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Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
0212000AAAAAAAA Rosuvastatin 10mg tablets
0212000AAAAABAB Rosuvastatin 20mg tablets
0212000AAAAACAC Rosuvastatin 40mg tablets
0212000AAAAADAD Rosuvastatin 5mg tablets
0212000AABBAAAA Crestor 10mg tablets
0212000AABBABAB Crestor 20mg tablets
0212000AABBACAC Crestor 40mg tablets
0212000AABBADAD Crestor 5mg tablets
0212000ACAAAAAA Simvastatin 20mg / Ezetimibe 10mg tablets
0212000ACAAABAB Simvastatin 40mg / Ezetimibe 10mg tablets
0212000ACAAACAC Simvastatin 80mg / Ezetimibe 10mg tablets
0212000ACBBAAAA Inegy 10mg/20mg tablets
0212000ACBBABAB Inegy 10mg/40mg tablets
0212000ACBBACAC Inegy 10mg/80mg tablets
0212000B0AAAAAA Atorvastatin 10mg tablets
0212000B0AAABAB Atorvastatin 20mg tablets
0212000B0AAACAC Atorvastatin 40mg tablets
0212000B0AAADAD Atorvastatin 80mg tablets
0212000B0AAALAL Atorvastatin 10mg chewable tablets sugar free
0212000B0AAAMAM Atorvastatin 20mg chewable tablets sugar free
0212000B0AAANAN Atorvastatin 30mg tablets
0212000B0AAAPAP Atorvastatin 60mg tablets
0212000B0BBAAAA Lipitor 10mg tablets
0212000B0BBABAB Lipitor 20mg tablets
0212000B0BBACAC Lipitor 40mg tablets
0212000B0BBADAD Lipitor 80mg tablets
0212000B0BBAEAL Lipitor 10mg chewable tablets
0212000B0BBAFAM Lipitor 20mg chewable tablets
0212000M0AAAAAA Fluvastatin 20mg capsules
0212000M0AAABAB Fluvastatin 40mg capsules
0212000M0AAADAD Fluvastatin 80mg modified-release tablets
0212000M0BBAAAA Lescol 20mg capsules
0212000M0BBABAB Lescol 40mg capsules
0212000M0BBACAD Lescol XL 80mg tablets
0212000M0BCAAAD Luvinsta XL 80mg tablets
0212000M0BEAAAD Dorisin XL 80mg tablets
0212000M0BFAAAD Stefluvin XL 80mg tablets
0212000M0BGAAAD Nandovar XL 80mg tablets
0212000X0AAAAAA Pravastatin 10mg tablets
0212000X0AAABAB Pravastatin 20mg tablets
0212000X0AAADAD Pravastatin 40mg tablets
0212000X0BBAAAA Lipostat 10mg tablets
0212000X0BBABAB Lipostat 20mg tablets
0212000X0BBACAD Lipostat 40mg tablets
0212000Y0AAAAAA Simvastatin 10mg tablets
0212000Y0AAABAB Simvastatin 20mg tablets
0212000Y0AAADAD Simvastatin 40mg tablets
0212000Y0AAAHAH Simvastatin 80mg tablets
0212000Y0BBAAAA Zocor 10mg tablets
0212000Y0BBABAB Zocor 20mg tablets
0212000Y0BBACAD Zocor 40mg tablets
0212000Y0BBADAH Zocor 80mg tablets
0212000Y0BBAEAA Zocor Heart-Pro 10mg tablets
0212000Y0BDAAAA Simvador 10mg tablets
0212000Y0BDABAB Simvador 20mg tablets
0212000Y0BDACAD Simvador 40mg tablets
0212000Y0BDADAH Simvador 80mg tablets
0212000Y0BEACAD Ranzolont 40mg tablets

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.