAGAI Rewisca 225mg capsules
0408010AEBCAHAG Rewisca 300mg capsules
0408010AEBDAAAA Lecaent 25mg capsules
0408010AEBDABAB Lecaent 50mg capsules
0408010AEBDACAC Lecaent 75mg capsules
0408010AEBDADAD Lecaent 100mg capsules
0408010AEBDAEAE Lecaent 150mg capsules
0408010AEBDAFAF Lecaent 200mg capsules
0408010AEBDAGAI Lecaent 225mg capsules
0408010AEBDAHAG Lecaent 300mg capsules
0408010AEBEAAAA Alzain 25mg capsules
0408010AEBEABAB Alzain 50mg capsules
0408010AEBEACAC Alzain 75mg capsules
0408010AEBEADAD Alzain 100mg capsules
0408010AEBEAEAE Alzain 150mg capsules
0408010AEBEAFAF Alzain 200mg capsules
0408010AEBEAGAI Alzain 225mg capsules
0408010AEBEAHAG Alzain 300mg capsules
0408010AEBFAAAA Axalid 25mg capsules
0408010AEBFABAB Axalid 50mg capsules
0408010AEBFACAC Axalid 75mg capsules
0408010AEBFADAD Axalid 100mg capsules
0408010AEBFAEAE Axalid 150mg capsules
0408010AEBFAFAF Axalid 200mg capsules
0408010AEBFAGAI Axalid 225mg capsules
0408010AEBFAHAG Axalid 300mg capsules

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