Symptoms: delirium

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Code list aiming to identify individuals consulting complaining of delirium.


Identified from intial search terms outside of OpenCodelists: "delirium" "deliri" "disorienta" "confus"

Clearly irrelevant codes excluded (not reviewed by a second clinician)

Candidate codelist uploaded to OpenCodelists for review of candidate codes.

Excluded delirium caused by specific causes (e.g., drugs, alcohol). Excluded confusion and disorientation, as difficult to establish whether these would be reversible (needed for definition of delirium).

Signed off by

  • Kate Mansfield, (Dec. 1, 2022)
  • Caroline Morton, (Dec. 1, 2022)

Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
10349009 Multi-infarct dementia with delirium
10361001 Exhaustion delirium
130987000 Acute confusion
139929008 O/E - delirious
142011000119109 Alzheimer's disease co-occurrent with delirium
154849006 Senile dementia with delirium
154859007 Delirium
162703005 On examination - delirious
191452002 Presenile dementia with delirium
191461002 Senile dementia with delirium
191506006 Acute confusional state NOS
191507002 Subacute delirium
192183008 [X]Delirium not superimposed on dementia, so described
192184002 [X]Delirium superimposed on dementia
192185001 [X] Delirium: [mixed origin] or[other]
192186000 [X]Delirium, unspecified
231440006 Delirium of mixed origin
231441005 Delirium
268677005 [X]Other delirium
2776000 Delirium
281793005 Intermittent confusion
286933003 Confusional state
363786006 Acute confusion
386255004 Delirium management
402771000000101 [X]Delirium superimposed on dementia
414751000000103 [X]Delirium, unspecified
419567006 Delirious
426771000000107 [X]Other delirium
470731000000107 [X] Delirium: [mixed origin] or[other]
471881000000106 [X]Delirium not superimposed on dementia, so described
4817008 Primary degenerative dementia of the Alzheimer type, senile onset, with delirium
621191000000103 Acute confusional state NOS
65096006 Primary degenerative dementia of the Alzheimer type, presenile onset, with delirium
724746000 Delirium due to multiple etiological factors
725898002 Delirium co-occurrent with dementia
823991000000108 Delirium care

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.