Symptoms: cognitive impairment

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Code list aiming to identify individuals consulting complaining of cognitive impairment.


Identified from intial search terms outside of OpenCodelists: "cognitive" "brain fog" "concentrat" memory" "amnesia" "cognit" mental" "intellect" "remember" "absent mind" attention" "disorient"

Clearly irrelevant codes excluded (with review by a second clinician)

Candidate codelist uploaded to OpenCodelists for review of candidate codes.

Excluded difficulty reading as likely to capture a large number of people with longstanding reading problems.

Excluding difficulty telling time as likely to capture a large number of people with longstanding issues.

Excluded memory problems with clear causes (e.g., vascular incident, Alzheimers).

Excluded codes where individuals have been referred for an initial visit to memory clinic as it is not clear whether someone has a memory problem. However, repeated review suggests an ongoing problem with memory.

Signed off by

  • Kate Mansfield, (Nov. 7, 2022)
  • Caroline Morton, (Nov. 21, 2022)

Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
100881000000108 GDS level 2 - very mild cognitive decline
100891000000105 GDS level 3 - mild cognitive decline
100901000000106 GDS level 4 - moderate cognitive decline
100911000000108 GDS level 5 - moderately severe cognitive decline
100921000000102 GDS level 6 - severe cognitive decline
100931000000100 GDS level 7 - very severe cognitive decline
1034921000000105 Memory: months of year in reverse unsuccessful
1034931000000107 Memory: months of year in reverse unsuccessful
1036821000000108 Mild cognitive impairment review invitation
1036831000000105 Mild cognitive impairment review invitation
1036841000000101 Mild cognitive impairment review invitation first letter
1036851000000103 Mild cognitive impairment review first letter
1036861000000100 Mild cognitive impairment review invitation second letter
1036871000000107 Mild cognitive impairment review invitation second letter
1036881000000109 Mild cognitive impairment review invitation third letter
1036891000000106 Mild cognitive impairment review invitation third letter
1036901000000107 Mild cognitive impairment review declined
1036911000000109 Mild cognitive impairment review declined
1047041000000108 Mild cognitive impairment review
1050691000000108 Mild cognitive impairment review
1052381000000103 Mild cognitive impairment annual review
1068921000000107 Difficulty recognising familiar people
1068951000000102 Difficulty remembering places
1069131000000100 Does not problem solve
1069141000000109 Does not process information at normal speed
1069171000000103 Does not recognise objects by touch
1069191000000104 Does not remember routines
1069211000000100 Does not shift attention
1069421000000107 Does recognise objects by touch
1069971000000101 Difficulty dividing attention
1070101000000109 Difficulty finding way around familiar environment
1070111000000106 Difficulty finding way around school environment
1070121000000100 Difficulty finding way around work environment
1070191000000102 Difficulty identifying choices
1070311000000108 Difficulty making decision on safe entry of visitors
1070321000000102 Difficulty making decision on safe information to give over telephone
1070761000000109 Difficulty recognising objects
1070771000000102 Difficulty recognising objects by sight
1070781000000100 Difficulty recognising objects by touch
1070801000000104 Difficulty recognising surroundings
1070821000000108 Difficulty remembering past events
1070831000000105 Difficulty remembering people
1070841000000101 Difficulty remembering routines
1070891000000106 Difficulty shifting attention
1070981000000102 Difficulty sustaining attention
1071371000000106 Does not analyse information
1071621000000102 Does not divide attention
1071761000000100 Does not find way around familiar environment
1071771000000107 Does not find way around school environment
1071781000000109 Does not find way around work environment
1071881000000100 Does not identify choices
1072001000000107 Does not make decision on safe entry of visitors
1072011000000109 Does not make decision on safe information to give over telephone
1072021000000103 Does not make decisions
1072351000000106 Does not process information
1072361000000109 Does not process information accurately
1072411000000103 Does not recognise familiar people
1072451000000104 Does not recognise objects
1072461000000101 Does not recognise objects by sight
1072491000000107 Does not recognise surroundings
1072501000000101 Does not remember past events
1072511000000104 Does not remember people
1072521000000105 Does not remember places
1072651000000101 Does not sustain attention
1072861000000104 Does not use decision making strategies
1074101000000102 Does recognise objects
1074111000000100 Does recognise objects by sight
1074151000000101 Does remember past events
1074481000000100 Does use decision making strategies
1074861000000106 Unable to divide attention
1075041000000101 Unable to identify choices
1075161000000104 Unable to make decision on safe entry of visitors
1075171000000106 Unable to make decision on safe information to give over telephone
1075181000000108 Unable to make decisions
1075541000000108 Unable to problem solve
1075681000000104 Unable to remember past events
1075691000000102 Unable to remember people
1075701000000102 Unable to remember places
1075711000000100 Unable to remember routines
1075771000000105 Unable to shift attention
1075881000000103 Unable to sustain attention
1084541000000103 Mental health advice and support intervention
110352000 Minimal cognitive impairment
110355003 Lack of thinking ability
111481000000100 Poor visual sequential memory
112077003 Spatial disorientation
116340000 Disturbance of cognitive learning
117931000000104 Poor visual sequential memory
130987000 Acute confusion
130988005 Chronic confusion
139484009 Memory disturbance (& amnesia (& symptom))
139928000 O/E - mentally confused
139940000 O/E - mental state
140816001 O/E - disorientated
140826008 Mild cognitive disorder
142261000119100 Cognitive deficit in attention
142271000119106 Cognitive deficit in communication skills
142281000119109 Cognitive deficit in visuospatial function
142291000119107 Cognitive deficit in psychomotor function
142689007 Memory: own age not known
142693001 Memory: present time known
142696009 Memory: present place known
142699002 Memory: present year known
142701002 Memory: own DOB not known
142705006 Memory: present month known
142707003 Memory: important event not kn
142710005 Memory: import.person not knwn
142715000 Memory: count down unsuccess.
145040006 Mild cognitive disorder
154843007 Mental health disorder
154961004 Memory disturbance: [mild]
158178004 [D]Amnesia (retrograde)
16039007 Hysterical amnesia
162199006 Memory disturbance (& amnesia (& symptom))
162200009 Temporary loss of memory
162327005 Loss of judgement
162702000 On examination - mentally confused
163608000 On examination - disorientated
163619002 Mild cognitive disorder
165280004 Memory: own age not known
165283002 Memory: present time not known
165286005 Memory: present place not known
165289003 Memory: present year not known
165292004 Memory: own date of birth not known
165295002 Memory: present month not known
165298000 Memory: important event not known
165301001 Memory: important person not known
165305005 Memory: count down unsuccessful
165308007 Memory: address recall unsuccessful
170231000000104 Referral to memory clinic
174891000000105 Referral to memory clinic
186561000000101 Disturbance of memory for order of events
186771000000100 Disorientated in time
190001000000109 Disturbance of memory for order of events
190211000000104 Disorientated in time
191716000 Dissociative amnesia
192071009 Mild memory disturbance
192195008 Mild cognitive disorder
192420000 Dissociative amnesia
192593005 [X]Disturbance of activity and attention
195202003 Transient global amnesia
19657006 Disorientated in time
196891000000105 Attention delay
198439001 Menopausal concentration lack
206784007 [D]Amnesia (retrograde)
206789002 [D]Anterograde amnesia
206799007 [X]Disorientation, unspecified
207606006 [X]Other amnesia
207607002 [X]Other and unspecified symptoms and signs involving cognitive functions and awareness
207613006 [X]Disorientation, unspecified
20991000175106 Education for memory impairment
22058002 Inattention
225037001 Minor memory lapses
225038006 Memory lapses
225440008 Onset of confusion
225666004 Mistakes people's identity
228551009 Memory retraining
229676007 Language-related cognitive disorder
230736007 Transient global amnesia
231447009 Mild cognitive disorder
247582001 Difficulty solving problems
247584000 Difficulty making plans
247585004 Difficulty making decisions
247588002 Poor long-term memory
247592009 Poor short-term memory
247593004 Forgets what was going to do
247594005 Forgets what was going to say
247595006 Forgets recent activities
247596007 Forgets what has just done
247597003 Forgets what has just said
247598008 Forgets what has just read
247599000 Forgets what has just seen
247600002 Forgets what has just heard
247606008 Amnesia
247607004 Amnesia for day to day facts
247608009 Unable to remember today's date
247609001 Unable to remember name of reigning monarch
247610006 Unable to remember name of current prime minister
247611005 Amnesia for important personal information
247612003 Cannot remember names of intimates
247613008 Unable to remember own age
247614002 Cannot remember wedding anniversary
247615001 Cannot remember birth dates of children
247616000 Cannot remember name of school
247640008 Unable to think clearly
247641007 Puzzled
247648001 Loss of direction of thought
247657007 Poor grasp of abstract concepts
247664009 Getting lost
247665005 Getting lost inside the home
247761005 Reduced concentration
247762003 Reduced concentration span
247764002 Easily distracted
247788000 Lack of judgement
248224004 Muzzy headed
248236005 Mentally vague
25124003 Selective inattention
26329005 Poor concentration
268792003 Memory disturbance: [mild]
274645001 Disorientation, unspecified
274648004 [X]Other/unsp symp & signs invol cognit function & awareness
275277000 Post-traumatic amnesia
275278005 Difficulty in remembering dates
281793005 Intermittent confusion
283902008 Has delayed recall
285157008 Unable to recognize objects
285161002 Unable to recognize objects by touch
285164005 Unable to recognize objects by sight
285169000 Unable to recognize faces by sight
285171000 Unable to recognize faces
285174008 Unable to recognize sounds
285177001 Unable to recognize surroundings
285186006 Unable to recognize odors
285188007 Unable to remember own date of birth
285191007 Unable to remember day of the week
285194004 Unable to remember month of year
285197006 Unable to remember current year
285208000 Unable to recall random address at five minutes
285210003 Unable to reproduce geometric figure at five minutes
285212006 Unable to recall five digit number at five minutes
285219002 Unable to remember motor skills
285221007 Unable to remember new motor skills
285223005 Unable to remember old motor skills
285225003 Unable to remember objects
285228001 Unable to remember faces
285230004 Unable to remember sounds
285774001 Unable to recognize familiar people
285797003 Unable to find way around a familiar environment
288770006 Unable to direct attention
288771005 Does direct attention
288772003 Does not direct attention
288773008 Difficulty directing attention
302262007 Memory skills training
304643002 Unable to reason
304644008 Difficulty reasoning
304647001 Difficulty performing logical sequencing
304648006 Unable to perform logical sequencing
304651004 Unable to use decision making strategies
304652006 Difficulty using decision making strategies
304656009 Unable to use visuospatial reasoning
304657000 Difficulty using visuospatial reasoning
304661006 Unable to use arithmetic reasoning
304662004 Difficulty using arithmetic reasoning
304665002 Unable to use verbal reasoning
304666001 Difficulty using verbal reasoning
304688001 Unable to make considered choices
304689009 Difficulty making considered choices
307084006 Unable to process information
307085007 Difficulty processing information
307088009 Unable to analyze information
307089001 Difficulty analyzing information
307413004 Transient memory loss
311533004 Delayed verbal memory
311539000 Unable to process information accurately
311540003 Difficulty processing information accurately
311542006 Unable to process information at normal speed
311543001 Difficulty processing information at normal speed
323331000000106 Anxiety about loss of memory
33254005 Uncompensated short term memory deficit
365529002 Finding related to ability to recognize objects by touch
365540005 Finding related to ability to recognize objects by sight
365693001 Finding related to ability to use arithmetic reasoning
366963000 Transient global amnesia
366970000 Reduced concentration
367187006 Transient global amnesia
367194009 Reduced concentration
371092001 Cognitive safety issue
38504003 Impaired judgement
385893007 Mental health treatment
386805003 Mild cognitive disorder
386806002 Impaired cognition
386807006 Memory impairment
389334000 Reduced concentration span
390067004 Reduced concentration span
392770004 Mentally vague
393724003 Mentally vague
39538002 Disorientation to person, time and place
395568000 Poor concentration
395614001 Poor concentration
395658001 Poor concentration
401441000000106 [X]Other and unspecified symptoms and signs involving cognitive functions and awareness
406124004 Lack of awareness
407630006 Global Deterioration Scale level 2 - very mild cognitive decline
407631005 Global Deterioration Scale level 3 - mild cognitive decline
407632003 Global Deterioration Scale level 4 - moderate cognitive decline
407633008 Global Deterioration Scale level 5 - moderately severe cognitive decline
407634002 Global Deterioration Scale level 6 - severe cognitive decline
407635001 Global Deterioration Scale level 7 - very severe cognitive decline
408899008 Memory loss care
408900003 Memory loss care education
408901004 Memory loss care management
408902006 Memory loss care assessment
40917007 Clouded consciousness
41171000000106 Mild cognitive disorder
413088002 Poor visual sequential memory
413089005 Poor auditory sequential memory
415276009 Referral to memory clinic
416106008 Disturbance of memory for order of events
419621000000101 [X]Other/unspecified symptoms & signs involving cognitive functions & awareness
419723007 Mentally dull
42176003 Amnesia for recent events
422742006 Difficulty problem solving without conflict
423124001 Diminished judgement
423324006 Limited reasoning ability
423864004 Forgets to complete personal care
424100000 Limited ability to think abstractly
425248002 Scattered attention
431432003 Anxiety about loss of memory
433081000 Organic amnesia of language
443265004 Cognitive disorder
464511000000105 [X]Disturbance of activity and attention
468031000000103 [X]Disorientation, unspecified
46991000 Absent minded
480201000000101 [X]Other amnesia
480341000000105 [X]Disorientation, unspecified
48167000 Amnesia
4941000175101 Difficulty following instructions
495901000000102 [D]Amnesia (retrograde)
495941000000104 [D]Anterograde amnesia
51921000 Retrograde amnesia
55533009 Forgetful
60032008 Unable to concentrate
6149008 Amnesia for remote events
62476001 Disorientated
62766000 Disorientation for person
66797003 Disorientation as to self
683531000000104 Disorientation, unspecified
702955000 Moderate cognitive impairment
702956004 Severe cognitive impairment
709073001 Neurocognitive disorder
716635007 Cognitive communication disorder
72440003 Disorientated in place
76039005 Disturbance of attention
78461004 Memory impairment
78521000000105 Mild cognitive disorder
80216008 Impaired cognition
808311000000102 Poor short-term memory
823961000000102 Referral to memory assessment service
836301008 Amnestic mild cognitive disorder
85701000000105 GDS level 6 - severe cognitive decline
8684002 Disturbance in judgement
88822006 Anterograde amnesia
888271000000101 Mild cognitive impairment
888281000000104 Mild cognitive impairment
888291000000102 Moderate cognitive impairment
888301000000103 Moderate cognitive impairment
888311000000101 Severe cognitive impairment
888321000000107 Severe cognitive impairment
88962006 Incomplete clearmindedness
89051002 Temporary amnesia
918271000000105 Impaired cognition
9288000 Irrelevant answer
932281000000102 Disorder of attention
938471000000100 Disorder of attention
955351000000105 Cognitive communication disorder
96021000000109 GDS level 2 - very mild cognitive decline
96031000000106 GDS level 3 - mild cognitive decline
96041000000102 GDS level 4 - moderate cognitive decline
96051000000104 GDS level 5 - moderately severe cognitive decline
96061000000101 GDS level 7 - very severe cognitive decline
965711000000101 Cognitive communication disorder
990531000000107 Memory impairment

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.