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Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
10394003 Friedreich's ataxia
1089411000000104 Cerebral infarction due to occlusion of cerebral artery
1089421000000105 Cerebral infarction due to stenosis of cerebral artery
110270004 Sequela of infection caused by Human poliovirus
111297002 Nonparalytic stroke
111501005 Congenital hereditary muscular dystrophy
111502003 Fukuyama congenital muscular dystrophy
111503008 Merosin deficient congenital muscular dystrophy
111504002 Walker-Warburg congenital muscular dystrophy
111505001 Muscle-eye-brain disease, congenital muscular dystrophy
111508004 Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy
116288000 Paralytic stroke
116401000119105 Recurrent complex partial epilepsy
1212005 Childhood type dermatomyositis
124122005 Deficiency of 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase
124166007 Deficiency of butyryl-CoA dehydrogenase
124621004 Deficiency of enoyl-coenzyme A hydratase
125081000119106 Cerebral infarction due to occlusion of precerebral artery
128212001 Spinal muscular atrophy, type II
128213006 Neuromuscular junction disorder
128596003 Medium-chain acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency
13973009 Grand mal status
140921000119102 Ischemic stroke without coma
14289006 Myopathy in hypopituitarism
14309005 Anterior choroidal artery syndrome
14637005 Late-infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
15258001 Subclavian steal syndrome
15978431000119106 Thrombosis of right vertebral artery
16000351000119109 Cerebrovascular accident due to occlusion of left posterior cerebral artery
16000391000119104 Cerebrovascular accident due to occlusion of right posterior cerebral artery
16000431000119109 Cerebrovascular accident due to occlusion of right middle cerebral artery
16000511000119103 Cerebrovascular accident due to occlusion of left middle cerebral artery
16002031000119102 Cerebrovascular accident due to thrombus of right middle cerebral artery
16002111000119106 Cerebrovascular accident due to thrombus of left middle cerebral artery
16218291000119100 Acute cerebral ischemia
16371781000119100 Cerebellar stroke
16851005 Mitochondrial myopathy
16873003 Musicogenic seizure
186476008 Acute paralytic non-bulbar poliomyelitis
186478009 Acute paralytic poliomyelitis, vaccine-associated
186479001 Acute paralytic poliomyelitis, wild virus, imported
186480003 Acute paralytic poliomyelitis, wild virus, indigenous
189198006 Epileptic drop attack
191382009 Chronic congestive splenomegaly
191397007 Pseudocholinesterase deficiency
192686004 Polioencephalitis
192845009 Myoclonic encephalopathy
192979009 Generalized non-convulsive epilepsy
192981006 Epileptic seizures - atonic
192982004 Epileptic seizures - akinetic
192991000 Epileptic seizures - clonic
192992007 Epileptic seizures - myoclonic
192993002 Epileptic seizures - tonic
192999003 Partial epilepsy with impairment of consciousness
193000002 Temporal lobe epilepsy
193002005 Psychosensory epilepsy
193003000 Mesiobasal limbic epilepsy
193004006 Epileptic automatism
193008009 Somatosensory epilepsy
193009001 Partial epilepsy with autonomic symptoms
193010006 Visual reflex epilepsy
193011005 Unilateral epilepsy
193021002 Cursive (running) epilepsy
193022009 Localization-related(focal)(partial)idiopathic epilepsy and epileptic syndromes with seizures of localized onset
193206003 Persistent neonatal myasthenia gravis
193207007 Juvenile or adult myasthenia gravis
193209005 Myasthenic syndrome due to another disorder
193212008 Myasthenic syndrome due to hypothyroidism
193213003 Myasthenic syndrome due to pernicious anemia
193214009 Myasthenic syndrome due to thyrotoxicosis
193216006 Congenital and developmental myasthenia
193225000 Hereditary progressive muscular dystrophy
193227008 Pelvic muscular dystrophy
193230001 Distal muscular dystrophy with juvenile onset
193237003 Myotonic disorder
193238008 Infantile myotonia
193246009 Symptomatic inflammatory myopathy associated with another disorder
193248005 Myopathy due to disseminated lupus erythematosus
193249002 Myopathy due to polyarteritis nodosa
193250002 Myopathy due to rheumatoid arthritis
193251003 Sarcoid myopathy
193252005 Myopathy due to scleroderma
193253000 Myopathy due to Sjögren's disease
195163003 Intracerebral hemorrhage (& [cerebrovascular accident due to])
195165005 Basal ganglia hemorrhage
195167002 External capsule hemorrhage
195169004 Intracerebral hemorrhage, multiple localized
195185009 Cerebral infarct due to thrombosis of precerebral arteries
195186005 Cerebral infarction due to embolism of precerebral arteries
195189003 Cerebral infarction due to thrombosis of cerebral arteries
195190007 Cerebral infarction due to embolism of cerebral arteries
195200006 Carotid artery syndrome hemispheric
195201005 Multiple and bilateral precerebral artery syndromes
195206000 Intermittent cerebral ischemia
195209007 Middle cerebral artery syndrome
195210002 Anterior cerebral artery syndrome
195211003 Posterior cerebral artery syndrome
195212005 Brainstem stroke syndrome
195213000 Cerebellar stroke syndrome
195216008 Left sided cerebral hemisphere cerebrovascular accident
195217004 Right sided cerebral hemisphere cerebrovascular accident
195230003 Cerebral infarction due to cerebral venous thrombosis, non-pyogenic
19598007 Generalized epilepsy
196136009 Lung disease co-occurrent with polymyositis
199451000000106 Simple partial epileptic seizure
19972008 Postencephalitic parkinsonism
20059004 Occlusion of cerebral artery
20908003 Subcortical cerebral hemorrhage
21764004 Renal carnitine transport defect
22062008 X-linked glutaric aciduria, type 2
22886006 Glutaric aciduria, type 2
230191005 Rasmussen syndrome
230237004 Progressive spinocerebellar ataxia with decreased tendon reflexes
230238009 Progressive spinocerebellar ataxia with retained tendon reflexes
230246005 Progressive bulbar palsy of childhood
230247001 Distal spinal muscular atrophy
230248006 Scapuloperoneal spinal muscular atrophy
230249003 Facioscapulohumeral spinal muscular atrophy
230250003 Facioscapulohumeral spinal muscular atrophy with sensory loss
230251004 Scapulohumeral spinal muscular atrophy
230252006 Oculopharyngeal spinal muscular atrophy
230253001 Bulbospinal neuronopathy
230254007 Western Pacific motor neurone disease
230255008 Madras-type motor neurone disease
230257000 Paraneoplastic motor neurone disease
230258005 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with dementia
230264003 Troyer syndrome
230274000 Frontal lobe degeneration with motor neurone disease
230291001 Juvenile Parkinson's disease
230292008 Secondary parkinsonism
230296006 Vascular parkinsonism
230381009 Localization-related epilepsy
230387008 Benign occipital epilepsy of childhood - early onset variant
230389006 Primary inherited reading epilepsy
230390002 Localization-related symptomatic epilepsy
230391003 Amygdalo-hippocampal epilepsy
230392005 Rhinencephalic epilepsy
230393000 Lateral temporal epilepsy
230394006 Frontal lobe epilepsy
230395007 Supplementary motor epilepsy
230396008 Cingulate epilepsy
230397004 Anterior frontopolar epilepsy
230398009 Orbitofrontal epilepsy
230399001 Dorsolateral epilepsy
230400008 Opercular epilepsy
230401007 Non-progressive Kozhevnikow syndrome
230403005 Parietal lobe epilepsy
230404004 Occipital lobe epilepsy
230405003 Chronic progressive epilepsia partialis continua of childhood
230406002 Localization-related symptomatic epilepsy with specific precipitant
230407006 Hemiplegia-hemiconvulsion-epilepsy syndrome
230408001 Localization-related cryptogenic epilepsy
230415009 Cryptogenic generalized epilepsy
230416005 Cryptogenic West syndrome
230417001 Symptomatic West syndrome
230418006 Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
230419003 Cryptogenic Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
230420009 Symptomatic Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
230421008 Myoclonic astatic epilepsy
230422001 Myoclonic absence epilepsy
230423006 Unverricht-Lundborg syndrome
230425004 Lafora disease
230426003 Myoclonic epilepsy with ragged red fibers
230427007 Cryptogenic myoclonic epilepsy
230428002 Idiopathic myoclonic epilepsy
230429005 Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy with suppression bursts
230430000 Symptomatic myoclonic epilepsy
230435005 Epilepsy undetermined whether focal or generalized
230439004 Epilepsy with continuous spike wave during slow-wave sleep
230440002 Secondary reading epilepsy
230441003 Drug-induced epilepsy
230443000 Narcotic withdrawal epilepsy
230444006 Menstrual epilepsy
230445007 Nocturnal epilepsy
230447004 Eyelid myoclonus with absences
230448009 Writing epilepsy
230450001 Eating epilepsy
230452009 Toothbrushing epilepsy
230453004 Decision-making epilepsy
230454005 Aquagenic epilepsy
230455006 Self-induced non-photosensitive epilepsy
230456007 Status epilepticus
230457003 Non-convulsive status epilepticus with three per second spike wave
230458008 Non-convulsive status epilepticus without three per second spike wave
230459000 Non-convulsive simple partial status epilepticus
230460005 Complex partial status epilepticus
230669004 Genetically determined myasthenia
230670003 Familial infantile myasthenia
230671004 Acetylcholine resynthesis deficiency
230672006 Congenital myasthenic syndrome
230673001 Congenital end-plate acetylcholine receptor deficiency
230674007 Pseudomyopathic myasthenia
230675008 Slow channel syndrome
230676009 Putative defect in acetylcholine synthesis or packaging
230677000 Congenital end-plate acetylcholinesterase deficiency
230678005 Decrease of motor end-plate potential amplitude without acetylcholine receptor deficiency
230679002 Abnormality of synaptic vesicles
230682007 Penicillamine-induced myasthenia
230685009 Myasthenia gravis associated with thymoma
230686005 Generalized myasthenia
230687001 Myopathy in myasthenia gravis
230690007 Cerebrovascular accident
230691006 Cerebrovascular accident due to occlusion of cerebral artery
230692004 Infarction - precerebral
230693009 Anterior cerebral circulation infarction
230694003 Total anterior cerebral circulation infarction
230695002 Partial anterior cerebral circulation infarction
230696001 Posterior cerebral circulation infarction
230698000 Lacunar infarction
230699008 Pure motor lacunar infarction
230700009 Pure sensory lacunar infarction
230701008 Pure sensorimotor lacunar infarction
230702001 Lacunar ataxic hemiparesis
230703006 Dysarthria-clumsy hand syndrome
230704000 Multi-infarct state
230706003 Hemorrhagic cerebral infarction
230707007 Anterior cerebral circulation hemorrhagic infarction
230708002 Posterior cerebral circulation hemorrhagic infarction
230709005 Massive supratentorial cerebral hemorrhage
230710000 Lobar cerebral hemorrhage
230711001 Thalamic hemorrhage
230712008 Lacunar hemorrhage
230713003 Stroke of uncertain pathology
230714009 Anterior circulation stroke of uncertain pathology
230715005 Posterior circulation stroke of uncertain pathology
230716006 Carotid territory transient ischemic attack
230717002 Vertebrobasilar territory transient ischemic attack
230784003 Congenital pseudobulbar palsy
237997005 Very long chain acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency
237999008 Mitochondrial trifunctional protein deficiency
238001003 Carnitine palmitoyltransferase I deficiency
238002005 Carnitine palmitoyltransferase II deficiency
238003000 Carnitine acylcarnitine translocase deficiency
238026007 Infantile GM1 gangliosidosis
238936001 Sclerodermatomyositis
239898008 Polymyositis with malignant disease
239899000 Polymyositis associated with autoimmune disease
239901009 Dermatomyositis with malignant disease
240046001 Muscular dystrophy with predominantly proximal limb girdle distribution
240047005 X-linked muscular dystrophy with limb girdle distribution
240048000 X-linked muscular dystrophy with abnormal dystrophin
240049008 Intermediate X-linked muscular dystrophy
240050008 Manifesting female carrier of X-linked muscular dystrophy
240051007 X-linked limb girdle muscular dystrophy with normal dystrophin
240052000 Ji muscular dystrophy
240053005 Hereditary myopathy limited to females
240054004 Autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy with limb girdle distribution
240055003 Autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy with abnormal dystrophin-associated glycoprotein
240056002 Severe autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy of childhood - North African type
240057006 Autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy with gene located at 15q
240058001 Reunion-Indiana Amish type muscular dystrophy
240059009 Congenital muscular dystrophy
240060004 Western type of congenital muscular dystrophy
240061000 Congenital muscular dystrophy with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita
240062007 Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy
240063002 Eichsfeld type congenital muscular dystrophy
240064008 Hutterite type of muscular dystrophy
240065009 Adult onset autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy with normal dystrophin
240067001 Autosomal dominant muscular dystrophy with limb girdle distribution
240068006 Autosomal dominant muscular dystrophy with gene located at 5q31
240069003 Late onset proximal muscular dystrophy with dysarthria
240070002 Muscular dystrophy not predominantly limb girdle in distribution
240071003 X-linked muscular dystrophy not predominantly limb girdle
240072005 Benign scapuloperoneal muscular dystrophy with cardiomyopathy
240073000 Autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy not predominantly limb girdle
240074006 Scapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
240075007 Autosomal dominant muscular dystrophy not predominantly limb girdle
240076008 Benign scapuloperoneal muscular dystrophy
240077004 Severe scapuloperoneal muscular dystrophy with cardiomyopathy
240078009 Benign congenital muscular dystrophy with finger flexion contractures
240460008 Acute paralytic poliomyelitis
240630008 Hyperimmune malarious splenomegaly
241006 Epilepsia partialis continua
24654003 Weber-Gubler syndrome
249892007 Progressive pseudobulbar palsy
25133001 Completed stroke
25425008 Autosomal recessive glutaric aciduria, type 2
256321009 Disorder of neuromuscular transmission
26111005 Metabolic myopathy
266257000 Transient ischemic attack
267581004 Progressive myoclonic epilepsy
267592003 Motor cortex epilepsy
267604001 Myasthenic syndrome due to diabetic mellitus
274100004 Cerebral hemorrhage
275434003 Stroke in the puerperium
276219001 Occipital cerebral infarction
276220007 Foville syndrome
276221006 Millard-Gubler syndrome
276222004 Top of basilar syndrome
276722003 Intracerebellar and posterior fossa hemorrhage
277373000 Severe childhood autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy
28055006 West syndrome
281240008 Extension of cerebrovascular accident
281357005 Idiopathic polymyositis
281358000 Idiopathic dermatomyositis
290741000119102 Intractable idiopathic partial epilepsy
291511000119103 Spontaneous hemorrhage of deep cerebral hemisphere
291531000119108 Spontaneous hemorrhage of cerebral hemisphere
291541000119104 Spontaneous hemorrhage of brain stem
29570005 Leigh's disease
297138001 Embolus of circle of Willis
305719002 Neuromyotonia
307127004 Isolated long chain hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency
307128009 Combined long chain hydroxyacyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency
307130006 3-Ketoacyl-coenzyme A triolase deficiency
307356008 Motor epilepsy
307357004 Jacksonian, focal or motor epilepsy
307363008 Multiple lacunar infarcts
307766002 Left sided cerebral infarction
307767006 Right sided cerebral infarction
308128006 Right sided intracerebral hemorrhage, unspecified
31097004 Post poliomyelitis syndrome
313307000 Epileptic seizure
31384009 Polymyositis
31839002 Myasthenia gravis, adult form
322112361000132104 Epilepsy due to scarring of brain
329461000119102 Cerebrovascular accident due to occlusion of left cerebellar artery by embolus
329481000119106 Occlusion of right middle cerebral artery
329491000119109 Occlusion of left middle cerebral artery
329561000119101 Occlusion of right posterior cerebral artery
329571000119107 Occlusion of left posterior cerebral artery
329641000119104 Cerebrovascular accident due to thrombus of basilar artery
329651000119102 Cerebrovascular accident due to thrombus of right carotid artery
330791000119108 Cerebrovascular accident due to thrombus of left carotid artery
34253008 Myopathy in Addison's disease
34781003 Vertebral artery syndrome
352818000 Tonic-clonic epilepsy
361123003 Psychomotor epilepsy
361268000 Alcohol-induced epilepsy
371040005 Thrombotic stroke
371041009 Embolic stroke
37340000 Motor neuron disease
37356005 Myoclonic seizure
373606000 Occlusive stroke
384993003 Periventricular hemorrhagic venous infarct
387732009 Becker muscular dystrophy
396230008 Dermatomyositis
398432008 Bulbar weakness
399091004 Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
39912006 Hereditary spastic paraplegia
407675009 Complex partial epileptic seizure
40956001 Guillain-Barré syndrome
413101007 Stress-induced epilepsy
413102000 Infarction of basal ganglia
413758000 Cardioembolic stroke
41574007 Paramyotonia congenita
41713005 Benedikt's syndrome
419921000000105 [X]Dermatopolymyositis, unspecified
4223005 Parkinsonism caused by drug
426107000 Acute lacunar infarction
426814001 Transient cerebral ischemia due to atrial fibrillation
426983002 Infarction of medulla oblongata
432504007 Cerebral infarction
434541000124109 Benign childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes, refractory
434551000124106 Benign childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes, non-refractory
44395000 Spastic tetraplegia with rigidity syndrome
44423001 Early myoclonic encephalopathy
444657001 Superior cerebellar artery syndrome
46251005 Corticospinal motor disease
48794007 Human immunodeficiency virus infection with infectious mononucleosis-like syndrome
49049000 Parkinson's disease
49422009 Cortical hemorrhage
49793008 Hereditary motor neuron disease
509341000000107 Petit-mal epilepsy
50967008 Gangliosidosis
51615001 Fibrosis of lung
52201006 Internal capsule hemorrhage
5262007 Spinal muscular atrophy
53509000 Myopathy in Cushing's disease
54280009 Kugelberg-Welander disease
54304004 Progressive bulbar palsy
55016009 Congenital muscular hypertrophy-cerebral syndrome
55051001 Myasthenia gravis, juvenile form
56267009 Multi-infarct dementia
56989000 Eaton-Lambert syndrome
57938005 Congenital myotonia, autosomal dominant form
57958006 Endocrine myopathy
57981008 Progressing stroke
58756001 Huntington's chorea
58795000 Distal muscular dystrophy
60738003 Secondary myopathy
62009002 Adult neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
63135006 Amyotonia congenita
64009001 Basilar artery syndrome
64383006 Werdnig-Hoffmann disease
64764001 Acute paralytic poliomyelitis, bulbar
65120008 Generalized convulsive epilepsy
67747009 Ocular muscular dystrophy
67992007 Multiple AND bilateral precerebral artery obstruction
68437005 Thyrotoxic myopathy
68618008 Rett's disorder
699866005 Progressive bulbar palsy with sensorineural deafness
702343002 Early onset myopathy with fatal cardiomyopathy
702373006 Hereditary myopathy with early respiratory failure
702383005 Distal myopathy 2
7033004 Petit mal status
703524005 Spinal muscular atrophy with progressive myoclonic epilepsy
711406009 Autosomal recessive axonal neuropathy with neuromyotonia
711483003 Spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress type 1
713275003 Splenomegaly co-occurrent with human immunodeficiency virus infection
71444005 Cerebral arterial thrombosis
715429006 Congenital muscular dystrophy with infantile cataract and hypogonadism syndrome
715565004 Lethal arthrogryposis co-occurrent with anterior horn cell disease
716278005 Jeavons syndrome
716722005 Acute motor sensory axonal Guillain-Barré syndrome
716723000 Guillain-Barré syndrome acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathic form
717964007 Juvenile primary lateral sclerosis
718177001 Autosomal recessive limb girdle muscular dystrophy type 2F
71831005 Symptomatic generalized epilepsy
718555006 Juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
718572004 Bethlem myopathy
719836007 X-linked distal arthrogryposis multiplex congenita
722987009 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis plus syndrome
723308003 Epidermolysis bullosa simplex with muscular dystrophy
723612001 Spinal muscular atrophy, Dandy-Walker malformation, cataract syndrome
724429004 Stroke co-occurrent with migraine
725046003 Mitochondrial complex I deficiency due to deficiency of acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase 9
725163002 X-linked spasticity, intellectual disability, epilepsy syndrome
725420009 Congenital muscular dystrophy Paradas type
726021008 Long chain 3-hydroxyacyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency
73192008 Multiple AND bilateral precerebral artery stenosis
732923001 Hemorrhage of medulla oblongata
73297009 Muscular dystrophy
733490006 Distal myopathy with early respiratory muscle involvement
734383005 Thrombosis of left middle cerebral artery
734384004 Thrombosis of right middle cerebral artery
734434007 Pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy
734961002 Embolus of left posterior cerebral artery
734963004 Embolus of right posterior cerebral artery
734964005 Embolus of left middle cerebral artery
734965006 Embolus of right middle cerebral artery
7379000 Pseudobulbar palsy
75023009 Post-traumatic epilepsy
75038005 Cerebellar hemorrhage
75072002 Nemaline myopathy
75543006 Cerebral embolism
762629007 Occlusion of right middle cerebral artery by embolus
762630002 Occlusion of left middle cerebral artery by embolus
762651004 Occlusion of right posterior cerebral artery by embolus
762652006 Occlusion of left posterior cerebral artery by embolus
763067000 Autosomal dominant congenital benign spinal muscular atrophy
763314009 Congenital muscular dystrophy with hyperlaxity
763349002 Progressive myoclonic epilepsy with dystonia
763533003 Distal hereditary motor neuropathy Jerash type
763534009 Hot water reflex epilepsy
763622006 Thinking epilepsy
763632004 Startle epilepsy
763802009 Micturition induced epilepsy
763827002 Orgasm induced epilepsy
763829004 Oculopharyngodistal myopathy
764522009 Familial focal epilepsy with variable foci
764812008 Autosomal recessive myogenic arthrogryposis multiplex congenita
764944006 Congenital muscular dystrophy type 1B
765089003 Focal epilepsy, intellectual disability, cerebro-cerebellar malformation syndrome
765093009 Rolandic epilepsy, speech dyspraxia syndrome
765170001 Sodium voltage-gated channel alpha subunit 8-related epilepsy with encephalopathy
765197008 Symptomatic form of muscular dystrophy of Duchenne and Becker in female carrier
765216006 Audiogenic epilepsy
76670001 Duchenne muscular dystrophy
766764008 X-linked distal spinal muscular atrophy type 3
766815007 Perioral myoclonia with absences
766932005 Hypothalamic hamartoma with gelastic seizure
768666006 Syntaxin binding protein 1 encephalopathy with epilepsy
7689009 Reading seizure
770405003 Benign familial mesial temporal lobe epilepsy
770431001 Early-onset epileptic encephalopathy and intellectual disability due to glutamate receptor, ionotropic, N-methyl-D-aspartate, subunit 2A mutation
770558006 Late-onset distal myopathy Markesbery Griggs type
770560008 Lissencephaly due to LIS1 mutation
770596007 Rippling muscle disease with myasthenia gravis
770622009 Benign infantile focal epilepsy with midline spikes and waves during sleep
770623004 Benign occipital lobe epilepsy
770624005 Benign partial epilepsy of infancy with complex partial seizures
770627003 Desmin-related myofibrillar myopathy
770643005 Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis
770722002 Proximal myopathy with extrapyramidal signs
770727008 Spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress type 2
770758009 New-onset refractory status epilepticus
770786001 Hereditary inclusion body myopathy type 4
770787005 Benign Samaritan congenital myopathy
770939009 Huntington disease-like 3
77097004 Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy
771141002 Benign partial epilepsy with secondarily generalized seizures in infancy
771142009 Cortical dysplasia with focal epilepsy syndrome
771144005 Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy with acrodystrophy
771223000 Infantile epileptic dyskinetic encephalopathy
771238004 Spinal atrophy, ophthalmoplegia, pyramidal syndrome
771267003 Congenital muscular dystrophy with integrin alpha-7 deficiency
771272007 Congenital muscular dystrophy due to lamin A/C mutation
7713009 Intrapontine hemorrhage
771302009 Autosomal recessive lower motor neuron disease with childhood onset
771303004 Severe neonatal onset encephalopathy with microcephaly
771306007 Hereditary fibrosing poikiloderma, tendon contractures, myopathy, pulmonary fibrosis syndrome
771448004 Autism epilepsy syndrome due to branched chain ketoacid dehydrogenase kinase deficiency
771469002 Early-onset spastic ataxia, myoclonic epilepsy, neuropathy syndrome
771475006 Young adult-onset distal hereditary motor neuropathy
772129007 Autosomal dominant childhood-onset proximal spinal muscular atrophy
773230003 Cyclin-dependent kinase-like 5 deficiency
773306002 Congenital lethal myopathy Compton North type
773421009 Infantile-onset mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with severe cognitive regression
773497001 Partial corpus callosum agenesis, cerebellar vermis hypoplasia with posterior fossa cysts syndrome
773548008 Early-onset epileptic encephalopathy, cortical blindness, intellectual disability, facial dysmorphism syndrome
773555005 Severe neurodegenerative syndrome with lipodystrophy
773643006 Multiple congenital anomalies, hypotonia, seizures syndrome type 2
773729007 X-linked myopathy with postural muscle atrophy
774148007 Polyglucosan body myopathy type 1
77461000119109 Myasthenia gravis with exacerbation
77471000119103 Myasthenia gravis without exacerbation
776087007 Autosomal recessive cerebral atrophy
778001003 Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily Q member 2 related epileptic encephalopathy
778029000 FAST kinase domains 2-related infantile mitochondrial encephalomyopathy
778047006 Myoclonic epilepsy in non-progressive encephalopathy
778050009 Idiopathic eosinophilic myositis
778060000 Collagen type IV alpha 1 chain related familial vascular leukoencephalopathy
778063003 Cryptogenic late-onset epileptic spasms
77956009 Steinert myotonic dystrophy syndrome
782737003 Diffuse cerebral and cerebellar atrophy, intractable seizures, progressive microcephaly syndrome
782743001 Huntington disease-like syndrome due to chromosome 9 open reading frame 72 expansions
782744007 Lipoic acid synthetase deficiency
782772000 Congenital muscular dystrophy with intellectual disability and severe epilepsy
782883004 Fatal infantile hypertonic myofibrillar myopathy
783010003 Pharyngeal-cervical-brachial variant of Guillain-Barré syndrome
783012006 Parkinsonian pyramidal syndrome
783055005 Progressive myoclonic epilepsy type 5
783062001 Progressive myoclonic epilepsy type 6
783064000 Progressive myoclonic epilepsy type 3
783139000 Progressive myoclonic epilepsy type 8
783174004 Congenital muscular dystrophy with intellectual disability
783175003 Congenital muscular dystrophy without intellectual disability
783176002 Congenital muscular dystrophy with cerebellar involvement
783734000 Mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid depletion syndrome, hepatocerebral form due to deoxyguanosine kinase deficiency
783739005 Familial temporal lobe epilepsy
784341001 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis type 4
784342008 Familial infantile myoclonic epilepsy
784345005 Malignant migrating partial seizures of infancy
784371009 Huntington disease-like 1
784372002 Familial mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with febrile seizures
784377008 Autosomal dominant epilepsy with auditory features
78468005 Erb's muscular dystrophy
785298001 Muscle eye brain disease with bilateral multicystic leukodystrophy
785303004 Multiple congenital anomalies, hypotonia, seizures syndrome
78569004 Posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome
787037000 Congenital muscular dystrophy type 1A
788417006 Alopecia, epilepsy, intellectual disability syndrome Moynahan type
788880006 Cerebral ischemic stroke due to dissection of artery
788881005 Cerebral ischemic stroke due to aortic arch embolism
788882003 Cerebral ischemic stroke due to global hypoperfusion with watershed infarct
788883008 Cerebral ischemic stroke due to hypercoagulable state
789063000 Primary hyperaldosteronism, seizures, neurological abnormalities syndrome
79745005 Reflex epilepsy
80976008 Myasthenic crisis
81211007 Primary lateral sclerosis
82077006 Myotubular myopathy
84201000119105 Intractable partial temporal lobe epilepsy with impairment of consciousness
84590007 Lower motor neuron disease
84757009 Epilepsy
85505000 Adult spinal muscular atrophy
85672005 Anterior horn cell disease
86044005 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
860804005 Epilepsy due to infectious encephalitis
860806007 Epilepsy due to infectious meningitis
860815000 Epilepsy due to neonatal central nervous system infection
864471000000106 Anterior opercular syndrome
870288002 Parkinsonism caused by methanol
870295006 Parkinsonism caused by carbon disulfide
870544005 Occlusion of distal basilar artery
870579007 Occlusion of branch of basilar artery
87555007 Claude's syndrome
87694001 Pyruvate carboxylase deficiency
88923002 Progressive muscular atrophy
89525009 Gelastic seizure
90099008 Subcortical leukoencephalopathy
9105005 Muscle adenosine monophosphate deaminase deficiency
91637004 Myasthenia gravis
93153005 Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
95208000 Photogenic epilepsy
95454007 Brain stem hemorrhage
95457000 Brain stem infarction
95460007 Cerebellar infarction
95647008 Upper motor neuron disease

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.