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  • 2020-04-29


Codes that indicate smoking status. These codes are less clear than codes captured in Smoking Clear, and there remains some ambiguity about the smoking status.




Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

CTV3Code Description CodeSource Category
E2513 Tobacco dependence in remission Tobacco_Text E
Eu173 [X]Mental and behav dis due to use tobacco: withdrawal state Tobacco_Text E
Eu174 [X]Men & behav dis due tobacco: withdrawl state wth delirium Tobacco_Text E
XaXPD Smoker in household QOF N
137C. Keeps trying to stop smoking QOF S
137D. Admitted tobacco cons untrue ? QOF S
137G. Trying to give up smoking QOF S
6791. Health education - smoking QOF S
67A3. Pregnancy smoking advice QOF S
9OO.. Stop smoking monitoring admin: [monitoring] or [clinic] QOF S
9OO1. Attends stop smoking monitoring QOF S
9OO2. Refuses stop smoking monitor QOF S
9OO3. Stop smoking monitor default QOF S
9OO4. Stop smoking monitoring first letter QOF S
9OO5. Stop smoking monitoring second letter QOF S
9OO6. Stop smoking monitoring third letter QOF S
9OO7. Stop smoking monitoring verbal invite QOF S
9OO8. Stop smoking monitoring telephone invite QOF S
9OO9. Stop smoking monitoring delete QOF S
9OOA. Stop smoking monitoring check done QOF S
Ua1Nz Smoking cessation advice QOF S
Ua1O0 Advice on effects of smoking on health QOF S
Ub1nZ Tobacco use and exposure QOF S
Xa1dC Advice on smoking QOF S
XaBUG Smoking monitoring status QOF S
XaCGl Smoking monitoring invitation QOF S
XaEKU Nicotine replacement therapy QOF S
XaF98 Tobacco related optic neuropathy Tobacco_Text S
XaFw9 Referral to stop-smoking clinic QOF S
XaIQi Smoking cessation milestones QOF S
XaIQj Negotiated date for cessation of smoking QOF S
XaIQk Smoking status at 4 weeks QOF S
XaIQl Smoking status between 4 and 52 weeks QOF S
XaIQm Smoking status at 52 weeks QOF S
XaIQn Nicotine replacement therapy provided free QOF S
XaIpo Did not attend smoking cessation clinic QOF S
XaItC Referral to smoking cessation advisor QOF S
XaIth Smoking cessation programme start date QOF S
XaIuQ Cigarette pack-years QOF S
XaIye Seen by smoking cessation advisor QOF S
XaKlS [V]Personal history of tobacco abuse QOF S
XaLD4 Smoking cessation advice provided by community pharmacist QOF S
XaLIY Excepted from smoking quality indicators: Patient unsuitable QOF S
XaLIZ Excepted from smoking quality indicators: Informed dissent QOF S
XaLMR Attends practice smoking cessation clinic QOF S
XaLMS Attends smoking cessation clinic not at practice QOF S
XaMlI Smoking cessation drug therapy QOF S
XaMlJ Nicotine replacement therapy using nicotine patches QOF S
XaMlK Nicotine replacement therapy using nicotine gum QOF S
XaMlL Nicotine replacement therapy using nicotine inhalator QOF S
XaMlM Nicotine replacement therapy using nicotine lozenges QOF S
XaMlN Other specified smoking cessation therapy QOF S
XaMt6 Smoking cessation therapy NOS QOF S
XaMwY Smoking cessation therapy QOF S
XaPid Smoking cessation enhanced services administration QOF S
XaQT5 Referral to NHS stop smoking service QOF S
XaQVQ Brief intervention for smoking cessation QOF S
XaREz Smoking cessation programme declined QOF S
XaW0h Practice based smoking cessation programme start date QOF S
XaX0O Consent given follow-up after smoking cessation intervention QOF S
XaX0i Declin cons follow-up evaluation after smoking cess interven QOF S
XaX5W Consent given for follow-up by smoking cessation team QOF S
XaX5X Declined consent for follow-up by smoking cessation team QOF S
XaXPX Smoking status at 12 weeks QOF S
XaXR4 Referral for smoking cessation service offered QOF S
XaXUL Lost to smoking cessation follow-up QOF S
XaXnG Stop smoking service opportunity signposted QOF S
XaXnf Stop smoking invitation short message service text message QOF S
XaXng Stop smoking invitation first SMS text message QOF S
XaXni Stop smoking invitation second SMS text message QOF S
XaXnk Stop smoking invitation third SMS text message QOF S
XaZ01 Smoking cessation drug therapy declined QOF S
XaZhB Smoking cessation 12 week follow-up QOF S
Xaa26 Number of previous attempts to stop smoking QOF S
XaaDx Referral to smoking cessation service declined QOF S
XaaDy Referral to smoking cessation service QOF S
XacZz Varenicline smoking cessation therapy declined QOF S
Xaca0 Varenicline smoking cessation therapy offered QOF S
Xaety Varenicline therapy QOF S
Y0018 Smoking Target Notes QOF S
Y01e6 Loose tobacco consumption Tobacco_Text S
Y0790 Prompted for smoking cessation support by Smoke Free Bus Smoke_Text S
XaFst Over the counter nicotine replacement therapy QOF S
XaJIs Lifestyle advice regarding smoking QOF S
XaRFh Smoking cessation advice declined QOF S
XaZIE Waterpipe tobacco consumption QOF S
137Z. Tobacco consumption NOS QOF X
Ub0p2 Total time smoked QOF X
Ub1tI Cigarette consumption QOF X
Ub1tJ Cigar consumption QOF X
Ub1tK Pipe tobacco consumption QOF X
XaIr7 Smoking free weeks QOF S

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.