Self-harm (intentional and undetermined intent)

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Office for National Statistics
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  • 74239017

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Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
111763008 Poisoning caused by mixed sedative
111766000 Poisoning caused by tranquilizer
130968006 Self-mutilation
173544001 Poking own eyes
174486004 Gouging own eyes
219108005 Suicide and selfinflicted poisoning by analgesics, antipyretics and anti-rheumatics
219122005 Self poisoning by corrosive or caustic substance
219123000 Self poisoning caused by arsenic or its compounds
219125007 Suicide and selfinflicted poisoning by gases in domestic use
219126008 Suicide and selfinflicted poisoning by gas distributed by pipeline
219127004 Suicide and selfinflicted poisoning by liquefied petroleum gas distributed in mobile containers
219131005 Self poisoning caused by motor vehicle exhaust gas
219137009 Suicide or attempted suicide by hanging
219141008 Suicide and selfinflicted injury by drowning
219142001 Suicide or selfinflicted injury by firearms and explosives
219144000 Suicide or selfinflicted injury by shotgun
219150005 Suicide or selfinflicted injury by cutting and stabbing
219151009 Suicide or selfinflicted injury by cutting
219152002 Self inflicted lacerations to wrist
219153007 Suicide or selfinflicted injury by stabbing
219155000 Suicide or self injury by jumping from a height
219168008 Suicide or self injury by electric current
219328003 Hanging, strangulation or suffocation of unknown intent
219334005 Injury of unknown intent by firearms and explosives
219336007 Injury of unknown intent by shotgun
219337003 Injury of unknown intent by hunting rifle
219338008 Injury of unknown intent by military firearm
219340003 Injury of unknown intent by explosive
219342006 Injury of unknown intent by sharp instrument
219343001 Injury of unknown intent by cutting instrument
219344007 Injury of unknown intent by stabbing instrument
219346009 Injury of unknown intent due to fall from height
219359001 Injury of unknown intent by electrocution
222196002 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, occurrence at school, other institution and public administrative area
222200007 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, occurrence at industrial and construction area
222759003 [X]Hanging, strangulation and suffocation undetermined intent
222793004 [X]Rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, undetermined intent
222804005 [X]Other and unspecified firearm discharge, undetermined intent
224945002 Self-incineration
224946001 Self-electrocution
224947005 Shooting self
224948000 Throwing self in front of vehicle
224949008 Throwing self in front of train
224950008 Jumping from cliff
225045006 Cutting own throat
225046007 Jumping from bridge
225047003 Jumping from building
225048008 Jumping from height
225049000 Hanging self
225050000 Drowning self
225051001 Self-suffocation
225052008 Self-strangulation
225053003 Self-asphyxiation
240061000000104 Intentional drug overdose by drug paraphernalia
240081000000108 Intentional drug overdose by tablets
241754000 Poisoning caused by sodium valproate
242823008 Intentional non-opiate analgesic overdose
242824002 Intentional paracetamol overdose
242825001 Intentional aspirin overdose
242828004 Intentional opiate analgesic overdose
242829007 Intentional diamorphine overdose
242830002 Intentional dihydrocodeine overdose
242831003 Intentional methadone overdose
242832005 Intentional benzodiazepine overdose
242833000 Intentional diazepam overdose
242834006 Intentional chlordiazepoxide overdose
242835007 Intentional temazepam overdose
242836008 Self poisoning by non-drug solid or liquid agents
242837004 Self poisoning by paraquat
242839001 Self poisoning by gas
248062006 Self-injurious behavior
248064007 Self-mutilation of hands
248065008 Self-mutilation of penis
248066009 Self-mutilation of eyes
248067000 Self-mutilation of ears
248068005 Self-inflicted skin problems
248069002 Biting own hand
248070001 Head-hitting
248071002 Scratches self
248072009 Biting self
248073004 Cutting self
248074005 Swallowing objects
269725004 Suicide and selfinflicted injury
269726003 Suicide and selfinflicted injury by suffocation by plastic bag
269735005 Injury undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted
269808005 Attempt suicide - car exhaust
271982007 Intentional self poisoning
274912004 Self poisoning by agricultural chemical
276853009 Self inflicted injury
277131000 Intentional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent overdose
284690004 Self-mutilation of genitalia
284691000 Enucleation of own eyes
284693002 Self-inducing a prolapse
284694008 Breaking own bones
284695009 Pulling own teeth out
284696005 Removing own nails
284697001 Eating own flesh
284699003 Stripping own skin
284702005 Gouging own body parts
284703000 Gouging own flesh
284705007 Gouging own rectum
284706008 Banging own head against object
284707004 Banging own head against own body parts
284708009 Biting own arm
284709001 Biting own tongue
284710006 Biting sides of own cheeks
284741007 Swallowing substances
284742000 Inserting foreign bodies into own orifices
284743005 Throwing self onto floor
284744004 Burning self
284752001 Damaging own wounds
284753006 Reopening scars
284754000 Pulling out sutures
284755004 Poking fingers into wound
284756003 Hitting self
284757007 Punching self
284758002 Slapping self
284759005 Stabbing self
284760000 Picking own skin
284761001 Rubbing own skin
284763003 Nipping self
284764009 Pinching self
285137009 Biting own fingers
285138004 Biting own toes
285142001 Self-scalding
285152002 Gouging own vagina
287181000 Attempted suicide - hanging
287182007 Attempted suicide - suffocation
287183002 Attempted suicide - drowning
287184008 Attempted suicide - firearms
287185009 Attempted suicide - cut/stab
287186005 Attempted suicide - jumping from a high place
288311002 Attempt suicide - domestic gas
290135001 Intentional paracetamol poisoning
290139007 Intentional acetaminophen and dextropropoxyphene poisoning
290145004 Intentional aspirin poisoning
290148002 Intentional salicylic acid salt poisoning
290151009 Intentional pentazocine poisoning
290155000 Intentional phenazocine poisoning
290160001 Intentional dextromoramide poisoning
290164005 Intentional dextropropoxyphene poisoning
290168008 Intentional dipipanone poisoning
290171000 Intentional methadone poisoning
290176005 Intentional buprenorphine poisoning
290179003 Intentional poisoning caused by codeine
290182008 Intentional heroin poisoning
290185005 Intentional poisoning caused by dihydrocodeine
290190008 Intentional nalbuphine poisoning
290193005 Intentional morphine poisoning
290199009 Intentional alfentanil poisoning
290203009 Intentional fentanyl poisoning
290206001 Intentional pethidine poisoning
290210003 Intentional phenoperidine poisoning
290214007 Intentional meptazinol poisoning
290218005 Intentional levorphanol poisoning
290221007 Intentional narcotic poisoning
290228001 Intentional acemetacin poisoning
290232007 Intentional azapropazone poisoning
290236005 Intentional diclofenac poisoning
290240001 Intentional etodolac poisoning
290244005 Intentional felbinac poisoning
290249000 Intentional fenbufen poisoning
290253003 Intentional fenoprofen poisoning
290257002 Intentional flurbiprofen poisoning
290260009 Intentional ibuprofen poisoning
290263006 Intentional indomethacin poisoning
290267007 Intentional ketoprofen poisoning
290271005 Intentional ketorolac poisoning
290275001 Intentional mefenamic acid poisoning
290279007 Intentional nabumetone poisoning
290282002 Intentional naproxen poisoning
290286004 Intentional nefopam poisoning
290290002 Intentional oxyphenbutazone poisoning
290293000 Intentional phenylbutazone poisoning
290298009 Intentional piroxicam poisoning
290302001 Intentional sulindac poisoning
290306003 Intentional tenoxicam poisoning
290310000 Intentional tiaprofenic acid poisoning
290314009 Intentional tolmetin poisoning
290319004 Intentional radiopharmaceutical poisoning
290331002 Intentional magnetic resonance imaging contrast media poisoning
290339000 Intentional diagnostic dye poisoning
290343001 Intentional bismuth compound poisoning
290347000 Intentional sucralfate poisoning
290351003 Intentional misoprostol poisoning
290355007 Intentional cimetidine poisoning
290359001 Intentional famotidine poisoning
290363008 Intentional nizatidine poisoning
290367009 Intentional ranitidine poisoning
290372000 Intentional omeprazole poisoning
290376002 Intentional lansoprazole poisoning
290380007 Intentional carbenoxolone poisoning
290384003 Intentional pirenzepine poisoning
290388000 Intentional 5-aminosalicylic acid poisoning
290391000 Intentional aluminum hydroxide poisoning
290394008 Intentional magnesium trisilicate poisoning
290398006 Intentional loperamide poisoning
290401009 Intentional kaolin poisoning
290404001 Intentional pectin poisoning
290409006 Intentional cisapride poisoning
290414005 Intentional nabilone poisoning
290418008 Intentional domperidone poisoning
290422003 Intentional metoclopramide poisoning
290426000 Intentional 5-HT3-receptor antagonist poisoning
290430002 Intentional bisacodyl poisoning
290434006 Intentional danthron poisoning
290438009 Intentional sodium picosulfate poisoning
290443002 Intentional lactulose poisoning
290446005 Intentional magnesium sulfate poisoning
290450003 Intentional bulk-forming laxative poisoning
290455008 Intentional cascara poisoning
290459002 Intentional senna poisoning
290463009 Intentional docusate poisoning
290466001 Intentional castor oil poisoning
290469008 Intentional phenolphthalein poisoning
290476003 Intentional antispasmodic poisoning
290480008 Intentional bile agent poisoning
290484004 Intentional nitrous oxide poisoning
290489009 Intentional etomidate poisoning
290492008 Intentional ketamine poisoning
290496006 Intentional propofol poisoning
290500008 Intentional thiopental sodium poisoning
290503005 Intentional methohexitone poisoning
290508001 Intentional enflurane poisoning
290511000 Intentional ether poisoning
290514008 Intentional halothane poisoning
290518006 Intentional isoflurane poisoning
290522001 Intentional trichloroethylene poisoning
290526003 Intentional desflurane poisoning
290530000 Intentional bupivacaine poisoning
290534009 Intentional cinchocaine poisoning
290538007 Intentional prilocaine poisoning
290541003 Intentional lignocaine poisoning
290544006 Intentional cocaine poisoning
290548009 Intentional benzocaine poisoning
290552009 Intentional oxybuprocaine poisoning
290555006 Intentional procaine poisoning
290559000 Intentional proxymetacaine poisoning
290562002 Intentional peripheral nerve and plexus-blocking anesthetic poisoning
290565000 Intentional spinal anesthetic poisoning
290568003 Intentional tetracaine poisoning
290571006 Intentional poisoning caused by therapeutic gases
290576001 Intentional immunostimulant poisoning
290582003 Intentional mitobronitol poisoning
290585001 Intentional busulfan poisoning
290589007 Intentional treosulfan poisoning
290592006 Intentional triethylene thiophosphoramide poisoning
290596009 Intentional chlorambucil poisoning
290599002 Intentional cyclophosphamide poisoning
290604008 Intentional ethoglucid poisoning
290608006 Intentional ifosfamide poisoning
290612000 Intentional melphalan poisoning
290616002 Intentional estramustine poisoning
290620003 Intentional mustine poisoning
290625008 Intentional carmustine poisoning
290629002 Intentional lomustine poisoning
290634003 Intentional dacarbazine poisoning
290638000 Intentional dactinomycin poisoning
290641009 Intentional bleomycin poisoning
290644001 Intentional mitomycin poisoning
290648003 Intentional plicamycin poisoning
290654002 Intentional aclarubicin poisoning
290658004 Intentional mitozantrone poisoning
290662005 Intentional doxorubicin poisoning
290666008 Intentional epirubicin poisoning
290670000 Intentional idarubicin poisoning
290673003 Intentional daunorubicin poisoning
290678007 Intentional mercuric oxide poisoning
290682009 Intentional methotrexate poisoning
290685006 Intentional mercaptopurine poisoning
290689000 Intentional thioguanine poisoning
290694000 Intentional pentostatin poisoning
290697007 Intentional cytarabine poisoning
290700006 Intentional fluorouracil poisoning
290705001 Intentional etoposide poisoning
290709007 Intentional amsacrine poisoning
290713000 Intentional carboplatin poisoning
290717004 Intentional cisplatin poisoning
290721006 Intentional hydroxyurea poisoning
290725002 Intentional procarbazine poisoning
290729008 Intentional razoxane poisoning
290733001 Intentional crisantaspase poisoning
290737000 Intentional paclitaxel poisoning
290741001 Intentional fludarabine poisoning
290745005 Intentional aminoglutethimide poisoning
290750004 Intentional trilostane poisoning
290754008 Intentional tamoxifen poisoning
290758006 Intentional formestane poisoning
290763005 Intentional vinblastine poisoning
290767006 Intentional vincristine poisoning
290771009 Intentional vindesine poisoning
290776004 Intentional cyclosporin poisoning
290779006 Intentional azathioprine poisoning
290783006 Intentional central appetite depressant poisoning
290786003 Intentional levodopa poisoning
290789005 Intentional amantadine poisoning
290793004 Intentional lysuride poisoning
290797003 Intentional bromocriptine poisoning
290800001 Intentional ethopropazine poisoning
290802009 Lithium poisoning
290804005 Intentional lithium poisoning
290808008 Intentional amitriptyline poisoning
290810005 Amoxapine poisoning
290812002 Intentional amoxapine poisoning
290814001 Butriptyline poisoning
290816004 Intentional butriptyline poisoning
290818003 Clomipramine poisoning
290820000 Intentional clomipramine poisoning
290822008 Desipramine poisoning
290824009 Intentional desipramine poisoning
290826006 Dothiepin poisoning
290828007 Intentional dothiepin poisoning
290830009 Doxepin poisoning
290832001 Intentional doxepin poisoning
290835004 Intentional imipramine poisoning
290837007 Iprindole poisoning
290839005 Intentional iprindole poisoning
290841006 Lofepramine poisoning
290843009 Intentional lofepramine poisoning
290845002 Nortriptyline poisoning
290847005 Intentional nortriptyline poisoning
290849008 Protriptyline poisoning
290851007 Intentional protriptyline poisoning
290853005 Trimipramine poisoning
290855003 Intentional trimipramine poisoning
290858001 Intentional tricyclic antidepressant poisoning
290860004 Phenelzine poisoning
290862007 Intentional phenelzine poisoning
290864008 Iproniazid poisoning
290866005 Intentional iproniazid poisoning
290868006 Isocarboxazid poisoning
290870002 Intentional isocarboxazid poisoning
290872005 Tranylcypromine poisoning
290874006 Intentional tranylcypromine poisoning
290876008 Moclobemide poisoning
290878009 Intentional moclobemide poisoning
290882006 Intentional tryptophan poisoning
290884007 Venlafaxine poisoning
290886009 Intentional venlafaxine poisoning
290888005 Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor poisoning
290889002 Sertraline poisoning
290891005 Intentional sertraline poisoning
290893008 Paroxetine poisoning
290895001 Intentional paroxetine poisoning
290897009 Nefazodone poisoning
290899007 Intentional nefazodone poisoning
290901003 Citalopram poisoning
290903000 Intentional citalopram poisoning
290905007 Fluoxetine poisoning
290908009 Intentional fluoxetine poisoning
290910006 Fluvoxamine poisoning
290912003 Intentional fluvoxamine poisoning
290914002 Tetracyclic antidepressant drug poisoning
290915001 Maprotiline poisoning
290917009 Intentional maprotiline poisoning
290919007 Mianserin poisoning
290921002 Intentional mianserin poisoning
290923004 Trazodone poisoning
290925006 Intentional trazodone poisoning
290927003 Viloxazine poisoning
290929000 Intentional viloxazine poisoning
290933007 Intentional beclamide poisoning
290937008 Intentional lamotrigine poisoning
290941007 Intentional piracetam poisoning
290945003 Intentional gabapentin poisoning
290948001 Intentional poisoning caused by sodium valproate
290953006 Intentional methylphenobarbitone poisoning
290956003 Intentional phenobarbitone poisoning
290959005 Intentional primidone poisoning
290962008 Intentional poisoning caused by carbamazepine
290966006 Intentional vigabatrin poisoning
290969004 Intentional phenytoin poisoning
290972006 Intentional succinimide poisoning
290975008 Intentional ethosuximide poisoning
290978005 Intentional phensuximide poisoning
290982007 Intentional clonazepam poisoning
290987001 Intentional zopiclone poisoning
290991006 Intentional zolpidem poisoning
290996001 Intentional chlormezanone poisoning
291000007 Intentional methyprylone poisoning
291003009 Intentional paraldehyde poisoning
291006001 Intentional amylobarbitone poisoning
291010003 Intentional butabarbitone poisoning
291017000 Intentional cyclobarbitone poisoning
291020008 Intentional quinalbarbitone poisoning
291023005 Intentional barbitone poisoning
291026002 Intentional pentobarbitone poisoning
291030004 Intentional flunitrazepam poisoning
291033002 Intentional flurazepam poisoning
291037001 Intentional loprazolam poisoning
291041002 Intentional lormetazepam poisoning
291044005 Intentional nitrazepam poisoning
291048008 Intentional triazolam poisoning
291052008 Intentional alprazolam poisoning
291056006 Intentional bromazepam poisoning
291059004 Intentional chlordiazepoxide poisoning
291063006 Intentional clobazam poisoning
291067007 Intentional potassium clorazepate poisoning
291071005 Intentional ketazolam poisoning
291074002 Intentional medazepam poisoning
291078004 Intentional oxazepam poisoning
291082002 Intentional prazepam poisoning
291086004 Intentional midazolam poisoning
291089006 Intentional diazepam poisoning
291092005 Intentional lorazepam poisoning
291095007 Intentional poisoning caused by temazepam
291098009 Intentional meprobamate poisoning
291102001 Intentional chloral hydrate poisoning
291106003 Intentional dichloralphenazone poisoning
291111001 Intentional triclofos sodium poisoning
291115005 Intentional buspirone poisoning
291119004 Intentional chlormethiazole poisoning
291122002 Sulpiride poisoning
291124001 Intentional sulpiride poisoning
291128003 Intentional loxapine poisoning
291132009 Intentional clozapine poisoning
291136007 Intentional risperidone poisoning
291140003 Intentional tetrabenazine poisoning
291144007 Intentional benperidol poisoning
291147000 Intentional trifluperidol poisoning
291150002 Intentional haloperidol poisoning
291154006 Intentional droperidol poisoning
291159001 Intentional pimozide poisoning
291163008 Intentional fluspirilene poisoning
291167009 Intentional methotrimeprazine poisoning
291171007 Intentional pericyazine poisoning
291174004 Intentional fluphenazine poisoning
291178001 Intentional thiethylperazine poisoning
291181006 Intentional chlorpromazine poisoning
291185002 Intentional pipothiazine poisoning
291188000 Intentional promazine poisoning
291192007 Intentional thioridazine poisoning
291196005 Intentional perphenazine poisoning
291199003 Intentional prochlorperazine poisoning
291203003 Intentional trifluoperazine poisoning
291208007 Intentional chlorprothixene poisoning
291213006 Intentional flupenthixol decanoate poisoning
291215004 Zuclopenthixol decanoate poisoning
291217007 Intentional zuclopenthixol decanoate poisoning
291219005 Zuclopenthixol poisoning
291221000 Intentional zuclopenthixol poisoning
291225009 Intentional flupenthixol poisoning
291229003 Intentional oxypertine poisoning
291233005 Intentional remoxipride poisoning
291238001 Intentional selegiline poisoning
291241005 Intentional amphetamine poisoning
291247009 Intentional cannabis poisoning
291250007 Intentional poisoning by lysergic acid
291253009 Intentional psilocybin poisoning
291256001 Intentional mescaline poisoning
291263001 Intentional poisoning caused by crack cocaine
291266009 Intentional caffeine poisoning
291270001 Intentional atenolol poisoning
291273004 Intentional propranolol poisoning
291276007 Intentional practolol poisoning
291279000 Intentional tolazoline hydrochloride poisoning
291282005 Intentional phenoxybenzamine poisoning
291285007 Intentional nicotine poisoning
291288009 Intentional poisoning caused by calcium-channel blocker
291291009 Intentional pilocarpine poisoning
291294001 Intentional acetylcholine poisoning
291297008 Intentional anticholinesterase poisoning
291301004 Intentional metaraminol poisoning
291306009 Intentional salbutamol poisoning
291309002 Intentional orciprenaline poisoning
291314003 Intentional clonidine poisoning
291317005 Intentional adrenalin poisoning
291320002 Intentional norepinephrine poisoning
291323000 Intentional hyoscine poisoning
291326008 Intentional atropine poisoning
291329001 Intentional homatropine poisoning
291332003 Intentional acetylcysteine poisoning
291336000 Intentional nikethamide poisoning
291340009 Intentional chlorpheniramine poisoning
291343006 Intentional diphenhydramine poisoning
291346003 Intentional diphenylpyraline poisoning
291349005 Intentional dextromethorphan poisoning
291352002 Intentional guaifenesin poisoning
291355000 Intentional terpin hydrate poisoning
291358003 Intentional poisoning caused by bronchodilator drug
291361002 Intentional aminophylline poisoning
291364005 Intentional theophylline poisoning
291367003 Intentional poisoning caused by herbal asthma mixture
291370004 Intentional anti-common cold drug poisoning
291373002 Intentional local antipruritic poisoning
291376005 Intentional local astringent and detergent poisoning
291379003 Intentional hair treatment poisoning
291383003 Intentional allopurinol poisoning
291386006 Intentional colchicine poisoning
291389004 Intentional probenecid poisoning
291392000 Intentional gold salt poisoning
291395003 Intentional antirheumatic poisoning
291399009 Intentional prostaglandin poisoning
291403000 Intentional naloxone poisoning
291406008 Intentional levallorphan poisoning
291409001 Intentional nalorphine poisoning
291413008 Intentional protamine sulfate poisoning
291416000 Intentional chelating agent poisoning
291424005 Intentional flucytosine poisoning
291427003 Intentional griseofulvin poisoning
291430005 Intentional amphotericin B poisoning
291433007 Intentional nystatin poisoning
291436004 Intentional trichomycin poisoning
291439006 Intentional idoxuridine poisoning
291442000 Intentional pyrimethamine poisoning
291445003 Intentional chloroquine poisoning
291448001 Intentional primaquine poisoning
291452001 Intentional quinine poisoning
291456003 Intentional mefloquine poisoning
291459005 Intentional proguanil poisoning
291462008 Intentional cycloguanil poisoning
291465005 Intentional piperazine poisoning
291468007 Intentional thiabendazole poisoning
291471004 Intentional hexylresorcinol poisoning
291475008 Intentional kanamycin poisoning
291478005 Intentional streptomycin poisoning
291482007 Intentional gentamicin poisoning
291486005 Intentional tobramycin poisoning
291490007 Intentional netilmicin poisoning
291493009 Intentional erythromycin poisoning
291497005 Intentional azithromycin poisoning
291501000 Intentional clarithromycin poisoning
291504008 Intentional oleandomycin poisoning
291507001 Intentional spiramycin poisoning
291512000 Intentional sodium fusidate poisoning
291516002 Intentional spectinomycin poisoning
291520003 Intentional vancomycin poisoning
291524007 Intentional trimethoprim poisoning
291527000 Intentional nitrofuran derivative poisoning
291531006 Intentional fusidic acid poisoning
291535002 Intentional 4-quinolones poisoning
291538000 Intentional ampicillin poisoning
291541009 Intentional cloxacillin poisoning
291544001 Intentional carbenicillin poisoning
291547008 Intentional penicillin G poisoning
291551005 Intentional flucloxacillin poisoning
291555001 Intentional piperacillin poisoning
291560002 Intentional cefadroxil poisoning
291563000 Intentional cephalexin poisoning
291566008 Intentional cephalothin poisoning
291570000 Intentional cephazolin poisoning
291574009 Intentional cephradine poisoning
291578007 Intentional latamoxef poisoning
291583004 Intentional cefaclor poisoning
291587003 Intentional cefuroxime poisoning
291591008 Intentional cephamandole poisoning
291596003 Intentional cefotaxime poisoning
291600008 Intentional ceftazidime poisoning
291604004 Intentional ceftizoxime poisoning
291608001 Intentional cefixime poisoning
291613002 Intentional cefodizime poisoning
291617001 Intentional cefpodoxime poisoning
291621008 Intentional ceftriaxone poisoning
291625004 Intentional ceftibuten poisoning
291629005 Intentional cefsulodin poisoning
291634009 Intentional cefpirome poisoning
291637002 Intentional cephaloridine poisoning
291640002 Intentional sulfadiazine poisoning
291643000 Intentional sulfafurazole poisoning
291646008 Intentional sulfamethoxazole poisoning
291649001 Intentional doxycycline poisoning
291652009 Intentional minocycline poisoning
291655006 Intentional oxytetracycline poisoning
291658008 Intentional tetracycline poisoning
291662002 Intentional chloramphenicol poisoning
291667008 Intentional sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim poisoning
291671006 Intentional hydroxyquinoline poisoning
291674003 Intentional diiodohydroxyquinoline poisoning
291677005 Intentional rifampin poisoning
291680006 Intentional isoniazid poisoning
291683008 Intentional ethambutol poisoning
291686000 Intentional cycloserine poisoning
291690003 Intentional antileprotic drug poisoning
291693001 Intentional ethionamide poisoning
291696009 Intentional para-aminosalicylic acid poisoning
291699002 Intentional sulfone poisoning
291703004 Intentional pesticide product poisoning
291783001 Intentional thiouracil poisoning
291787000 Intentional carbimazole poisoning
291791005 Intentional cortisone derivative poisoning
291794002 Intentional desoxycorticosterone derivative poisoning
291797009 Intentional fluorinated corticosteroid poisoning
291800006 Intentional glucagon poisoning
291803008 Intentional insulin poisoning
291807009 Intentional acetohexamide poisoning
291810002 Intentional chlorpropamide poisoning
291813000 Intentional tolbutamide poisoning
291817004 Intentional poisoning caused by glibenclamide
291820007 Intentional poisoning caused by metformin
291823009 Intentional phenformin poisoning
291827005 Intentional progestogen poisoning
291830003 Intentional oral contraceptive poisoning
291833001 Intentional estrogen poisoning
291836009 Intentional combined estrogen and progesterone poisoning
291840000 Intentional testosterone poisoning
291844009 Intentional nandrolone poisoning
291847002 Intentional oxymetholone poisoning
291850004 Intentional methandriol poisoning
291853002 Intentional liothyronine poisoning
291856005 Intentional thyroxin poisoning
291859003 Intentional levothyroxine sodium poisoning
291862000 Intentional thyroglobulin poisoning
291866002 Intentional corticotrophin poisoning
291869009 Intentional gonadotrophin poisoning
291872002 Intentional oxytocin poisoning
291875000 Intentional somatotrophin poisoning
291879006 Intentional thyrotrophic hormone poisoning
291882001 Intentional vasopressin poisoning
291885004 Intentional parathyroid hormone poisoning
291888002 Intentional macromolecular blood substitute poisoning
291891002 Intentional blood plasma poisoning
291894005 Intentional human fibrinogen poisoning
291897003 Intentional warfarin sodium poisoning
291900005 Intentional coumarin poisoning
291903007 Intentional heparin poisoning
291906004 Intentional phenindione poisoning
291909006 Intentional aminocaproic acid poisoning
291913004 Intentional ferrous sulfate poisoning
291916007 Intentional ferric salt poisoning
291920006 Intentional iodide poisoning
291923008 Intentional vitamin A poisoning
291926000 Intentional vitamin D poisoning
291929007 Intentional vitamin K poisoning
291933000 Intentional folic acid poisoning
291936008 Intentional nicotinic acid derivative poisoning
291939001 Intentional electrolyte agent poisoning
291942007 Intentional clofibrate poisoning
291946005 Intentional disopyramide poisoning
291949003 Intentional quinidine poisoning
291952006 Intentional procainamide poisoning
291956009 Intentional amiodarone poisoning
291961006 Intentional bendrofluazide poisoning
291964003 Intentional chlorothiazide poisoning
291967005 Intentional saluretic poisoning
291971008 Intentional furosemide poisoning
291975004 Intentional potassium sparing diuretic poisoning
291979005 Intentional osmotic diuretic poisoning
291982000 Intentional acetazolamide poisoning
291986002 Intentional guanethidine poisoning
291989009 Intentional poisoning caused by angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor
291993003 Intentional digoxin poisoning
291997002 Intentional phosphodiesterase inhibitor poisoning
292001009 Intentional ergot alkaloid poisoning
292005000 Intentional diazoxide poisoning
292009006 Intentional hydralazine poisoning
292012009 Intentional dipyridamole poisoning
292015006 Intentional nitrate poisoning
292020006 Intentional nitrite poisoning
292024002 Intentional streptodornase poisoning
292027009 Intentional streptokinase poisoning
292030002 Intentional urokinase poisoning
292033000 Intentional penicillinase poisoning
292036008 Intentional spermicide poisoning
295129004 Intentional paracetamol and dextropropoxyphene overdose
295142004 Intentional pentazocine overdose
295146001 Intentional phenazocine overdose
295151007 Intentional dextromoramide overdose
295155003 Intentional dextropropoxyphene overdose
295159009 Intentional dipipanone overdose
295168006 Intentional buprenorphine overdose
295172005 Intentional overdose by codeine
295182006 Intentional nalbuphine overdose
295186009 Intentional morphine overdose
295191005 Intentional alfentanil overdose
295195001 Intentional fentanyl overdose
295199007 Intentional pethidine overdose
295203007 Intentional phenoperidine overdose
295207008 Intentional meptazinol overdose
295211002 Intentional levorphanol overdose
295220006 Intentional acemetacin overdose
295224002 Intentional azapropazone overdose
295228004 Intentional diclofenac overdose
295232005 Intentional etodolac overdose
295236008 Intentional felbinac overdose
295240004 Intentional fenbufen overdose
295244008 Intentional fenoprofen overdose
295248006 Intentional flurbiprofen overdose
295252006 Intentional ibuprofen overdose
295256009 Intentional indomethacin overdose
295260007 Intentional ketoprofen overdose
295265002 Intentional ketorolac overdose
295269008 Intentional mefenamic acid overdose
295273006 Intentional nabumetone overdose
295277007 Intentional naproxen overdose
295281007 Intentional nefopam overdose
295285003 Intentional oxyphenbutazone overdose
295289009 Intentional phenylbutazone overdose
295293003 Intentional piroxicam overdose
295297002 Intentional sulindac overdose
295301006 Intentional tenoxicam overdose
295305002 Intentional tiaprofenic acid overdose
295309008 Intentional tolmetin overdose
295317000 Intentional radiopharmaceutical overdose
295322000 Intentional X-ray diagnostic contrast media overdose
295330004 Intentional magnetic resonance imaging contrast media overdose
295336005 Intentional bismuth compound overdose
295340001 Intentional sucralfate overdose
295344005 Intentional liquorice overdose
295348008 Intentional misoprostol overdose
295353003 Intentional cimetidine overdose
295357002 Intentional famotidine overdose
295362001 Intentional nizatidine overdose
295367007 Intentional ranitidine overdose
295369005 Intentional overdose of H2 antagonist
295374002 Intentional omeprazole overdose
295378004 Intentional lansoprazole overdose
295382002 Intentional carbenoxolone overdose
295386004 Intentional pirenzepine overdose
295390002 Intentional 5-aminosalicylic acid overdose
295395007 Intentional aluminum hydroxide overdose
295399001 Intentional magnesium trisilicate overdose
295403005 Intentional loperamide overdose
295407006 Intentional kaolin overdose
295412007 Intentional cisapride overdose
295417001 Intentional nabilone overdose
295421008 Intentional domperidone overdose
295425004 Intentional metoclopramide overdose
295429005 Intentional 5-hydroxytryptamine-3-receptor antagonist overdose
295434009 Intentional bisacodyl overdose
295438007 Intentional danthron overdose
295442005 Intentional sodium picosulfate overdose
295446008 Intentional lactulose overdose
295450001 Intentional magnesium sulfate overdose
295454005 Intentional bulk-forming laxative overdose
295458008 Intentional anthraquinone laxative overdose
295462002 Intentional cascara overdose
295466004 Intentional senna overdose
295471006 Intentional docusate overdose
295476001 Intentional castor oil overdose
295480006 Intentional phenolphthalein overdose
295485001 Intentional dioctyl sulfosuccinate overdose
295489007 Intentional antispasmodic overdose
295493001 Intentional bile agent overdose
295499002 Intentional nitrous oxide overdose
295505001 Intentional etomidate overdose
295510002 Intentional ketamine overdose
295514006 Intentional propofol overdose
295518009 Intentional thiopental sodium overdose
295522004 Intentional methohexitone overdose
295527005 Intentional enflurane overdose
295531004 Intentional ether overdose
295535008 Intentional halothane overdose
295539002 Intentional isoflurane overdose
295543003 Intentional trichloroethylene overdose
295547002 Intentional desflurane overdose
295552007 Intentional bupivacaine overdose
295556005 Intentional cinchocaine overdose
295560008 Intentional prilocaine overdose
295564004 Intentional lignocaine overdose
295568001 Intentional local cocaine overdose
295573007 Intentional benzocaine overdose
295577008 Intentional oxybuprocaine overdose
295581008 Intentional procaine overdose
295585004 Intentional proxymetacaine overdose
295589005 Intentional overdose by therapeutic gas
295595006 Intentional immunostimulant overdose
295601003 Intentional mitobronitol overdose
295605007 Intentional busulfan overdose
295609001 Intentional treosulfan overdose
295613008 Intentional thiotepa overdose
295618004 Intentional chlorambucil overdose
295622009 Intentional cyclophosphamide overdose
295626007 Intentional ethoglucid overdose
295630005 Intentional ifosfamide overdose
295634001 Intentional melphalan overdose
295638003 Intentional estramustine overdose
295642000 Intentional mustine overdose
295647006 Intentional carmustine overdose
295651008 Intentional lomustine overdose
295656003 Intentional dacarbazine overdose
295661001 Intentional dactinomycin overdose
295665005 Intentional bleomycin overdose
295669004 Intentional mitomycin overdose
295674007 Intentional plicamycin overdose
295678005 Intentional aclarubicin overdose
295682007 Intentional mitozantrone overdose
295686005 Intentional doxorubicin overdose
295690007 Intentional epirubicin overdose
295694003 Intentional idarubicin overdose
295699008 Intentional mercuric oxide overdose
295703006 Intentional methotrexate overdose
295707007 Intentional mercaptopurine overdose
295711001 Intentional thioguanine overdose
295715005 Intentional pentostatin overdose
295720005 Intentional cytarabine overdose
295725000 Intentional fluorouracil overdose
295729006 Intentional etoposide overdose
295733004 Intentional amsacrine overdose
295737003 Intentional carboplatin overdose
295741004 Intentional cisplatin overdose
295745008 Intentional hydroxyurea overdose
295749002 Intentional procarbazine overdose
295753000 Intentional razoxane overdose
295757004 Intentional crisantaspase overdose
295762003 Intentional paclitaxel overdose
295766000 Intentional fludarabine overdose
295770008 Intentional aminoglutethimide overdose
295776002 Intentional trilostane overdose
295780007 Intentional tamoxifen overdose
295784003 Intentional formestane overdose
295789008 Intentional vinblastine overdose
295793002 Intentional vincristine overdose
295797001 Intentional vindesine overdose
295802007 Intentional cyclosporin overdose
295806005 Intentional azathioprine overdose
295811007 Intentional central appetite depressant overdose
295816002 Intentional levodopa overdose
295820003 Intentional amantadine overdose
295824007 Intentional lysuride overdose
295828005 Intentional bromocriptine overdose
295830007 Overdose of antidepressant drug
295833009 Intentional lithium overdose
295835002 Amitriptyline overdose
295837005 Intentional amitriptyline overdose
295841009 Intentional amoxapine overdose
295845000 Intentional butriptyline overdose
295849006 Intentional clomipramine overdose
295854002 Intentional desipramine overdose
295858004 Intentional dothiepin overdose
295862005 Intentional doxepin overdose
295866008 Intentional imipramine overdose
295870000 Intentional iprindole overdose
295874009 Intentional lofepramine overdose
295879004 Intentional nortriptyline overdose
295883004 Intentional protriptyline overdose
295887003 Intentional trimipramine overdose
295892001 Intentional phenelzine overdose
295896003 Intentional iproniazid overdose
295900000 Intentional isocarboxazid overdose
295904009 Intentional tranylcypromine overdose
295908007 Intentional moclobemide overdose
295912001 Intentional tryptophan overdose
295916003 Intentional venlafaxine overdose
295918002 Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor overdose
295921000 Intentional sertraline overdose
295925009 Intentional paroxetine overdose
295929003 Intentional nefazodone overdose
295933005 Intentional citalopram overdose
295937006 Intentional fluoxetine overdose
295941005 Intentional fluvoxamine overdose
295946000 Intentional maprotiline overdose
295950007 Intentional mianserin overdose
295954003 Intentional trazodone overdose
295958000 Intentional viloxazine overdose
295963001 Intentional beclamide overdose
295967000 Intentional lamotrigine overdose
295971002 Intentional piracetam overdose
295975006 Intentional gabapentin overdose
295980002 Intentional overdose by sodium valproate
295985007 Intentional methylphenobarbitone overdose
295989001 Intentional phenobarbitone overdose
295993007 Intentional primidone overdose
295997008 Intentional overdose by carbamazepine
296001007 Intentional vigabatrin overdose
296004004 Intentional phenytoin overdose
296008001 Intentional ethosuximide overdose
296012007 Intentional clonazepam overdose
296018006 Intentional zopiclone overdose
296022001 Intentional zolpidem overdose
296026003 Intentional chlormezanone overdose
296030000 Intentional methyprylone overdose
296034009 Intentional paraldehyde overdose
296039004 Intentional amylobarbitone overdose
296043000 Intentional butabarbitone overdose
296047004 Intentional cyclobarbitone overdose
296051002 Intentional quinalbarbitone overdose
296056007 Intentional flunitrazepam overdose
296060005 Intentional flurazepam overdose
296064001 Intentional loprazolam overdose
296068003 Intentional lormetazepam overdose
296072004 Intentional nitrazepam overdose
296076001 Intentional triazolam overdose
296081005 Intentional alprazolam overdose
296085001 Intentional bromazepam overdose
296092006 Intentional clobazam overdose
296096009 Intentional potassium clorazepate overdose
296100005 Intentional ketazolam overdose
296104001 Intentional medazepam overdose
296108003 Intentional oxazepam overdose
296112009 Intentional prazepam overdose
296116007 Intentional midazolam overdose
296123008 Intentional lorazepam overdose
296133000 Intentional meprobamate overdose
296138009 Intentional chloral hydrate overdose
296142007 Intentional dichloralphenazone overdose
296146005 Intentional triclofos sodium overdose
296150003 Intentional buspirone overdose
296154007 Intentional chlormethiazole overdose
296159002 Intentional sulpiride overdose
296163009 Intentional loxapine overdose
296167005 Intentional clozapine overdose
296171008 Intentional risperidone overdose
296175004 Intentional tetrabenazine overdose
296181007 Intentional benperidol overdose
296185003 Intentional trifluperidol overdose
296189009 Intentional haloperidol overdose
296193003 Intentional droperidol overdose
296198007 Intentional pimozide overdose
296202009 Intentional fluspirilene overdose
296207003 Intentional methotrimeprazine overdose
296211009 Intentional pericyazine overdose
296215000 Intentional fluphenazine decanoate overdose
296219006 Intentional fluphenazine enanthate overdose
296223003 Intentional thiethylperazine overdose
296227002 Intentional chlorpromazine overdose
296231008 Intentional pipothiazine overdose
296235004 Intentional promazine overdose
296239005 Intentional thioridazine overdose
296243009 Intentional perphenazine overdose
296247005 Intentional prochlorperazine overdose
296251007 Intentional trifluoperazine overdose
296260004 Intentional flupenthixol decanoate overdose
296264008 Intentional zuclopenthixol decanoate overdose
296272005 Intentional flupenthixol overdose
296276008 Intentional oxypertine overdose
296281004 Intentional remoxipride overdose
296283001 Intentional overdose of non-barbiturate hypnotic
296288005 Intentional selegiline overdose
296293008 Intentional amphetamine overdose
296303002 Intentional cannabis overdose
296307001 Intentional overdose by lysergic acid
296311007 Intentional psilocybin overdose
296315003 Intentional mescaline overdose
296323001 Intentional overdose by cocaine
296327000 Intentional overdose by crack cocaine
296331006 Intentional caffeine overdose
296338000 Intentional atenolol overdose
296342002 Intentional propranolol overdose
296344001 Intentional overdose of beta-adrenergic blocking drug
296349006 Intentional phenoxybenzamine overdose
296353008 Intentional nicotine overdose
296357009 Intentional overdose by calcium-channel blocker
296362005 Intentional pilocarpine overdose
296366008 Intentional acetylcholine overdose
296370000 Intentional anticholinesterase overdose
296377002 Intentional metaraminol overdose
296382009 Intentional salbutamol overdose
296386007 Intentional overdose of isoprenaline
296391008 Intentional clonidine overdose
296396003 Intentional hyoscine overdose
296400003 Intentional atropine overdose
296405008 Intentional acetylcysteine overdose
296410007 Intentional nikethamide overdose
296415002 Intentional chlorpheniramine overdose
296419008 Intentional diphenhydramine overdose
296423000 Intentional diphenylpyraline overdose
296427004 Intentional thonzylamine overdose
296431005 Intentional tripelennamine overdose
296435001 Intentional hydroxyzine overdose
296440009 Intentional aminophylline overdose
296444000 Intentional theophylline overdose
296448002 Intentional bronchodilator preparations overdose
296454001 Intentional dithranol overdose
296459006 Intentional gamolenic acid overdose
296464005 Intentional etretinate overdose
296468008 Intentional acitretin overdose
296472007 Intentional tretinoin overdose
296476005 Intentional isotretinoin overdose
296482008 Intentional allopurinol overdose
296487002 Intentional colchicine overdose
296493005 Intentional baclofen overdose
296497006 Intentional methocarbamol overdose
296501001 Intentional gold salt overdose
296506006 Intentional papaverine overdose
296511008 Intentional prostaglandin overdose
296518002 Intentional naloxone overdose
296522007 Intentional protamine sulfate overdose
296533005 Intentional flucytosine overdose
296537006 Intentional griseofulvin overdose
296541005 Intentional amphotericin B overdose
296545001 Intentional nystatin overdose
296550007 Intentional idoxuridine overdose
296555002 Intentional pyrimethamine overdose
296559008 Intentional chloroquine overdose
296563001 Intentional primaquine overdose
296567000 Intentional quinine overdose
296571002 Intentional mefloquine overdose
296575006 Intentional proguanil overdose
296580002 Intentional piperazine overdose
296584006 Intentional thiabendazole overdose
296591009 Intentional kanamycin overdose
296595000 Intentional streptomycin overdose
296599006 Intentional gentamicin overdose
296603006 Intentional tobramycin overdose
296607007 Intentional netilmicin overdose
296612008 Intentional erythromycin overdose
296616006 Intentional azithromycin overdose
296620005 Intentional clarithromycin overdose
296624001 Intentional sodium fusidate overdose
296628003 Intentional spectinomycin overdose
296632009 Intentional vancomycin overdose
296636007 Intentional trimethoprim overdose
296640003 Intentional nitrofuran derivative overdose
296644007 Intentional fusidic acid overdose
296648005 Intentional 4-quinolones overdose
296653000 Intentional ampicillin overdose
296658009 Intentional cloxacillin overdose
296662003 Intentional carbenicillin overdose
296666000 Intentional flucloxacillin overdose
296672000 Intentional cefadroxil overdose
296676002 Intentional cephalexin overdose
296680007 Intentional cephalothin overdose
296684003 Intentional cephazolin overdose
296689008 Intentional cephradine overdose
296693002 Intentional latamoxef overdose
296698006 Intentional cefaclor overdose
296702005 Intentional cefuroxime overdose
296706008 Intentional cephamandole overdose
296711005 Intentional cefotaxime overdose
296715001 Intentional ceftazidime overdose
296719007 Intentional ceftizoxime overdose
296723004 Intentional cefixime overdose
296727003 Intentional cefodizime overdose
296731009 Intentional cefpodoxime overdose
296735000 Intentional ceftriaxone overdose
296741007 Intentional ceftibuten overdose
296745003 Intentional cefsulodin overdose
296750009 Intentional cefpirome overdose
296756003 Intentional doxycycline overdose
296760000 Intentional minocycline overdose
296764009 Intentional oxytetracycline overdose
296768007 Intentional tetracycline overdose
296772006 Intentional chloramphenicol overdose
296776009 Intentional sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim overdose
296782007 Intentional antimony compound overdose
296786005 Intentional hydroxyquinoline overdose
296793009 Intentional rifampin overdose
296797005 Intentional isoniazid overdose
296801006 Intentional ethambutol overdose
296805002 Intentional antileprotic drug overdose
296828001 Intentional glucagon overdose
296834008 Intentional carbimazole overdose
296838006 Intentional thiouracil overdose
296843004 Intentional prednisone overdose
296847003 Intentional dexamethasone overdose
296851001 Intentional insulin overdose
296857002 Intentional acetohexamide overdose
296861008 Intentional chlorpropamide overdose
296865004 Intentional overdose by glibenclamide
296870006 Intentional tolbutamide overdose
296875001 Intentional overdose by metformin
296880005 Intentional progestogen overdose
296885000 Intentional nandrolone overdose
296889006 Intentional oxymetholone overdose
296894006 Intentional methandriol overdose
296898009 Intentional oral contraceptive overdose
296903008 Intentional testosterone overdose
296907009 Intentional estrogen overdose
296912005 Intentional liothyronine overdose
296916008 Intentional thyroxin overdose
296928000 Intentional heparin overdose
296932006 Intentional coumarin overdose
296935008 Intentional warfarin sodium overdose
296941001 Intentional ferrous sulfate overdose
296946006 Intentional iodide overdose
296951000 Intentional vitamin A overdose
296955009 Intentional vitamin D overdose
296959003 Intentional vitamin K overdose
296964004 Intentional nicotinic acid derivative overdose
296968001 Intentional folic acid overdose
296972002 Intentional potassium overdose
296978003 Intentional clofibrate overdose
296984000 Intentional disopyramide overdose
296988002 Intentional quinidine overdose
296993004 Intentional procainamide overdose
296998008 Intentional bretylium overdose
297003000 Intentional amiodarone overdose
297010006 Intentional bendrofluazide overdose
297014002 Intentional chlorothiazide overdose
297019007 Intentional furosemide overdose
297023004 Intentional bumetanide overdose
297027003 Intentional ethacrynic acid overdose
297031009 Intentional potassium sparing diuretic overdose
297035000 Intentional osmotic diuretic overdose
297040008 Intentional mersalyl overdose
297045003 Intentional acetazolamide overdose
297051008 Intentional guanethidine overdose
297055004 Intentional overdose by angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor
297058002 Intentional antihypertensive overdose
297063003 Intentional digoxin overdose
297067002 Intentional phosphodiesterase inhibitor overdose
297072006 Intentional ergot alkaloid overdose
297077000 Intentional diazoxide overdose
297081000 Intentional hydralazine overdose
297085009 Intentional dipyridamole overdose
297097005 Intentional streptokinase overdose
297101001 Intentional urokinase overdose
297201008 Intentional overdose of tricyclic antidepressant
307051006 Inserting objects into wound
307578000 Cutting own wrists
36153001 First known suicide attempt
385231000000108 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion, occurrence at sports and athletics area
385441000000100 [X]Intentional self harm by sharp object, occurrence at sports and athletics area
385451000000102 [X]Intentional self harm by sharp object, occurrence on street and highway
385461000000104 [X]Intentional self harm by sharp object, occurrence at trade and service area
385481000000108 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge, occurrence on farm
385491000000105 [X]Intentional self harm by sharp object, occurrence at industrial and construction area
385501000000104 [X]Intentional self harm by sharp object, occurrence on farm
385601000000100 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to narcotic drugs, occurrence in residential institution
385711000000109 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics, occurrence on street and highway
385731000000101 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics, occurrence at industrial and construction area
387051000000104 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge
387071000000108 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics, occurrence at sports and athletics area
391791000000102 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides, occurrence at industrial and construction area
391801000000103 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge, occurrence in residential institution
391821000000107 [X]Intentional self harm by hanging, strangulation and suffocation, occurrence at unspecified place
392001000000101 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides, occurrence at school, other institution and public administrative area
392011000000104 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion, occurrence at trade and service area
392021000000105 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion, occurrence at industrial and construction area
392031000000107 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion, occurrence on farm
392501000000107 [X]Intentional self harm by jumping from a high place, occurrence at unspecified place
392701000000104 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides, occurrence at home
393011000000105 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to narcotic drugs, occurrence at trade and service area
393111000000106 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge, occurrence on street and highway
393331000000100 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to narcotic drugs, occurrence on farm
393341000000109 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics, occurrence at home
393841000000101 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge, occurrence at unspecified place
393871000000107 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, occurrence at home
393881000000109 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, occurrence in residential institution
403581000000101 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides, occurrence at unspecified place
403582001 Self-inflicted caustic burn
403641000000108 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge
403671000000102 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge, occurrence at school, other institution and public administrative area
403681000000100 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to narcotic drugs, occurrence at unspecified place
404741000000103 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, occurrence on farm
404831000000101 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge, occurrence on street and highway
405051000000103 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge, occurrence at school, other institution and public administrative area
405061000000100 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge, occurrence at sports and athletics area
410061008 Intentional poisoning
415591000000101 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion, occurrence at unspecified place
418420002 Intentionally harming self
420511000000107 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge, occurrence at home
420741000000104 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides, occurrence in residential institution
421331000000103 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, occurrence at sports and athletics area
421581000000105 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to narcotic drugs, occurrence at school, other institution and public administrative area
422691000000103 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge, occurrence at other specified place
422721000000107 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics, occurrence at school, other institution and public administrative area
426299001 Intentional X-ray contrast media poisoning
426450003 Intentional chlorprothixene overdose
428422006 Found hanging self
431307001 Intentional poisoning caused by drug
432991000000105 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, occurrence at other specified place
433281000000106 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge, occurrence at home
433701000000106 [X]Intentional self harm by sharp object, occurrence at other specified place
433941000000106 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to narcotic drugs, occurrence at home
434241000000100 [X]Intentional self harm by hanging, strangulation and suffocation, occurrence at home
434261000000104 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge, occurrence on farm
439011002 Self-administered intentional poisoning caused by analgesic
43954004 Head-banging
445021000000102 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, occurrence at unspecified place
445311000000106 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides, occurrence at sports and athletics area
445341000000107 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides, occurrence at other specified place
445351000000105 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge, occurrence at sports and athletics area
445891000000109 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge, occurrence at other specified place
445901000000105 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge, occurrence at unspecified place
445911000000107 [X]Intentional self harm by sharp object, occurrence at unspecified place
446251000000108 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, occurrence on street and highway
446551000000106 [X]Intentional self harm by sharp object, occurrence at home
446651000000105 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to narcotic drugs, occurrence at sports and athletics area
446661000000108 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to narcotic drugs, occurrence on street and highway
446791000000109 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to narcotic drugs, occurrence at industrial and construction area
446891000000101 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion
446901000000100 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics
457141000000100 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides, occurrence on street and highway
457161000000104 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides, occurrence at trade and service area
457321000000105 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion, occurrence at school, other institution and public administrative area
457331000000107 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion, occurrence on street and highway
457721000000106 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge, occurrence at industrial and construction area
458171000000105 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics, occurrence on farm
458281000000101 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion, occurrence at home
458381000000105 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge, occurrence at trade and service area
458391000000107 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge, occurrence at industrial and construction area
458531000000103 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge, occurrence at trade and service area
458971000000107 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to narcotic drugs, occurrence at other specified place
459381000000104 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics, occurrence at other specified place
459421000000108 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics, occurrence at unspecified place
459811000000100 [X]Intentional self harm by sharp object, occurrence in residential institution
459821000000106 [X]Intentional self harm by sharp object, occurrence at school, other institution and public administrative area
461331000000108 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides
461371000000105 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to noxious substances
472681000000104 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion, occurrence at other specified place
472701000000102 [X]Intentional self harm by handgun discharge
472721000000106 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to pesticides, occurrence on farm
472751000000101 [X]Intentional self harm by other and unspecified firearm discharge, occurrence in residential institution
473128000 Suspected drug overdose
473371000000101 [X]Intentional self harm by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge, occurrence at trade and service area
473621000000105 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics, occurrence at trade and service area
473731000000102 [X]Intentional self harm by drowning and submersion, occurrence in residential institution
473791000000101 [X]Intentional self harm by hanging, strangulation and suffocation, occurrence in residential institution
474461000000102 [X]Intentional self poisoning by and exposure to nonopioid analgesics, occurrence in residential institution
48981002 Parasuicide
518431000000101 Intentional overdose of prescription only medication
518441000000105 Intentional overdose of prescription only medication
53846008 Suicide attempt by adequate means
55554002 Suicide attempt by inadequate means
55680006 Drug overdose
59274003 Intentional drug overdose
65425009 Poisoning caused by imipramine
676361000000101 Drug and medicament poisoning NOS
681111000000102 Suicide and self inflicted poisoning by drug or medicine NOS
684281000000100 Suicide and self inflicted injury NOS
69434005 Tricyclic antidepressant poisoning
711538001 Intentional drug overdose by tablet
711539009 Intentional drug overdose by injectable substance
715269009 Intentional disulfiram poisoning
715302000 Intentional disulfiram overdose
724845009 Compulsive scratching behavior
724846005 Compulsive self-biting behavior
78695006 Poisoning caused by amitriptyline
82276009 Poisoning caused by antidepressant
82313006 Suicide attempt
838521001 Intentional overdose of methylenedioxymethamphetamine
838526006 Intentional poisoning caused by methylenedioxymethamphetamine
85975005 Poisoning caused by psychodysleptic
9291000 Poisoning caused by monoamine oxidase inhibitor

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.