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Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
0301011ABBBAAA0 Trimbow 87microg/dose / 5microg/dose / 9microg/dose inh
0301011E0AAAAAA Formoterol 12microgram inhalation pdr caps with device
0301011E0AAABAB Formoterol 6micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0301011E0AAACAC Formoterol 12micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0301011E0AAADAD Formoterol 12micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0301011E0BBAAAA Foradil 12microgram inhalation powder capsules with device
0301011E0BCAAAB Oxis 6 Turbohaler
0301011E0BCABAC Oxis 12 Turbohaler
0301011E0BDAAAD Atimos Modulite 12micrograms/dose inhaler
0301011E0BEAAAC Formoterol Easyhaler 12micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0301011U0AAAAAA Salmeterol 50microgram inhalation pdr blist with device
0301011U0AAABAB Salmeterol 50microgram inhalation powder blisters
0301011U0AAACAC Salmeterol 25micrograms/dose inhaler
0301011U0AAAEAE Salmeterol 50micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0301011U0AAAHAH Salmeterol 25micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0301011U0BBAAAA Serevent 50microgram disks with Diskhaler
0301011U0BBABAB Serevent 50microgram disks
0301011U0BBACAC Serevent 25micrograms/dose inhaler
0301011U0BBAEAE Serevent 50micrograms/dose Accuhaler
0301011U0BBAFAH Serevent 25micrograms/dose Evohaler
0301011U0BDAAAH Neovent 25micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free (Teva)
0301011U0BEAAAH Neovent 25micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free (Kent Pharm)
0301011U0BFAAAH Vertine 25micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0301011U0BGAAAH Soltel 25micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0301011V0AAAAAA Terbutaline 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0301011V0AABBBB Terbutaline 500micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0301011V0BBADAA Bricanyl 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0301011V0BBARBB Bricanyl 500micrograms/dose Turbohaler
0301011X0AAAAAA Indacaterol 150microgram inhalation pdr caps with device
0301011X0AAABAB Indacaterol 300microgram inhalation pdr caps with device
0301011X0BBAAAA Onbrez Breezhaler 150microgram inhalation pdr caps with dev
0301011X0BBABAB Onbrez Breezhaler 300microgram inhalation pdr caps with dev
0301020I0AAAAAA Ipratropium bromide 20micrograms/dose inhaler
0301020I0AAANAN Ipratropium bromide 20micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0301020I0BBAAAA Atrovent 20micrograms/dose inhaler
0301020I0BBADAD Atrovent Forte 40micrograms/dose inhaler
0301020I0BBAGAG Atrovent 20micrograms/dose Autohaler
0301020I0BBAJAN Atrovent 20micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0301020I0BIAAAN Inhalvent 20micrograms/dose inhaler
0301020I0BJAAAN Ipravent 20micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0301020P0BBAAAA Oxivent 100micrograms/dose inhaler
0301020Q0AAAAAA Tiotropium bromide 18microgram inhalation pdr caps with dev
0301020Q0AAABAB Tiotropium bromide 18microgram inhalation powder capsules
0301020Q0AAADAD Tiotropium bromide 10microgram inhalation pdr caps with dev
0301020Q0BBAAAA Spiriva 18microgram inhalation pdr caps with HandiHaler
0301020Q0BBABAB Spiriva 18microgram inhalation powder capsules
0301020Q0BCAAAD Braltus 10microgram inhalation pdr caps with Zonda inhaler
0301020R0AAAAAA Aclidinium bromide 375micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0301020R0BBAAAA Eklira 322micrograms/dose Genuair
0301020S0AAAAAA Glycopyrronium bromide 55microg inhalation pdr caps with dev
0301020S0BBAAAA Seebri Breezhaler 44microgram inhalation pdr caps with dev
0301020T0AAAAAA Umeclidinium bromide 65micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0301020T0BBAAAA Incruse Ellipta 55micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0301040M0BBAAAA Duovent inhaler
0301040M0BCABAD Berodual N inhaler
0301040R0AAAAAA Salbutamol 100microg/dose / Ipratropium 20microg/dose inh
0301040R0BBAAAA Combivent inhaler
0301040V0AAAAAA Aclidinium brom 396mcg/dose / Formoterol 11.8mcg/dose DP inh
0301040V0BBAAAA Duaklir 340micrograms/dose / 12micrograms/dose Genuair
0301040W0AAAAAA Umeclidinium brom 65microg/Vilanterol 22microg/dose dry pdr
0301040W0BBAAAA Anoro Ellipta 55microg/dose / 22microg/dose dry pdr inh
0301040Y0AAAAAA Indacaterol 85microg/Glycopyrronium brom 54microg/dose
0301040Y0BBAAAA Ultibro Breezhaler 85microg/43microg pdr caps with dev
0302000C0AAAAAA Beclometasone 50micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0AAABAB Beclometasone 100micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0AAACAC Beclometasone 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0AAAFAF Beclometasone 200microgram inhalation powder capsules
0302000C0AAAGAG Beclometasone 100microgram inhalation pdr blist with device
0302000C0AAAIAI Beclometasone 400microgram inhalation powder capsules
0302000C0AAAJAJ Beclometasone 400microgram inhalation pdr blist with device
0302000C0AAAKAK Beclometasone 200microgram inhalation powder blisters
0302000C0AAALAL Beclometasone 100microgram inhalation powder blisters
0302000C0AAAQAQ Beclometasone 400microgram inhalation powder blisters
0302000C0AAARAR Beclometasone 200micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0AAASAS Beclometasone 50micrograms/dose breath actuated inhaler
0302000C0AAATAT Beclometasone 100micrograms/dose breath actuated inhaler
0302000C0AAAUAU Beclometasone 250micrograms/dose breath actuated inhaler
0302000C0AABEBE Beclometasone 50micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000C0AABFBF Beclometasone 100micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000C0AABGBG Beclometasone 50micrograms/dose breath actuated inh CFC free
0302000C0AABHBH Beclometasone 100mcg/dose breath actuated inhaler CFC free
0302000C0AABIBI Beclometasone 50micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000C0AABJBJ Beclometasone 100micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000C0AABKBK Beclometasone 250micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000C0AABSBS Beclometasone 400micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000C0AABUBU Beclometasone 200micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000C0AABVBV Beclometasone 200micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000C0AABWBW Beclometasone 250micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000C0AABXBX Beclometasone 100microg/Formoterol 6microg/dose inh CFCfree
0302000C0AABYBY Beclometasone 100microg/Formoterol 6microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000C0AABZBZ Beclometasone 200microg/Formoterol 6microg/dose inh CFC free
0302000C0AACACA Beclometasone 200microg/Formoterol 6microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000C0BBAAAC Becloforte 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BCACAE Becotide 100microgram Rotacaps
0302000C0BCADAF Becotide 200microgram Rotacaps
0302000C0BCAGAI Becotide 400microgram Rotacaps
0302000C0BCAHAB Becotide 100 inhaler
0302000C0BCAIAA Becotide 50 inhaler
0302000C0BCAQAR Becotide 200 inhaler
0302000C0BDAAAN Ventide inhaler
0302000C0BEABAU AeroBec Forte 250 Autohaler
0302000C0BEACAT AeroBec 100 Autohaler
0302000C0BFAAAA Beclazone 50 inhaler
0302000C0BFABAB Beclazone 100 inhaler
0302000C0BFACAC Beclazone 250 inhaler
0302000C0BFADAS Beclazone 50 Easi-Breathe inhaler
0302000C0BFAEAT Beclazone 100 Easi-Breathe inhaler
0302000C0BFAFAU Beclazone 250 Easi-Breathe inhaler
0302000C0BFAGAR Beclazone 200 inhaler
0302000C0BGAAAA Filair 50 inhaler
0302000C0BGABAB Filair 100 inhaler
0302000C0BHAAAG Becodisks 100microgram with Diskhaler
0302000C0BHACAH Becodisks 200microgram with Diskhaler
0302000C0BHADAK Becodisks 200microgram
0302000C0BHAEAJ Becodisks 400microgram with Diskhaler
0302000C0BHAFAQ Becodisks 400microgram
0302000C0BIADBI Asmabec 50 Clickhaler
0302000C0BIAEBJ Asmabec 100 Clickhaler
0302000C0BIAFBK Asmabec 250 Clickhaler
0302000C0BJAABE Qvar 50 inhaler
0302000C0BJABBF Qvar 100 inhaler
0302000C0BJACBG Qvar 50 Autohaler
0302000C0BJADBH Qvar 100 Autohaler
0302000C0BJAEBG Qvar 50micrograms/dose Easi-Breathe inhaler
0302000C0BJAFBH Qvar 100micrograms/dose Easi-Breathe inhaler
0302000C0BLABBJ Pulvinal Beclometasone Diprop 100microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000C0BNAABU Easyhaler Beclometasone 200micrograms/dose dry pdr inhaler
0302000C0BPAABE Clenil Modulite 50micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BPABBF Clenil Modulite 100micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BPACBV Clenil Modulite 200micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BPADBW Clenil Modulite 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BQAABX Fostair 100micrograms/dose / 6micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BQABBZ Fostair 200micrograms/dose / 6micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BRAABY Fostair NEXThaler 100microg/dose / 6microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000C0BRABCA Fostair NEXThaler 200microg/dose / 6microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000C0BSAABE Kelhale 50micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BSABBF Kelhale 100micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BTAABE Soprobec 50micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BTABBV Soprobec 200micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BTACBF Soprobec 100micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000C0BTADBW Soprobec 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000K0AAAAAA Budesonide 50micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000K0AAADAD Budesonide 200micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000K0AAAGAG Budesonide 200micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000K0AAAHAH Budesonide 400micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000K0AAAKAK Budesonide 100micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000K0AAALAL Budesonide 100microg / Formoterol 6microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000K0AAAMAM Budesonide 200mcg/dose / Formoterol 6mcg/dose dry powder inh
0302000K0AAAUAU Budesonide 400mcg/dose /Formoterol 12mcg/dose dry powder inh
0302000K0AAAVAV Budesonide 200microg/dose dry pdr inhalation cart with dev
0302000K0AAAWAW Budesonide 200micrograms/dose dry pdr inhalation cartridge
0302000K0AAAZAZ Budesonide 100micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000K0AABABA Budesonide 200micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000K0AABBBB Budesonide 200microg / Formoterol 6microg/dose inh CFC free
0302000K0BBADAD Pulmicort 200micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000K0BBAEAA Pulmicort LS 50micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000K0BBAHAG Pulmicort 200 Turbohaler
0302000K0BBAIAH Pulmicort 400 Turbohaler
0302000K0BBAKAK Pulmicort 100 Turbohaler
0302000K0BBAMAZ Pulmicort 100micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000K0BBANBA Pulmicort 200micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000K0BDAAAL Symbicort 100/6 Turbohaler
0302000K0BDABAM Symbicort 200/6 Turbohaler
0302000K0BDACAU Symbicort 400/12 Turbohaler
0302000K0BDADBB Symbicort 200microg/dose / 6microg/dose pressurised inh
0302000K0BFAAAV Budelin Novolizer 200micrograms/dose inhalation powder
0302000K0BFABAW Budelin Novolizer 200micrograms/dose inhalation pdr refill
0302000K0BGAAAK Easyhaler Budesonide 100micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000K0BGABAG Easyhaler Budesonide 200micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000K0BGACAH Easyhaler Budesonide 400micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000K0BHAAAM DuoResp Spiromax 160microg/dose / 4.5microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000K0BHABAU DuoResp Spiromax 320microg/dose / 9microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000K0BIAAAU Fobumix Easyhaler 320microg/dose / 9microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000K0BIABAM Fobumix Easyhaler 160microg / 4.5microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000K0BIADAL Fobumix Easyhaler 80microg/dose / 4.5microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0AAAAAA Fluticasone propionate 50microg inhalation pdr blist
0302000N0AAADAD Fluticasone propionate 100microgram inhalation pdr blist
0302000N0AAAEAE Fluticasone propionate 250mcg inhalation pdr blist + dev
0302000N0AAAFAF Fluticasone propionate 250microgram inhalation pdr blist
0302000N0AAAPAP Fluticasone propionate 500microg inhalation pdr blist
0302000N0AAARAR Fluticasone propionate 50micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000N0AAASAS Fluticasone propionate 100micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000N0AAATAT Fluticasone propionate 250micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000N0AAAUAU Fluticasone propionate 500micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000N0AAAXAX Fluticasone propionate 100microg/Salmeterol 50microg/dose
0302000N0AAAYAY Fluticasone propionate 250microg/Salmeterol 50microg/dose
0302000N0AAAZAZ Fluticasone propion 500mcg/Salmeterol 50mcg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0AABABA Fluticasone 125micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000N0AABCBC Fluticasone 250micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000N0AABEBE Fluticasone 50microg / Salmeterol 25microg/dose inh CFC free
0302000N0AABFBF Fluticasone 125mcg/dose / Salmeterol 25mcg/dose inh CFC free
0302000N0AABGBG Fluticasone 250mcg/dose / Salmeterol 25mcg/dose inh CFC free
0302000N0AABHBH Fluticasone 50micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000N0AABJBJ Fluticasone 125microg / Formoterol 5microg/dose inh CFC free
0302000N0AABKBK Fluticasone 250microg / Formoterol 10microg/dose inh CFCfree
0302000N0AABLBL Fluticasone 50microg / Formoterol 5microg/dose inh CFC free
0302000N0AABPBP Fluticasone 125microg/Formoterol 5microg/dose BA inh CFCfree
0302000N0AABQBQ Fluticasone 50microg/Formoterol 5microg/dose BA inh CFC free
0302000N0BBAAAA Flixotide 50microgram disks with Diskhaler
0302000N0BBACAC Flixotide 100microgram disks with Diskhaler
0302000N0BBAEAE Flixotide 250microgram disks with Diskhaler
0302000N0BBAFAF Flixotide 250microgram disks
0302000N0BBARAR Flixotide 50micrograms/dose Accuhaler
0302000N0BBASAS Flixotide 100micrograms/dose Accuhaler
0302000N0BBATAT Flixotide 250micrograms/dose Accuhaler
0302000N0BBAUAU Flixotide 500micrograms/dose Accuhaler
0302000N0BBAYBA Flixotide 125micrograms/dose Evohaler
0302000N0BBBABC Flixotide 250micrograms/dose Evohaler
0302000N0BBBBBH Flixotide 50micrograms/dose Evohaler
0302000N0BCAAAX Seretide 100 Accuhaler
0302000N0BCABAY Seretide 250 Accuhaler
0302000N0BCACAZ Seretide 500 Accuhaler
0302000N0BCADBE Seretide 50 Evohaler
0302000N0BCAEBF Seretide 125 Evohaler
0302000N0BCAFBG Seretide 250 Evohaler
0302000N0BDAABJ Flutiform 125micrograms/dose / 5micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BDABBK Flutiform 250micrograms/dose / 10micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BDACBL Flutiform 50micrograms/dose / 5micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BDADBP Flutiform K-haler 125microg/dose / 5microg/dose BA inhaler
0302000N0BDAEBQ Flutiform K-haler 50microg/dose / 5microg/dose BA inh
0302000N0BFAABF Sirdupla 25micrograms/dose / 125micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BFABBG Sirdupla 25micrograms/dose / 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BGAAAZ AirFluSal Forspiro 50microg / 500microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0BGABBF AirFluSal 25micrograms/dose / 125micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BGACBG AirFluSal 25micrograms/dose / 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BHAAAZ Aerivio Spiromax 50microg / 500microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0BIAABF Sereflo 25micrograms/dose / 125micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BIABBG Sereflo 25micrograms/dose / 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BJAABF Aloflute 25micrograms/dose / 125micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BJABBG Aloflute 25micrograms/dose / 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BKAAAY Fusacomb Easyhaler 50microg / 250microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0BKABAZ Fusacomb Easyhaler 50microg / 500microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000N0BLAABE Combisal 25micrograms/dose / 50micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BLABBF Combisal 25micrograms/dose / 125micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BLACBG Combisal 25micrograms/dose / 250micrograms/dose inhaler
0302000N0BMAAAZ Stalpex 50microg/dose / 500microg/dose dry powder inh
0302000R0AAAAAA Mometasone 200micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000R0AAACAC Mometasone 400micrograms/dose dry powder inhaler
0302000R0BBAAAA Asmanex 200micrograms/dose Twisthaler
0302000R0BBACAC Asmanex 400micrograms/dose Twisthaler
0302000U0AAAAAA Ciclesonide 80micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000U0AAABAB Ciclesonide 160micrograms/dose inhaler CFC free
0302000U0BBAAAA Alvesco 80 inhaler
0302000U0BBABAB Alvesco 160 inhaler
0302000V0AAAAAA Fluticasone furoate 184microg/Vilanterol 22microg/dose
0302000V0AAABAB Fluticasone furoate 92microg/Vilanterol 22microg/dose
0302000V0BBAAAA Relvar Ellipta 184microg/dose / 22microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000V0BBABAB Relvar Ellipta 92microg/dose / 22microg/dose dry pdr inh
0302000V0BCAAA0 Trelegy Ellipta 92microg/55microg/22microg/dose dry pdr inh
0303010J0AAADAD Nedocromil 2mg/dose inhaler CFC free
0303010J0BBAEAC Tilade 2mg/dose Syncroner with spacer
0303010J0BBAFAD Tilade 2mg/dose inhaler CFC free
0303010Q0AAABAB Sodium cromoglicate 5mg/dose inhaler
0303010Q0AAADAD Sodium cromoglicate 20mg inhalation powder capsules
0303010Q0AAANAN Sodium cromoglicate 5mg/dose inhaler CFC free
0303010Q0BBACAD Intal 20mg Spincaps
0303010Q0BBAFAB Intal 5mg/dose inhaler
0303010Q0BBALAN Intal 5mg/dose inhaler CFC free
0307000R0AAAAAA Mannitol 40mg inhalation powder capsules with two devices
0307000R0BBAAAA Bronchitol 40mg inhalation powder capsules with two devices

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.