Symptoms: loss of taste or smell

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  • 19c46b98


Code list aiming to identify individuals consulting complaining of loss or change in taste and/or smell.


Identified from intial search terms outside of OpenCodelists: "taste" "smell" "anosmia" "hyposmia" ageusia" "hypogeusia" "olfact" parageusia" "odour" "odor"

Clearly irrelevant codes excluded (with review by a second clinician)

Candidate codelist reviewed outside OpenCodelists by two clinicians. As we reviewed our candidate codelist outside openCodelists, we did not benefit from the tree structures that might have identified additional codes. However, we assume that these are likely to be codes that are not used frequently, e.g., eponymous syndromes.

Retained codes related to disordered taste/smell (as well as absent taste/smell) as there are reports of continuing change in taste/smell post COVID. Excluded all secondary taste/smell disorders, as indicate known cause. Retained codes relating to taste loss in anterior/posterior thirds of the tongue, as unclear yet whether taste loss post covid is related to neurological pathology.

Signed off by

  • Kate Mansfield, (Dec. 14, 2022)

Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
110365009 Aftertaste
11193009 Metallic taste
112105008 Sense of smell altered
112107000 Primary bitter taste disorder
12869004 Primary salt taste disorder
129820002 Olfactory alteration
139277004 Loss of taste (& symptom)
139523002 Loss of sense of smell
141253006 O/E -taste loss ant.2/3 tongue
141254000 O/E-taste loss post 1/3 tongue
141284008 O/E - anosmia
158190002 [D]Smell and taste disorder
158191003 [D]Anosmia
158193000 [D]Parageusia
158194006 [D]Smell or taste disorder NOS
162012003 Loss of taste (& [C/O -])
162254006 Anosmia (& C/O)
164055003 On examination - taste loss anterior 2/3 tongue
164056002 On examination - taste loss posterior 1/3 tongue
164085008 On examination - smell abnormal
164086009 On examination - anosmia
1932001 Primary taste disorder
206812005 [D]Smell and taste disorder
206813000 [D]Anosmia
206815007 [D]Parageusia
206816008 [D]Smell or taste disorder NOS
207608007 [X]Other and unspecified disturbances of smell and taste
230501005 Loss of sense of smell
230503008 Mucosal anosmia
247318005 Abnormal taste in mouth
247320008 Things smell different
247321007 Unusual smell in nose
25974002 Glossopharyngeal taste function
267164004 Loss of taste (& symptom)
271800001 Sense of smell altered
271801002 Taste sense altered
272028008 Complaining of anosmia
272029000 C/O - loss of smell sense (context-dependent category)
272041007 Complaining of loss of taste sense
274655002 [X]Other and unspecified disturbances of smell and taste
275462005 Disorder of smell
285186006 Unable to recognize odors
299899002 Problem of sense of smell
299900007 Sense of smell normal
302188001 Bad taste in mouth
316048004 [V]Problem with smell or taste
34680005 Primary sweet taste disorder
348083004 Primary taste disorder
349084003 Unpleasant taste in mouth
362967002 Disorder of olfactory system
366959007 Bad taste in mouth
367184004 Bad taste in mouth
36955009 Loss of taste
37481009 Anterior tongue taste disorder
390891000000102 [D]Smell or taste disorder NOS
399993004 Disorder of taste
40307005 Primary acid taste disorder
412591000000106 [D]Smell or taste disorder NOS
417541000000103 [V]Problem with smell or taste
44169009 Loss of sense of smell
443041000000108 [X]Other and unspecified disturbances of smell and taste
470091000000105 [X]Other and unspecified disturbances of smell and taste
496081000000103 [D]Smell and taste disorder
496091000000101 [D]Anosmia
496111000000106 [D]Parageusia
57791006 Taste-blindness
57948007 Agnosia for taste
66073004 Glossopharyngeal taste disorder
697990000 Hypogeusia
697992008 Hemiageusia
698002002 Loss of taste anterior two thirds of tongue
699220008 Phantom taste
702531002 Loss of taste posterior one third of tongue
83156004 Sense of smell impaired
8480004 Agnosia for smell

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.