Mental and behavioural disorders

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CTV3 (Read V3)
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Office for National Statistics
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Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
1461. H/O: dementia
6664. Mental handicap problem
A410. Kuru
A411. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
C3911 DiGeorge syndrome
E00.. Senile and presenile organic psychot conditions (& dementia)
E000. Uncomplicated senile dementia
E001. Presenile dementia
E0010 Uncomplicated presenile dementia
E0011 Presenile dementia with delirium
E0012 Presenile dementia with paranoia
E0013 Presenile dementia with depression
E001z Presenile dementia NOS
E002. Senile dementia with depressive or paranoid features
E0020 Senile dementia with paranoia
E0021 Senile dementia with depression
E002z Senile dementia with depressive or paranoid features NOS
E003. Senile dementia with delirium
E004. Arteriosclerotic dementia (including [multi infarct dement])
E0040 Uncomplicated arteriosclerotic dementia
E0041 Arteriosclerotic dementia with delirium
E0042 Arteriosclerotic dementia with paranoia
E0043 Arteriosclerotic dementia with depression
E004z Arteriosclerotic dementia NOS
E00y. (Oth senile/presen org psychoses) or (presbyophren psychos)
E00z. Senile or presenile psychoses NOS
E011. Korsakov psychosis
E0110 Korsakov psychosis
E0111 Korsakov's alcoholic psychosis with peripheral neuritis
E0112 Wernicke-Korsakov syndrome
E011z Alcohol amnestic syndrome NOS
E012. Alcoholic dementia: [other] or [NOS]
E040. Korsakoff's syndrome - non-alcoholic
E041. Dementia in conditions EC
E1400 Active infantile autism
E1401 Residual infantile autism
E140z Infantile autism NOS
E141. Childhood disintegrative disorder
E1410 Active disintegrative psychoses
E1411 Residual disintegrative psychoses
E141z Disintegrative psychosis NOS
E2F0. Specific reading disorder
E2F00 Reading disorder unspecified
E2F0z Specific reading disorder NOS
E2F3. (Develop disord: [language][speech]) or (articulatn defect)
E2F30 (Developmental aphasia) or (word deafness)
E2F3z Speech or language developmental disorder NOS
E2F5. Mixed disorder of psychological development
E3... Learning disability
E30.. (Mild mental retard (& [feeble-mind][moron])) or (educ subn)
E31.. Other specified mental retardation
E310. Moderate mental retardation, IQ in range 35-49
E311. Severe mental retardation, IQ in range 20-34
E312. Profound mental retardation with IQ less than 20
E31z. Other specified mental retardation NOS
E3z.. Mental retardation NOS
Eu00. [X]Dementia in Alzheimer's disease
Eu001 Dementia in Alzheimer's disease with late onset
Eu002 [X]Dementia in Alzheimer's dis, atypical or mixed type
Eu00z [X]Dementia in Alzheimer's disease, unspecified
Eu01. Vascular dementia
Eu011 [X]Dementia: [multi-infarct] or [predominantly cortical]
Eu01y [X]Other vascular dementia
Eu01z [X]Vascular dementia, unspecified
Eu02. [X]Dementia in other diseases classified elsewhere
Eu020 [X]Dementia in Pick's disease
Eu021 [X]Dementia in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Eu022 [X]Dementia in Huntington's disease
Eu023 [X]Dementia in Parkinson's disease
Eu02y [X]Dementia in other specified diseases classif elsewhere
Eu02z [X] Dementia: [unspecified] or [named variants (& NOS)]
Eu041 [X]Delirium superimposed on dementia
Eu700 [X]Mld mental retard with statement no or min impairm behav
Eu701 [X]Mld mental retard sig impairment behav req attent/treatmt
Eu70y [X]Mild mental retardation, other impairments of behaviour
Eu70z [X]Mild mental retardation without mention impairment behav
Eu710 [X]Mod mental retard with statement no or min impairm behav
Eu711 [X]Mod mental retard sig impairment behav req attent/treatmt
Eu71y [X]Mod retard oth behav impair
Eu71z [X]Mod mental retardation without mention impairment behav
Eu720 [X]Sev mental retard with statement no or min impairm behav
Eu721 [X]Sev mental retard sig impairment behav req attent/treatmt
Eu72y [X]Severe mental retardation, other impairments of behaviour
Eu72z [X]Sev mental retardation without mention impairment behav
Eu730 [X]Profound ment retrd wth statement no or min impairm behav
Eu731 [X]Profound ment retard sig impairmnt behav req attent/treat
Eu73y [X]Profound mental retardation, other impairments of behavr
Eu73z [X]Prfnd mental retardation without mention impairment behav
Eu7y. [X]Other mental retardation
Eu7y0 [X]Oth mental retard with statement no or min impairm behav
Eu7y1 [X]Oth mental retard sig impairment behav req attent/treatmt
Eu7yy [X]Other mental retardation, other impairments of behaviour
Eu7yz [X]Other mental retardation without mention impairment behav
Eu7z. [X] (Unspec mental retard) or (mental defic [& subnorm] NOS)
Eu7z0 [X]Unsp mental retard with statement no or min impairm behav
Eu7z1 [X]Unsp mentl retard sig impairment behav req attent/treatmt
Eu7zy [X]Unspecified mental retardatn, other impairments of behav
Eu7zz [X]Unsp mental retardation without mention impairment behav
Eu8.. Disorder of psychological development
Eu800 [X]Specific speech articulation disord (& [named variants])
Eu801 [X]Expressive lang disord: [devel dysphasia][devel aphasia]
Eu802 [X] Receptive language disorder (& [named variants])
Eu80y [X] (Other develop disord speech and language) or (lisping)
Eu80z [X]Developmental disorder speech &/or lang, unspecif or NOS
Eu81. [X]Specific developmental disorders of scholastic skills
Eu811 [X]Specific spelling disord (& [retardn, no reading disord])
Eu813 Mixed disorder of scholastic skills
Eu81y [X]Devel disord scholastic skills: [oth][expressive writing]
Eu81z [X]Developmental disorder of scholastic skills, unspecified
Eu842 Rett syndrome
Eu843 [X]Child disinteg dis:[oth][dement infantalis (& named var)]
Eu844 [X]Overactive disorder assoc mental retard/stereotype movts
Eu84y [X]Other pervasive developmental disorders
Eu84z [X]Pervasive developmental disorder, unspecified
Eu8z. [X]Unspecified disorder of psychological development
F110. Alzheimer's disease
F1100 Dementia in Alzheimer's disease with early onset
F1101 Dementia in Alzheimer's disease with late onset
F111. Pick's disease
F11x7 Cerebral degeneration due to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
F11x8 Cerebral degeneration due to multifocal leucoencephalopathy
F21y2 Binswanger's disease
F4B5C Posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy
Fyu30 [X]Other Alzheimer's disease
PJ0.. (Down's trisom 21) or (mongol) or (trisom 21) or (trisom 22)
PJ00. Trisomy 21- meiotic nondisjunction
PJ01. Trisomy 21- mitotic nondisjunction mosaicism
PJ1.. Patau's syndrome
PJ10. Trisomy 13, meiotic nondisjunction
PJ11. Trisomy 13 - mitotic nondisjunction mosaicism
PJ2.. Edwards' syndrome
PJ20. Trisomy 18 - meiotic nondisjunction
PJ21. Trisomy 18 - mitotic nondisjunction mosaicism
PJ3.. Monosomy and deletion from autosome
PJ30. Antimongolism syndrome
PJ31. Cri du chat syndrome
PJ32. Deletion of short arm of chromosome 4
PJ33. Other deletions of part of a chromosome
PJ330 Deletion of long arm of chromosome 13
PJ331 Deletion of arm of chromosome 18: [long] or [p]
PJ332 Deletion of arm of chromosome 18: [q] or [short]
PJ33z Other deletion of part of a chromosome NOS
PJ34. Deletion seen only at prometaphase
PJ35. Deletions with other complex rearrangements
PJ36. Whole chromosome monosomy - meiotic nondisjunction
PJ37. (Whole chrom monosomy: [variants]) or (autosom delet mosaic)
PJ370 Monosomy 21, mosaicism
PJ37z Whole chromosome monosomy, mosaicism NOS
PJ3y. Other deletions from the autosomes
PJ3z. Monosomies and deletions from the autosomes NOS
PJ50. Whole chromosome trisomy syndrome
PJ501 Trisomy 7
PJ502 Trisomy 8
PJ503 Trisomy 9
PJ504 Trisomy 10
PJ506 Trisomy 12
PJ508 Trisomy 22
PJ50w Whole chromosome trisomy, meitotic nondisjunction
PJ50x Whole chromosome trisomy, mosaicism
PJ50y Other specified whole chromosome trisomy syndrome
PJ50z Whole chromosome trisomy syndrome NOS
PJ510 Major partial trisomy
PJ523 Triploidy
PJ524 Polyploidy
PJ60. Mixed gonadal dysgenesis
PJ63. Turner's syndrome
PJ630 Turner's phenotype, karyotype normal
PJ631 Karyotype 45, X
PJ632 Karyotype 46, X iso (Xq)
PJ633 Karyotype 46, X with abnormal sex chromosome except iso (Xq)
PJ634 Turner's phenotype, mosaicism 45, X; 46, XX or 45, X; 46, XY
PJ635 Mosaicism 45, X/other cell line with abnormal sex chromosome
PJ636 Turner's phenotype: [variant karyotypes]
PJ63z (Turner syn NOS) or (Bonn-Ullr syn NOS) or (Ovar dwarf NEC)
PJ640 XY, female phenotype
PJ7.. Klinefelter's syndrome
PJ70. XXY Klinefelter's syndrome
PJ71. Klinefelter syndr: [male, more than 2 X chrom][ XXXY][XXXXY]
PJ72. Klinefelter's syndrome - male with 46 XX karyotype
PJ73. Klinefelter's syndrome, XXYY
PJ74. Klinefelter's syndrome, XY/XXY mosaic
PJ7z. Klinefelter's syndrome NOS
PJy0. Additional sex chromosome
PJy1. Sex chromosome mosaicism
PJy10 Mosaic XO/XY
PJy11 Mosaic XO/XX
PJy12 Mosaic XY/XXY
PJy13 Mosaic including XXXXY
PJy1z Sex chromosome mosaicism NOS
PJy2. Karyotype 47, XXX
PJy3. XXY Klinefelter's syndrome
PJyy2 Fragile X chromosome
PJz2. Deletion of chromosome NOS
PKy0. (Multi syst cong anom NEC) or (Prader-Willi) or (Noonan syn)
PKy1. Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome
PKy4. William syndrome
PKy61 Cockayne syndrome
PKy80 Noonan's syndrome
PKy92 Menkes syndrome
PKy93 Prader-Willi syndrome
PKy94 Zellweger's syndrome
PKyz0 Ullrich-Feichtiger syndrome, chimaera
PKyz5 Angelman's syndrome
PyuA1 [X]Other deletions of part of a chromosome
PyuA2 [X]Other deletions from the autosomes
PyuA5 [X]Other variants of Turner's syndrome
PyuA6 [X]Other specif sex chromosome abnormalit, female phenotype
PyuA7 [X]Other male with 46,XX karyotype
PyuA8 [X]Other specif sex chromosome abnormalit, male phenotype
PyuAA [X]Sex chromosome abnormality, male phenotype, unspecified
R034y [D]Other specified failure of physiological development
Ub1S3 Dysfluency
Ub1S4 Developmental dysfluency
Ub1SD Neurogenic stammering
Ub1T6 Language disorder of dementia
Ub1TK Motor speech disorder
Ub1Td Articulatory dyspraxia
Ub1Te Immature articulatory praxis
Ub1Tf Developmental motor speech disorder
Ub1Tg Developmental articulatory dyspraxia
Ub1Ts Idiot savant
Ub1Tw Persistent developmental avoidance
Ub1U0 Developmental speech disorder
Ub1U6 Speech delay
Ub1UG Developmental language impairment
Ub1UL Expressive language disorder
Ub1UM Expressive language delay
Ub1UO Receptive language delay
Ub1UR Developmental language disorder
Ub1US Delayed pre-verbal development
Ub1UT Restricted language development
Ub1UU Restricted expressive language development
Ub1UV Restricted receptive language development
Ub1UW Developmental syntactic impairment
Ub1UX Developmental semantic impairment
Ub1Ua Congenital auditory imperception
X002m Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with dementia
X002w Dementia
X002x Dementia in Alzheimer's disease with early onset
X002y Familial Alzheimer's disease of early onset
X002z Non-familial Alzheimer's disease of early onset
X0030 Dementia in Alzheimer's disease with late onset
X0031 Familial Alzheimer's disease of late onset
X0032 Non-familial Alzheimer's disease of late onset
X0033 Focal Alzheimer's disease
X0034 Frontotemporal dementia
X0035 Pick's disease with Pick bodies
X0036 Pick's disease with Pick cells and no Pick bodies
X0037 Frontotemporal degeneration
X0039 Frontal lobe degeneration with motor neurone disease
X003A Lewy body disease
X003G Progressive aphasia in Alzheimer's disease
X003H Argyrophilic brain disease
X003I Post-traumatic dementia
X003J Punch drunk syndrome
X003K Spongiform encephalopathy
X003L Prion protein disease
X003M Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome
X003P Acquired immune deficiency syndrome dementia complex
X003R Vascular dementia of acute onset
X003T Subcortical vascular dementia
X003V Mixed cortical and subcortical vascular dementia
X003W Semantic dementia
X003X Patchy dementia
X003Y Epileptic dementia
X003l Parkinson's disease - dementia complex on Guam
X005S Rett syndrome
X006o Acquired epileptic aphasia
X00R0 Presbyophrenic psychosis
X00R2 Senile dementia
X00Rk Alcoholic dementia NOS
X00TK Language development disorder
X00TL Developmental disorder of scholastic skill
X00TM Autistic spectrum disorder
X00TN Atypical autism
X00TP Asperger syndrome
X00TQ Developmental agnosia
X00e1 Laurence-Moon syndrome
X00kY Cat eye syndrome
X00mm Shprintzen syndrome
X40Xn Nutritional mental retardation
X50HX Coffin-Siris syndrome
X50Hu Amelocerebrohypohidrotic syndrome
X50In Keratoderma with mental retardation and spastic paraplegia
X73mf Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease agent
X73mj Bovine spongiform encephalopathy agent
X77q7 Local gigantism NEC
X78Ek Down's syndrome NOS
X78El Partial trisomy 21 in Down's syndrome
X78Em Edward's syndrome NOS
X78En Partial trisomy 18 in Edward's syndrome
X78Eo Patau's syndrome NOS
X78Ep Partial trisomy 13 in Patau's syndrome
X78Et Autosomal deletion - mosaicism
X78Eu Deletion of part of autosome
X78Ex Sex chromosome abnormality - female phenotype
X78Ey Ovarian dwarfism NEC
X78Ez Bonnevie-Ullrich syndrome NOS
X78F0 Turner's phenotype, partial X deletion karyotype
X78F1 Mosaicism 45, X; 46, XY
X78F2 Turner's phenotype - ring chromosome karyotype
X78F3 Female with more than three X chromosomes
X78F4 Mosaicism - lines with various numbers of X chromosomes
X78F5 Female with 46 XY karyotype
X78F6 Sex chromosome abnormality - male phenotype
X78F7 Male with 46, XX karyotype
X78F8 Karyotype 47, XYY
X78F9 Male with structurally abnormal sex chromosome
X78FA Male with sex chromosome mosaicism
X78FB Fragile X syndrome
XE0pf Relative - mental handicap
XE1MZ Down's syndrome
XE1Ma Chromosome replaced with ring or dicentric
XE1Me Turner's phenotype, other variant karyotypes
XE1Mf Turner's syndrome NOS
XE1Mg Klinefelter's syndrome-male with more than two X chromosomes
XE1Ml Multiple system congenital anomalies NEC
XE1Mm Other specified anomalies NOS
XE1OW (Gonadal dysgenesis (& Turner)) or Turner's syndrome
XE1OY (Patau's syndrome) or (Klinefelter's syndrome)
XE1Xr Senile and presenile organic psychotic conditions
XE1Xs Vascular dementia
XE1Xt Other senile and presenile organic psychoses
XE1Xu Other alcoholic dementia
XE1Z3 Disorder of speech and language development
XE1Z4 Developmental aphasia
XE1Z6 [X]Unspecified dementia
XE1a2 [X]Unspecified mental retardation
XE1a3 Developmental speech articulation disorder
XE1a4 Developmental expressive language disorder
XE1a5 [X]Receptive language disorder
XE1a6 [X]Other developmental disorders of speech and language
XE1a7 [X]Developmental disorder of speech and language unspecified
XE1a8 Specific spelling disorder
XE1a9 [X]Other developmental disorders of scholastic skills
XE1aA [X]Other childhood disintegrative disorder
XE1aG Dementia (& [presenile] or [senile])
XE1bk (Developm aphasia) or (delayed speech) or (speech delay)
XE2R1 Whole chromosome monosomy - mitotic nondisjunction mosaicism
XE2a3 Mild mental retardation, IQ in range 50-70
XE2ac Deletion of long arm of chromosome 18
XE2ad Deletion of short arm of chromosome 18
XE2v2 Childhood autism
XM1FU Deletion with complex rearrangement
XM1KI Family - [Downs/Mongol child]
XM1MJ Klinefelter's syndrome XXXY
XM1MK Klinefelter's syndrome XXXXY
XSDcM 11q partial monosomy syndrome
XSDcU Pallister-Killian syndrome
Xa0ER Educationally subnormal
Xa0Yy Alpha thalassaemia-mental retardation syndrome
Xa0ZS Schprintzen
Xa0Zb Borjeson-Forssman-Lehmann syndrome
Xa0Ze Weaver syndrome
Xa0lH Multi-infarct dementia
Xa0sC Frontal lobe degeneration
Xa0sE Dementia of frontal lobe type
Xa1GB Cerebral degeneration presenting primarily with dementia
Xa1aW Borderline mental retardation
Xa1c5 Down's child in family
Xa25J Alcoholic dementia
Xa3HI Severely educationally subnormal
Xa3ez Other senile/presenile dementia
Xa9D6 Mosaicism 45, X; 46, XX
XaA1S New variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
XaCKc Down's screening blood test abnormal
XaCar Discourse difficulties
XaDjY Floating-Harbor syndrome
XaDki Men ret congen heart dis blepharophim blepharop hypopl teeth
XaE74 Senile dementia of the Lewy body type
XaIKB Alzheimer's disease with early onset
XaIKC Alzheimer's disease with late onset
XaIUM O/E - speech delay
XaIwZ Smith-Magenis syndrome
XaJJM Suspected Downs syndrome
XaJW7 Learning disabilities administration status
XaJW8 Learning disabilities health action plan offered
XaJW9 Learning disabilities health action plan declined
XaJWA Learning disabilities health action plan reviewed
XaJmb Learning disabilities health assessment
XaJmd Discharge from learning disability team
XaJsd Learning disabilities health action plan completed
XaKYb On learning disability register
XaKYj [D]Dysfluency
XaKyY [X]Lewy body dementia
XaL2A [X]Cocktail party syndrome
XaL2v Lujan-Fryns syndrome
XaL3Q Learning disabilities annual health assessment
XaLFf Exception reporting: dementia quality indicators
XaLFo Excepted from dementia quality indicators: Patient unsuitabl
XaLFp Excepted from dementia quality indicators: Informed dissent
XaLKE Seen in learning disabilities clinic
XaMAo Prion protein markers for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
XaMFy Dementia monitoring administration
XaMG0 Dementia monitoring first letter
XaMGF Dementia annual review
XaMGG Dementia monitoring second letter
XaMGI Dementia monitoring third letter
XaMGJ Dementia monitoring verbal invite
XaMGK Dementia monitoring telephone invite
XaMJC Dementia monitoring
XaNWy Mowat-Wilson syndrome
XaPx2 Learning disability health examination
XaQZ3 Moderate learning disability
XaQZ4 Severe learning disability
XaREt Mild learning disability
XaREu Profound learning disability
XaXOz Downs syndrome antenatal screening information leaflet given
XaYQ0 Chromosome 22q11 deletion syndrome
XaYQ1 Chromosome 3p deletion syndrome
XaYQ2 Chromosome 4q deletion syndrome
XaYQ3 10q partial trisomy syndrome
XaYQU 4p partial trisomy syndrome
XaYQb 9p partial trisomy syndrome
XaYQe 15q partial trisomy syndrome
XaYYN Kleefstra syndrome
XaZWz Participates in Butterfly Scheme for dementia
XaZX0 Butterfly Scheme for dementia declined
XaaLb Methyl-CpG-binding protein-2 duplication syndrome
Xaaa7 Ulnar mammary syndrome
XaaiS Specific learning disability
XabVp Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Xabk1 Significant learning disability
XabtQ Dementia medication review
XacF6 Intellectual development disorder of unknown aetiology
XacKx Developmental receptive language impairment
XacL0 Developmental language comprehension impairment
XaesO Pathological demand avoidance
Xaghb Predominantly cortical dementia
Y000c Dementia review done
Y1642 Other Mental Disability
Y1f1d Dementia monitoring invitation
Y1f22 Dementia monitoring invitation
Y1f98 Quality and Outcomes Framework dementia quality indicator-related care invitation (procedure)
Y23fb Mixed dementia
Y2916 Autistic spectrum disorder - Gluten-casein intolerance checklist
Y2917 Autistic spectrum disorder - Autism checklist
Y6230 Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease
Y8180 Other senile/presenile dement.
Y9086 Senile dementia - simple type
Y9087 Senile dementia-acute confused
Y9103 Severe mental retardation
Y9981 Profound mental retardation
YA841 Severe learning disability

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.