Generic ciclosporin and tacrolimus

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  • 60827a64


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code term
0802020G0AAAAAA Ciclosporin 50mg/1ml solution for infusion ampoules
0802020G0AAACAC Ciclosporin 25mg capsules
0802020G0AAADAD Ciclosporin 100mg capsules
0802020G0AAAEAE Ciclosporin 250mg/5ml solution for infusion ampoules
0802020G0AAAFAF Ciclosporin 50mg capsules
0802020G0AAAGAG Ciclosporin 100mg/ml oral solution sugar free
0802020G0AAAHAH Ciclosporin 10mg capsules
0802020T0AAAAAA Tacrolimus 5mg capsules
0802020T0AAABAB Tacrolimus 1mg capsules
0802020T0AAACAC Tacrolimus 5mg/1ml solution for infusion ampoules
0802020T0AAAFAF Tacrolimus 500microgram capsules
0802020T0AAAGAG Tacrolimus 2.5mg/5ml oral liquid
0802020T0AAAKAK Tacrolimus 2mg/5ml oral suspension
0802020T0AAALAL Tacrolimus 5mg/5ml oral suspension
0802020T0AAAMAM Tacrolimus 500microgram modified-release capsules
0802020T0AAANAN Tacrolimus 1mg modified-release capsules
0802020T0AAAPAP Tacrolimus 5mg modified-release capsules
0802020T0AAARAR Tacrolimus 500micrograms/5ml oral suspension
0802020T0AAASAS Tacrolimus 25mg/5ml oral liquid
0802020T0AAATAT Tacrolimus 3mg modified-release capsules
0802020T0AAAVAV Tacrolimus 200microgram granules sachets sugar free
0802020T0AAAWAW Tacrolimus 1mg granules sachets sugar free
0802020T0AABCBC Tacrolimus 1mg modified-release tablets
0802020T0AABDBD Tacrolimus 750microgram modified-release tablets
0802020T0AABEBE Tacrolimus 4mg modified-release tablets
0802020T0AABFBF Tacrolimus 750microgram capsules
0802020T0AABGBG Tacrolimus 2mg capsules

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