Branded eye drops

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Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

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code term
1106000AABBAAAA Alphagan 0.2% eye drops
1106000AABCAAAA Brymont 2mg/ml eye drops
1106000ABBBAAAA Cosopt 20mg/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops
1106000ABBBABAB Cosopt 20mg/ml / 5mg/ml eye dps 0.2ml ud preservative free
1106000ABBBACAC Cosopt iMulti 20mg/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops preservative free
1106000ABBCAAAA Tidomat 20mg/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops
1106000ABBDAAAC Eylamdo 20mg/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops
1106000ACBBAAAA Azopt 10mg/ml eye drops
1106000ADBBAAAA Xalacom eye drops
1106000ADBCAAAA Medox 50micrograms/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops
1106000ADBDAAAB Fixapost 50micrograms/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops 0.2ml unit dose
1106000AEBBAAAA Travatan 40micrograms/ml eye drops
1106000AEBCAAAA Bondulc 40micrograms/ml eye drops
1106000AFBBAAAA Lumigan 300micrograms/ml eye drops
1106000AFBBABAB Lumigan 100micrograms/ml eye drops
1106000AFBBACAC Lumigan 300micrograms/ml eye drops 0.4ml unit dose
1106000AFBCAAAA Sturiban 0.3mg/ml eye drops
1106000AFBDAAAD Eyreida 0.3mg/ml eye drops
1106000AGBBAAAA Combigan eye drops
1106000AHBBAAAA DuoTrav 40micrograms/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops
1106000AIBBAAAA Ganfort 0.3mg/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops
1106000AIBBABAB Ganfort 0.3mg/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops 0.4ml unit dose
1106000AJBBAAAA Azarga 10mg/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops
1106000AKBBAAAA Saflutan 15micrograms/ml eye drops 0.3ml unit dose
1106000AKBBABAB Saflutan 15micrograms/ml eye drops
1106000ALBBAAAA Simbrinza 10mg/ml / 2mg/ml eye drops
1106000AMBBAAAA Taptiqom 15micrograms/ml / 5mg/ml eye drops 0.3ml unit dose
1106000I0BBAAAA Betoptic 0.5% eye drops
1106000I0BBABAB Betoptic 0.25% suspension eye drops
1106000I0BBACAC Betoptic 0.25% eye drops suspension 0.25ml unit dose
1106000K0BBAAAA Teoptic 1% eye drops
1106000K0BBABAB Teoptic 2% eye drops
1106000L0BBAAAA Xalatan 50micrograms/ml eye drops
1106000L0BCAAAB Monopost 50micrograms/ml eye drops 0.2ml unit dose
1106000L0BDAAAA Medizol 0.005% eye drops
1106000P0BBAAAA Trusopt 20mg/ml eye drops
1106000P0BBABAB Trusopt 20mg/ml eye drops 0.2ml unit dose preservative free
1106000P0BCAAAA Dorzant 20mg/ml eye drops
1106000P0BDAAAC Eydelto 20mg/ml eye drops
1106000Q0BBAAAA Propine 0.1% eye drops
1106000T0BBAAAA Betagan 0.5% eye drops
1106000T0BBABAB Betagan Unit Dose 0.5% eye drops 0.4ml unit dose
1106000X0BFAABD Pilogel 4% eye gel
1106000Y0BBACAB Minims pilocarpine nitrate 2% eye drops 0.5ml unit dose
1106000Z0BBAAAA Timoptol 0.25% eye drops
1106000Z0BBABAB Timoptol 0.5% eye drops
1106000Z0BBACAK Timoptol Unit Dose 0.25% ophthalmic solution 0.2ml unit dose
1106000Z0BBADAL Timoptol Unit Dose 0.5% ophthalmic solution 0.2ml unit dose
1106000Z0BBAEAP Timoptol-LA 0.25% ophthalmic gel-forming solution
1106000Z0BBAFAQ Timoptol-LA 0.5% ophthalmic gel-forming solution
1106000Z0BGAAAR Nyogel 0.1% eye gel
1106000Z0BHAAAS Tiopex 1mg/g eye gel 0.4g unit dose
1106000Z0BIAAAT Eysano 2.5mg/ml eye drops
1106000Z0BIABAU Eysano 5mg/ml eye drops

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.