Adult and child psoriasis codes

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Taken from the PSORIASIS_COD refset published by NHSD.


Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
10629311000119107 Psoriatic arthritis mutilans
111188005 Psoriasiform napkin eruption
122761000000103 Scalp psoriasis
138830007 H/O: psoriasis
156369008 Psoriasis
156370009 Psoriatic arthritis
161562002 History of psoriasis
200901002 Pustular psoriasis
200956002 Psoriatic arthritis with spine involvement
200957006 Psoriatic arthritis with distal interphalangeal joint involvement
200958001 Psoriatic arthritis - destructive type
200959009 Psoriatic arthropathy NOS
200960004 Other psoriasis
200961000 Psoriasis unspecified
200962007 Psoriasis annularis
200963002 Psoriasis circinata
200964008 Psoriasis diffusa
200965009 Plaque psoriasis
200966005 Psoriasis geographica
200967001 Psoriasis gyrata
200968006 Psoriasis inveterata
200969003 Rupioid psoriasis
200970002 Psoriasis palmaris
200971003 Psoriasis plantaris
200972005 Psoriasis punctata
200973000 Pustular psoriasis
200974006 Psoriasis universalis
200975007 Psoriasis vulgaris
200977004 Erythrodermic psoriasis
200978009 Psoriasis NOS
201373001 [X]Other psoriasis
201804001 Juvenile psoriatic arthritis with psoriasis
203733001 [X]Other psoriatic arthropathies
238600001 Flexural psoriasis
238601002 Unstable psoriasis
238602009 Psoriasis with eczema
238603004 Eczematized psoriasis
238604005 Psoriasis of nail
238605006 Psoriatic nail dystrophy
238606007 Psoriatic nail pitting
238607003 Psoriatic onycholysis
238608008 Psoriasis of scalp
238609000 Köbner psoriasis
238611009 Lapiere type of psoriasis
238612002 Generalized pustular psoriasis
238613007 Generalized pustular psoriasis of pregnancy
238614001 Pustular psoriasis in children
238615000 Juvenile pustular psoriasis
238616004 Infantile pustular psoriasis
238617008 Circinate and annular pustular psoriasis
239802003 Juvenile psoriatic arthritis
239803008 Juvenile psoriatic arthritis with psoriasis
239804002 Juvenile psoriatic arthritis without psoriasis
239812005 Psoriatic arthritis with distal interphalangeal joint involvement
239813000 Psoriatic dactylitis
27520001 Pustular psoriasis of palms and soles
28840001 Generalized pustular psoriasis, exanthematous type
307891000000103 Chronic large plaque psoriasis
307911000000100 Psoriasis vulgaris
33339001 Psoriasis with arthropathy
37042000 Guttate psoriasis
38360005 Generalized pustular psoriasis of von Zumbush
400069004 Nevoid psoriasis
402307000 Chronic large plaque psoriasis
402308005 Chronic small plaque psoriasis
402309002 Chronic guttate pattern psoriasis
402310007 Chronic stable plaque psoriasis
402311006 Actively extending plaque psoriasis
402312004 Acute guttate psoriasis
402313009 Guttate flare of psoriasis with preexisting plaques
402314003 Psoriasis of vulva
402315002 Psoriasis of penis
402316001 Psoriasis of perianal skin
402317005 Generalized psoriasis
402318000 Photoaggravated psoriasis
402319008 Psoriasis of scalp margin
402320002 Psoriasis of face
402321003 Non-pustular psoriasis of hands
402322005 Hypertrophic palmar psoriasis
402323000 Hypertrophic palmoplantar psoriasis
402324006 Non-pustular psoriasis of hands and feet
402325007 Drug-exacerbated psoriasis
402326008 Acute generalized pustular psoriasis de novo
402327004 Acute generalized pustular flare of preexisting plaque psoriasis
402328009 Childhood pustular psoriasis
402329001 Early onset psoriasis type 1
402330006 Onset of psoriasis in infancy (<1 year)
402331005 Onset of psoriasis in childhood (1-10 years)
402332003 Onset of psoriasis in adolescence (10-20 years)
402333008 Onset of psoriasis in early adulthood (20-40 years)
402334002 Late onset psoriasis type 2
402335001 Familial psoriasis
402336000 Familial psoriasis with affected first degree relative
402337009 Familial psoriasis without affected first degree relative
410482007 Iritis in psoriatic arthritis
413821000000103 [X]Other psoriasis
431621000000107 [X]Other psoriatic arthropathies
56210000 Psoriasis vulgaris
674691000000108 Psoriasis unspecified
692631000000108 Psoriatic arthropathy NOS
692641000000104 Other psoriasis
692651000000101 Psoriasis NOS
719810000 X-linked intellectual disability with seizure and psoriasis syndrome
721538000 Psoriasis of anogenital region
784327005 Pustular psoriasis of sole of foot
784328000 Pustular psoriasis of palm of hand
803991000000104 Pustular psoriasis
81271001 Localized pustular psoriasis
855741000000103 Palmoplantar pustular psoriasis
891191000000103 Flexural psoriasis
9014002 Psoriasis

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.