Musculoskeletal disorders

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CTV3 (Read V3)
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Office for National Statistics
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Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
2G26. O/E - hands - Heberden's nodes
2G27. O/E-hands-rheumatoid spindling
F3712 Polyneuropathy in rheumatoid arthritis
F3964 Myopathy due to rheumatoid arthritis
G5y8. Rheumatoid myocarditis
G5yA. Rheumatoid carditis
N040. Rheumatoid arthritis
N0400 Rheumatoid arthritis of cervical spine
N0401 Other rheumatoid arthritis of spine
N0402 Rheumatoid arthritis of shoulder
N0403 Rheumatoid arthritis of sternoclavicular joint
N0404 Rheumatoid arthritis of acromioclavicular joint
N0405 Rheumatoid arthritis of elbow
N0406 Rheumatoid arthritis of distal radioulnar joint
N0407 Rheumatoid arthritis of wrist
N0408 Rheumatoid arthritis of metacarpophalangeal joint
N0409 Rheumatoid arthritis of PIP joint of finger
N040A Rheumatoid arthritis of DIP joint of finger
N040B Rheumatoid arthritis of hip
N040C Rheumatoid arthritis of sacroiliac joint
N040D Rheumatoid arthritis of knee
N040E Rheumatoid arthritis of tibiofibular joint
N040F Rheumatoid arthritis of ankle
N040G Rheumatoid arthritis of subtalar joint
N040H Rheumatoid arthritis of talonavicular joint
N040J Rheumatoid arthritis of other tarsal joint
N040K Rheumatoid arthritis of first metatarsophalangeal joint
N040L Rheumatoid arthritis of lesser metatarsophalangeal joint
N040M Rheumatoid arthritis of interphalangeal joint of toe
N040Q Rheumatoid bursitis
N040S Rheumatoid arthritis - multiple joint
N040T Flare of rheumatoid arthritis
N041. Felty's syndrome
N042. Other rheumatoid arthropathy + visceral/systemic involvement
N0421 Rheumatoid lung
N0422 Rheumatoid nodule
N042z Rheumatoid arthropathy + visceral/systemic involvement NOS
N0431 Acute polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
N0433 Monarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
N043z Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis NOS
N04X. [X]Seropositive rheumatoid arthritis, unspecified
N05.. Osteoarthritis (& [allied disorders])
N050. Generalised osteoarthritis
N0500 Generalised osteoarthritis of unspecified site
N0501 (Heberden nodes) or (Bouchard nodes) or (gen osteoarth hand)
N0502 Generalised osteoarthritis of multiple sites
N0503 Bouchard's nodes with arthropathy
N0504 Idiopathic osteoarthritis
N0506 Erosive osteoarthrosis
N0507 Heberden's nodes with arthropathy
N050z Generalised osteoarthritis NOS
N051. Localised, primary osteoarthritis
N0510 Localised, primary osteoarthritis of unspecified site
N0511 Localised, primary osteoarthritis of the shoulder region
N0512 Localised, primary osteoarthritis of the upper arm
N0513 Localised, primary osteoarthritis of the forearm
N0514 Localised, primary osteoarthritis of the hand
N0515 Localised, primary osteoarthritis of the pelvic region/thigh
N0516 Localised, primary osteoarthritis of the lower leg
N0517 Localised, primary osteoarthritis of the ankle and foot
N0518 Localised, primary osteoarthritis of other specified site
N0519 Primary coxarthrosis, bilateral
N051z Localised, primary osteoarthritis NOS
N052. Localised, secondary osteoarthritis
N0520 Localised, secondary osteoarthritis of unspecified site
N0521 Localised, secondary osteoarthritis of the shoulder region
N0522 Localised, secondary osteoarthritis of the upper arm
N0523 Localised, secondary osteoarthritis of the forearm
N0524 Localised, secondary osteoarthritis of the hand
N0526 Localised, secondary osteoarthritis of the lower leg
N0527 Localised, secondary osteoarthritis of the ankle and foot
N0528 Localised, secondary osteoarthritis of other specified site
N0529 Post-traumatic coxarthrosis, bilateral
N052z Localised, secondary osteoarthritis NOS
N053. Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified
N0530 Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified, of unspecified site
N0531 Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified, of shoulder region
N0532 Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified, of the upper arm
N0533 Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified, of the forearm
N0534 Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified, of the hand
N0535 (Otto pel)(hip osteoart NOS)(loc osteoart uns pel reg/thigh)
N0536 Osteoarthritis: [localised low leg unsp] or [patellofemoral]
N0537 Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified, of the ankle and foot
N0538 Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified, of other spec site
N053z Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified, NOS
N054. Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspecified
N0540 Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspec, of unspecified sites
N0541 Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspecified, of shoulder
N0542 Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspecified, of upper arm
N0543 Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspecified, of forearm
N0544 Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspecified, of hand
N0545 Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspecified, of pelvis/thigh
N0546 Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspecified, of lower leg
N0547 Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspecified, of ankle/foot
N0548 Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspecified, other spec sites
N0549 Oligoarticular osteoarthritis, unspecified, multiple sites
N054z Osteoarthritis of more than one site, unspecified, NOS
N05z. [Joint degeneration] or [osteoarthritis NOS]
N05z0 Osteoarthritis NOS, of unspecified site
N05z1 Osteoarthritis NOS, of shoulder region
N05z2 Osteoarthritis NOS: [of the upper arm] or [elbow]
N05z3 Osteoarthritis NOS: [of the forearm] or [wrist]
N05z4 Osteoarthritis NOS: [hand] or [finger] or [thumb]
N05z5 Osteoarthritis NOS: [pelvic region and/or thigh] or [hip]
N05z6 Osteoarthritis NOS: [lower leg] or [knee]
N05z7 Osteoarthritis NOS: [ankle &/or foot] or [toe]
N05z8 Osteoarthritis NOS, other specified site
N05z9 Osteoarthritis NOS, of shoulder
N05zA Osteoarthritis NOS, of sternoclavicular joint
N05zB Osteoarthritis NOS, of acromioclavicular joint
N05zC Osteoarthritis NOS, of elbow
N05zD Osteoarthritis NOS, of distal radioulnar joint
N05zE Osteoarthritis NOS, of wrist
N05zF Osteoarthritis NOS, of metacarpophalangeal joint
N05zG Osteoarthritis NOS, of PIP joint of finger
N05zH Osteoarthritis NOS, of DIP joint of finger
N05zJ Osteoarthritis NOS, of hip
N05zK Osteoarthritis NOS, of sacroiliac joint
N05zL Osteoarthritis NOS, of knee
N05zM Osteoarthritis NOS, of tibiofibular joint
N05zN Osteoarthritis NOS, of ankle
N05zP Osteoarthritis NOS, of subtalar joint
N05zQ Osteoarthritis NOS, of talonavicular joint
N05zR Osteoarthritis NOS, of other tarsal joint
N05zS Osteoarthritis NOS, of 1st metatarsophalangeal joint
N05zT Osteoarthritis NOS, of lesser metatarsophalangeal joint
N05zU Osteoarthritis NOS, of interphalangeal joint of toe
N05zz Osteoarthritis NOS
N11.. (Spondyl & allied dis) or (arthr spine) or (osteoarth spine)
N110. Cerv spondylos (& [no myelopath]) or (osteoarthr cerv spine)
N1100 Single-level cervical spondylosis without myelopathy
N1101 Two-level cervical spondylosis without myelopathy
N1102 Multiple-level cervical spondylosis without myelopathy
N1110 Single-level cervical spondylosis with myelopathy
N1111 Two-level cervical spondylosis with myelopathy
N1112 Multiple-level cervical spondylosis with myelopathy
N112. Thoracic spondylosis (& [without myelopathy])
N1120 Single-level thoracic spondylosis without myelopathy
N1121 Two-level thoracic spondylosis without myelopathy
N1122 Multiple-level thoracic spondylosis without myelopathy
N113. Thoracic spondylosis with myelopathy
N1130 Single-level thoracic spondylosis with myelopathy
N1131 Two-level thoracic spondylosis with myelopathy
N1132 Multiple-level thoracic spondylosis with myelopathy
N114. (Lumbosacr spondylos [& no myelopath]) or (degen lumb spine)
N1140 Single-level lumbosacral spondylosis without myelopathy
N1141 Two-level lumbosacral spondylosis without myelopathy
N1142 Multiple-level lumbosacral spondylosis without myelopathy
N115. Lumbosacral spondylosis with myelopathy
N1150 Single-level lumbosacral spondylosis with myelopathy
N1151 Two-level lumbosacral spondylosis with myelopathy
N1152 Multiple-level lumbosacral spondylosis with myelopathy
N119. Cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy
N1190 Single-level cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy
N1191 Two-level cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy
N1192 Multiple-level cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy
N11A. Cervical spondylosis with vascular compression
N11B. Thoracic spondylosis with radiculopathy
N11B0 Single-level thoracic spondylosis with radiculopathy
N11B1 Two-level thoracic spondylosis with radiculopathy
N11B2 Multiple-level thoracic spondylosis with radiculopathy
N11C. Lumbosacral spondylosis with radiculopathy
N11C0 Single-level lumbosacral spondylosis with radiculopathy
N11C1 Two-level lumbosacral spondylosis with radiculopathy
N11C2 Multiple-level lumbosacral spondylosis with radiculopathy
N11y. Other spondyloses and allied disorders
N11z. (Spondylosis NOS) or (osteoarthritis spine)
N11z0 Spondylosis without myelopathy, NOS
N11z1 Spondylosis with myelopathy, NOS
N11zz Spondylosis NOS
Nyu10 [X]Rheumatoid arthritis+involvement/other organs or systems
Nyu11 [X]Other seropositive rheumatoid arthritis
Nyu12 [X]Other specified rheumatoid arthritis
Nyu1G [X]Seropositive rheumatoid arthritis, unspecified
Nyu23 [X]Other post-traumatic coxarthrosis
Nyu62 [X]Other spondylosis with myelopathy
Nyu63 [X]Other spondylosis with radiculopathy
Nyu64 [X]Other spondylosis
X103Y Rheumatoid pneumoconiosis
X701h Seropositive rheumatoid arthritis
X701i Seronegative rheumatoid arthritis
X701j Rheumatoid arthritis with organ / system involvement
X701k Fibrosing alveolitis associated with rheumatoid arthritis
X701l Rheumatoid vasculitis
X701m Rheumatoid arthritis with multisystem involvement
X701t Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
X702z Toe osteoarthritis NOS
X7030 Foot osteoarthritis NOS
X7031 Ankle osteoarthritis NOS
X7034 Thumb osteoarthritis NOS
X7035 Finger osteoarthritis NOS
X7038 Idiopathic osteoarthritis
X7039 Spondylosis
X703A Osteoarthritis of spinal facet joint
X703B Osteoarthritis of shoulder joint
X703C Osteoarthritis of acromioclavicular joint
X703D Osteoarthritis of elbow
X703E Osteoarthritis of wrist
X703F Osteoarthritis of first carpometacarpal joint
X703G Osteoarthritis of finger joint
X703H Osteoarthritis of distal interphalangeal joint
X703I Osteoarthritis of proximal interphalangeal joint
X703J Osteoarthritis of metacarpophalangeal joint of finger
X703K Osteoarthritis of hip
X703L Osteoarthritis of knee
X703M Osteoarthritis of ankle
X703N Osteoarthritis of subtalar joint
X703O Osteoarthritis of first metatarsalphalangeal joint
X703P Osteoarthritis of toe joint
X703Q Secondary osteoarthritis
X703j Cervical spondylosis
X703k Lumbar spondylosis
X7041 Localised osteoarthritis
X7042 Otto's pelvis
X704R Endemic osteoarthritis
X705t Nailfold rheumatoid vasculitis
X705u Systemic rheumatoid vasculitis
X705v Necrotising rheumatoid vasculitis
X70Cw Thoracic spondylosis
X70Cy Degenerative arthropathy of spinal facet joint
X76G5 Bouchard's node
XE1DU Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory polyarthropathy
XE1DV Osteoarthritis
XE1DW Generalised osteoarthritis of the hand
XE1DX Localised, secondary osteoarthritis of pelvic region/thigh
XE1DY Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified, pelvic region/thigh
XE1DZ Localised osteoarthritis, unspecified, of the lower leg
XE1Da Osteoarthritis NOS
XE1Db Osteoarthritis NOS, of the upper arm
XE1Dc Osteoarthritis NOS, of the forearm
XE1Dd Osteoarthritis NOS, of the hand
XE1De Osteoarthritis NOS, pelvic region/thigh
XE1Df Osteoarthritis NOS, of the lower leg
XE1Dg Osteoarthritis NOS, of ankle and foot
XE1Et Spondylosis and allied disorders
XE1Eu Cervical spondylosis without myelopathy
XE1Ev Cervical spondylosis with myelopathy
XE1Ew Thoracic spondylosis without myelopathy
XE1Ex Lumbosacral spondylosis without myelopathy
XE1Ey Spondylosis NOS
XE1Gi Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis &/or Still's disease
XE1Gm Osteoarthritis -multiple joint
XE1HM (Spond:[cerv][lum][sac]) or (arth spine) or (osteoart spine)
XM05w Heberden's node
XM1NQ Osteoarthritis of metacarpophalangeal joint
XM1XV Rheumatoid arthritis monitoring
Xa3gL Rheumatoid arthritis - multiple joint
Xa3gM Rheumatoid arthritis - hand joint
Xa3gN Rheumatoid arthritis - ankle/foot
Xa3gO Rheumatoid arthritis - other joint
Xa3gP Rheumatoid arthritis NOS
Xa3gQ Osteoarthritis - hand joint
Xa3gR Osteoarthritis - ankle/foot
Xa3gS Osteoarthritis - other joint
Xa3wk Still's disease - juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
XaBMO Seropositive errosive rheumatoid arthritis
XaBmY Osteoarthritis of foot joint
XaBzh O/E - Heberden's nodes
XaE3C Lumbosacral spondylosis
XaEGd Localised, primary osteoarthritis of the wrist
XaEGe Localised, primary osteoarthritis of toe
XaEGf Localised, primary osteoarthritis of elbow
XaIna Exacerbation of osteoarthritis
XaLsk Delivery of rehabilitation for osteoarthritis
XaYQD Patellofemoral osteoarthritis
XaZdB Rheumatoid arthritis annual review
XaaWW Rheumatoid arthritis monitoring invitation
XaaWt Rheumatoid arthritis monitoring invitation first letter
XaaWu Rheumatoid arthritis monitoring invitation second letter
XaaWv Rheumatoid arthritis monitoring invitation third letter
XaaWw Rheumatoid arthritis monitoring verbal invitation
XaaWx Rheumatoid arthritis monitoring telephone invitation
Xafj8 Rheum arth monitor invitation by SMS (short message service)
Xafj9 Rheumatoid arthritis monitring SMS text msg first invitation
XafjA Rheumatoid arthritis monitoring SMS text mesg 2nd invitation
XafjB Rheumatoid arthritis monitoring SMS text mesg 3rd invitation
XagLZ Rheumatoid arthritis monitoring invitation email
Y5903 Cervical spond.with myelopathy

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.