High dose opioids

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Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
0407020A0AAAFAF Fentanyl 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0AAAGAG Fentanyl 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0AAAHAH Fentanyl 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BBABAF Durogesic 50micrograms transdermal patches
0407020A0BBACAG Durogesic 75micrograms transdermal patches
0407020A0BBADAH Durogesic 100micrograms transdermal patches
0407020A0BBAJAF Durogesic DTrans 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BBAKAG Durogesic DTrans 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BBALAH Durogesic DTrans 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BDABAF Tilofyl 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BDACAG Tilofyl 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BDADAH Tilofyl 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BEACAF Matrifen 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BEADAG Matrifen 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BEAEAH Matrifen 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BFACAF Mezolar Matrix 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BFADAG Mezolar Matrix 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BFAEAH Mezolar Matrix 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BGABAF Fentalis Reservoir 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BGACAG Fentalis Reservoir 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BGADAH Fentalis Reservoir 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BHABAF Osmach 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BHACAG Osmach 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BHADAH Osmach 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BLABAF Osmanil 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BLACAG Osmanil 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BLADAH Osmanil 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BMABAF Victanyl 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BMACAG Victanyl 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BMADAH Victanyl 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BQACAF Fencino 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BQADAG Fencino 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BQAEAH Fencino 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BRACAG Opiodur 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches (Pfizer)
0407020A0BRADAH Opiodur 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches (Pfizer)
0407020A0BRAEAF Opiodur 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches (Pfizer)
0407020A0BRAHAF Opiodur 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches (RX Farma)
0407020A0BRAIAG Opiodur 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches (RX Farma)
0407020A0BRAJAH Opiodur 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches (RX Farma)
0407020A0BUACAF Mylafent 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BUADAG Mylafent 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BUAEAH Mylafent 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BVACAF Yemex 50micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BVADAG Yemex 75micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020A0BVAEAH Yemex 100micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020ADAAAHAH Oxycodone 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADAAAIAI Oxycodone 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADAAAPAP Oxycodone 120mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADAAAQAQ Oxycodone 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBCACAH OxyContin 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBCADAI OxyContin 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBCAFAP OxyContin 120mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBCAGAQ OxyContin 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBDADAH Carexil 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBDAEAI Carexil 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBEADAH Longtec 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBEAEAI Longtec 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBEAFAP Longtec 120mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBEAIAQ Longtec 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBFADAH Oxylan 40mg modified-release tablets (Chanelle Medical)
0407020ADBFAEAI Oxylan 80mg modified-release tablets (Chanelle Medical)
0407020ADBKADAH Reltebon 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBKAEAI Reltebon 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBKAHAQ Reltebon 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBLABAI Oxeltra 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBLADAQ Oxeltra 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBLAEAH Oxeltra 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBMAEAH Abtard 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBMAGAQ Abtard 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBMAHAI Abtard 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBNAAAI Zomestine 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBNABAH Zomestine 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBPAEAH Leveraxo 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBPAFAQ Leveraxo 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBPAGAI Leveraxo 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBQACAH Onexila XL 40mg tablets
0407020ADBQADAI Onexila XL 80mg tablets
0407020ADBRAFAH Renocontin 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBRAGAQ Renocontin 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBSAFAH Oxypro 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBSAGAQ Oxypro 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBSAHAI Oxypro 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBTAFAH Ixyldone 40mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBTAGAQ Ixyldone 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020ADBTAHAI Ixyldone 80mg modified-release tablets
0407020AFAAADAD Oxycodone 40mg / Naloxone 20mg modified-release tablets
0407020AFBBADAD Targinact 40mg/20mg modified-release tablets
0407020AGAAAFAF Tapentadol 200mg modified-release tablets
0407020AGAAAGAG Tapentadol 250mg modified-release tablets
0407020AGBBAFAF Palexia SR 200mg tablets
0407020AGBBAGAG Palexia SR 250mg tablets
0407020B0AAAFAF Buprenorphine 52.5micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0AAAGAG Buprenorphine 70micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BDABAF Transtec 52.5micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BDACAG Transtec 70micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BGABAF Hapoctasin 52.5micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BGACAG Hapoctasin 70micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BIABAF Bupeaze 52.5micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BIACAG Bupeaze 70micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BJABAF Prenotrix 52.5micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BJACAG Prenotrix 70micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BNABAF Buplast 52.5micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BNACAG Buplast 70micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BPABAF Relevtec 52.5micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BPACAG Relevtec 70micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BSABAF Turgeon 52.5micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BSACAG Turgeon 70micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BTABAF Carlosafine 52.5micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020B0BTACAG Carlosafine 70micrograms/hour transdermal patches
0407020Q0AAAGAG Morphine 200mg modified-release tablets
0407020Q0AAAHAH Morphine 100mg modified-release tablets
0407020Q0AAAIAI Morphine 60mg modified-release tablets
0407020Q0AADCDC Morphine 60mg modified-release granules sachets sugar free
0407020Q0AADDDD Morphine 100mg modified-release granules sachets sugar free
0407020Q0AADEDE Morphine 200mg modified-release granules sachets sugar free
0407020Q0AADUDU Morphine 90mg modified-release capsules
0407020Q0AADVDV Morphine 120mg modified-release capsules
0407020Q0AADWDW Morphine 150mg modified-release capsules
0407020Q0AAEBEB Morphine 100mg modified-release capsules
0407020Q0AAEHEH Morphine 60mg modified-release capsules
0407020Q0AAEIEI Morphine 200mg modified-release capsules
0407020Q0BBACAI MST Continus 60mg tablets
0407020Q0BBADAH MST Continus 100mg tablets
0407020Q0BBAEAG MST Continus 200mg tablets
0407020Q0BBAHDC MST Continus suspension 60mg granules sachets
0407020Q0BBAIDD MST Continus suspension 100mg granules sachets
0407020Q0BBAJDE MST Continus suspension 200mg granules sachets
0407020Q0BIADDV MXL 120mg capsules
0407020Q0BIAEDW MXL 150mg capsules
0407020Q0BIAFEI MXL 200mg capsules
0407020Q0BJACEB Morcap SR 100mg capsules
0407020Q0BKACEH Zomorph 60mg modified-release capsules
0407020Q0BKADEB Zomorph 100mg modified-release capsules
0407020Q0BKAEEI Zomorph 200mg modified-release capsules
0407020Q0BMACAI Filnarine SR 60mg tablets
0407020Q0BMADAH Filnarine SR 100mg tablets
0407020Q0BMAEAG Filnarine SR 200mg tablets
0407020Q0BNACAI Morphgesic SR 60mg tablets
0407020Q0BNADAH Morphgesic SR 100mg tablets

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.