Chronic Liver disease codes

Coding system
PRIMIS Covid Vaccination Uptake Reporting
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  • v1


Taken from the CLD_COD field in SARS-CoV2 COVID19 Vaccination Uptake Reporting Codes 20_21 v1, published by PRIMIS.

© PRIMIS - the University of Nottingham 2021

code term
10295004 Chronic viral hepatitis
103611000119102 Cirrhosis of liver due to hepatitis B
10690671000119109 Stage 3 hepatic fibrosis
109819003 Obstructive biliary cirrhosis
1116000 Chronic aggressive type B viral hepatitis
11179002 Glycogen storage disease, type IV
111891008 Viral hepatitis B without hepatic coma
123604002 Toxic cirrhosis
123605001 Nutritional cirrhosis
123607009 Septal fibrosis of liver
12368000 Secondary biliary cirrhosis
123716002 Latent cirrhosis
123717006 Advanced cirrhosis
125921000119106 Hepatic coma due to acute hepatitis C
128241005 Inflammatory disease of liver
128302006 Chronic hepatitis C
1287007 Congenital absence of bile duct
146371000119104 Hepatic coma due to chronic hepatitis C
1512006 Congenital stricture of bile duct
153091000119109 Hepatic coma due to chronic hepatitis B with delta agent
154211000119108 Chronic pancreatitis due to chronic alcoholism
15978003 Glycogen storage disease, muscular form
15999000 Mixed micro and macronodular cirrhosis
16060001 Hepatic coma due to viral hepatitis A
16070004 Syphilitic cirrhosis
174425003 Orthotopic liver transplant
174426002 Heterotopic liver transplant
174427006 Replacement of previous liver transplant
1761006 Biliary cirrhosis
18027006 Transplantation of liver
186273003 Tuberculosis of liver
186624004 Hepatic coma due to acute hepatitis B with delta agent
186626002 Acute hepatitis B with delta-agent (coinfection) without hepatic coma
186628001 Hepatic coma due to viral hepatitis C
186639003 Chronic viral hepatitis B without delta-agent
190944000 Alpha-1-antitrypsin hepatitis
192008 Congenital syphilitic hepatomegaly
197279005 Cirrhosis and chronic liver disease
197291001 Unilobular portal cirrhosis
197293003 Diffuse nodular cirrhosis
197294009 Fatty portal cirrhosis
197296006 Capsular portal cirrhosis
197299004 Pigmentary portal cirrhosis
197300007 Pipestem portal cirrhosis
197301006 Toxic portal cirrhosis
197303009 Bacterial portal cirrhosis
197305002 Syphilitic portal cirrhosis
197310003 Biliary cirrhosis of children
197316009 Portal fibrosis without cirrhosis
197321007 Steatosis of liver
197324004 Liver abscess and sequelae of chronic liver disease
197348008 Hepatitis in secondary syphilis
197355005 Toxic liver disease with cholestasis
197356006 Toxic liver disease with hepatic necrosis
197359004 Toxic liver disease with chronic persistent hepatitis
197360009 Toxic liver disease with chronic lobular hepatitis
197361008 Toxic liver disease with chronic active hepatitis
197362001 Toxic liver disease with fibrosis and cirrhosis of liver
197367007 Hepatic granulomas in berylliosis
197368002 Hepatic granulomas in sarcoidosis
197441003 Primary sclerosing cholangitis
197442005 Secondary sclerosing cholangitis
19943007 Cirrhosis of liver
204781002 Congenital absence of hepatic ducts
204782009 Atresia of hepatic ducts
204787003 Congenital absence of liver and/or gallbladder
213153001 Liver transplant failure and rejection
213230009 Hepatic failure as a complication of care
213231008 Hepatorenal syndrome as a complication of care
21861000 Micronodular cirrhosis
22508003 Hepatic failure due to a procedure
22846003 Hepatorenal syndrome following delivery
234689009 Relapsing pancreatitis
235458006 Exploration of liver transplant
235494005 Chronic pancreatitis
235865005 Hepatitis D superinfection of hepatitis B carrier
235869004 Chronic viral hepatitis B with hepatitis D
235870003 Chronic non-A non-B hepatitis
235877000 Ischemic hepatitis
235880004 Alcoholic fibrosis and sclerosis of liver
235881000 Alcoholic hepatic failure
235884008 Fulminant hepatic failure
235885009 Subfulminant hepatic failure
235886005 Chronic hepatic failure
235890007 Autoimmune liver disease
235895002 Laennec's cirrhosis, non-alcoholic
235896001 Infectious cirrhosis
235897005 Hypoxia-associated cirrhosis
235898000 Pericellular fibrosis of congenital syphilis
235899008 Hepatic sclerosis
235900003 Portal and splenic vein sclerosis
235901004 Hepatic fibrosis with hepatic sclerosis
235902006 Intrahepatic phlebosclerosis and fibrosis
235903001 Metabolic and genetic disorder affecting the liver
235908005 Glycogen storage disease type IX
235909002 Antichymotrypsin deficiency-alpha-1
235910007 Liver transplant disorder
235911006 Liver transplant rejection
235912004 Liver transplant failure
235916001 Ichthyosis congenita with biliary atresia
235917005 Sclerosing cholangitis
235951009 Gallstone chronic pancreatitis
235952002 Alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis
235953007 Idiopathic chronic pancreatitis
235954001 Obstructive chronic pancreatitis
235955000 Drug-induced chronic pancreatitis
235956004 Familial chronic pancreatitis
237964009 Glycogen synthase deficiency
237965005 Phosphate transport defect
237966006 Glucose transport defect
240792005 Symmer's pipe-stem fibrosis
253807009 Intrahepatic biliary atresia
253808004 Congenital kink of cystic duct
26206000 Hepatic coma due to viral hepatitis B
266468003 Cirrhosis - non-alcoholic
266469006 Multilobular portal cirrhosis
266470007 Cardiac portal cirrhosis
266471006 Juvenile portal cirrhosis
267424007 Generalized glycogenosis
271440004 Cirrhosis secondary to cholestasis
27156006 Posthepatitic cirrhosis
27280000 Liver transplant with recipient hepatectomy
274864009 Glycogen storage disease, type II
276668008 Congenital non-A non-B hepatitis infection
276723008 Intrahepatic biliary hypoplasia
278929008 Congenital hepatitis C infection
28009009 Liver transplant without recipient hepatectomy
281095009 Congenital stricture of common bile duct
281388009 Human immunodeficiency virus-related sclerosing cholangitis
29291001 Glycogen storage disease, type VI
29633007 Glycogen storage disease
297251003 Glycogen phosphorylase kinase deficiency, X-linked
297252005 Glycogen phosphorylase kinase deficiency, autosomal recessive
297253000 Cardiac glycogen phosphorylase kinase deficiency
297254006 Hepatic and muscle glycogen phosphorylase kinase deficiency
297255007 Hepatic glycogen phosphorylase kinase deficiency
301009006 Calcific chronic pancreatitis
30102006 Glucose-6-phosphate transport defect
30188007 Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency
308129003 Esophageal varices in cirrhosis of the liver
309783001 Esophageal varices in alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver
31005002 Hepatorenal syndrome due to a procedure
314963000 Local recurrence of malignant tumor of liver
31712002 Primary biliary cholangitis
31742004 Arteriohepatic dysplasia
328383001 Chronic liver disease
33144001 Parasitic cirrhosis
33167004 Complication of transplanted liver
34736002 Chronic passive congestion of liver
34742003 Portal hypertension
347891000119103 Chronic hepatitis C with stage 3 fibrosis
3650004 Congenital absence of liver
367406009 Deficiency of alpha-dextrin endo-1,6-alpha-glucosidase
36760000 Hepatosplenomegaly
370492003 Copper storage associated hepatitis
371139006 Early cirrhosis
37666005 Glycogen storage disease type X
37688005 Clonorchiasis with biliary cirrhosis
38662009 Chronic persistent type B viral hepatitis
397575003 Viral hepatitis, type G
406584008 Non-A, non-B, non-C hepatitis
407000 Congenital hepatomegaly
40946000 Hepatic coma due to viral hepatitis
41309000 Alcoholic liver damage
41527003 Glycogen storage disease type VIII
419097006 Danon disease
419728003 Portal cirrhosis
420054005 Alcoholic cirrhosis
424099008 Hepatic coma due to acute hepatitis B
424340000 Hepatic coma due to chronic hepatitis B
425413006 Drug-induced cirrhosis of liver
426356008 Orthotopic transplantation of whole liver
427022004 Liver disease due to cystic fibrosis
427044009 Fulminant hepatitis
428198008 Transplantation of hepatocytes
431222008 Acute rejection of liver transplant
432772009 Hyperacute rejection of liver transplant
432777003 Accelerated rejection of liver transplant
432908002 Chronic rejection of liver transplant
43904005 Macronodular cirrhosis
44047000 Zieve's syndrome
442134007 Hepatitis B associated with Human immunodeficiency virus infection
442191002 Steatohepatitis
442374005 Hepatitis B and hepatitis C
444707001 Glycogen storage disease type Ia
444918006 Sequela of chronic liver disease
44553005 Dubin-Johnson syndrome
446698005 Reactivation of hepatitis B viral hepatitis
450880008 Chronic hepatitis E
45256007 Cruveilhier-Baumgarten syndrome
459062008 Fatal congenital nonlysosomal heart glycogenosis
50167007 Chronic active type B viral hepatitis
50711007 Viral hepatitis type C
51038004 Congenital obstruction of bile duct
51292008 Hepatorenal syndrome
53425008 Anicteric type B viral hepatitis
536002 Glissonian cirrhosis
55912009 Glycogen storage disease, type V
5667009 Hunter's syndrome, mild form
59927004 Hepatic failure
60037002 Chronic persistent viral hepatitis
60498001 Congenital viral hepatitis B infection
6075009 Glycogen storage disease, hepatic form
61598006 Glycogenosis with glucoaminophosphaturia
6183001 Indian childhood cirrhosis
61977001 Chronic type B viral hepatitis
62216007 Familial arthrogryposis-cholestatic hepatorenal syndrome
62484002 Hepatic fibrosis
66071002 Viral hepatitis type B
66870002 Chronic active viral hepatitis
66937008 Glycogen storage disease, type III
68094008 Congenital hypoplasia of bile duct
698305006 Awaiting transplantation of liver
699189004 North American Indian childhood cirrhosis
702777009 Liver transplant recipient
703866000 Chronic hepatitis C with stage 2 fibrosis
704201006 Liver transplant planned
707341005 Viral hepatitis type D
70737009 Mucopolysaccharidosis type II
707420003 Portal hypertension due to cystic fibrosis
707551007 Pulmonary interstitial glycogenosis
708198006 Chronic active hepatitis C
708248004 End stage liver disease
709561006 Periodontitis co-occurrent with glycogen storage disease
7111000119109 Viral hepatitis type E
713181003 Chronic alcoholic liver disease
713370005 Acute on chronic alcoholic liver disease
713529007 Steatosis of liver caused by retroviral protease inhibitor
713542007 Portal hypertension caused by antiretroviral drug
713965007 Sclerosis of portal vein and splenic vein caused by antiretroviral drug
713966008 Occult chronic type B viral hepatitis
715401008 Primary biliary cirrhosis co-occurrent with systemic scleroderma
715864007 Non-Wilsonian hepatic copper toxicosis of infancy and childhood
716203000 Decompensated cirrhosis of liver
717156002 Biliary atresia with splenic malformation syndrome
717187000 Nephronophthisis hepatic fibrosis syndrome
717821004 Glycogen storage disease with severe cardiomyopathy due to glycogenin deficiency
719452004 Congenital bronchobiliary fistula
720394008 Congenital tracheobiliary fistula
721099001 Adult polyglucosan body disease
721710005 Fibrosis of liver caused by alcohol
721847002 Joubert syndrome with congenital hepatic fibrosis
722302009 Glycogen storage disease type II infantile onset
722343009 Glycogen storage disease type II late onset
722867009 Idiopathic portal hypertension
722870008 Immunoglobulin G4-related sclerosing cholangitis
722871007 Groove pancreatitis
723360007 Familial hypercholanemia
723583009 Steroid dehydrogenase deficiency and dental anomaly syndrome
724278007 Neonatal sclerosing cholangitis, ichthyosis, hypotrichosis syndrome
724540009 Tropical calcific chronic pancreatitis
724766009 Chorea co-occurrent and due to Wilson disease
725026008 Hepatic glycogen synthase deficiency
725027004 Muscle and heart glycogen synthase deficiency
725416005 Cardiomyopathy co-occurrent and due to cirrhosis of liver
725938001 Cirrhosis of liver caused by methotrexate
725939009 Cirrhosis of liver caused by amiodarone
725940006 Cirrhosis of liver caused by methyldopa
7265005 Glycogen storage disease, type I
72925005 Congenital cystic disease of liver
73146005 Hunter's syndrome, severe form
73475009 Hepatogenous chronic copper poisoning
735451005 Chronic infection caused by Hepatitis D virus
735733008 Cirrhosis of liver co-occurrent and due to primary sclerosing cholangitis
737202006 Fibropolycystic disease of liver
737297006 Transplanted liver present
74669004 Cardiac cirrhosis
74973004 Chronic fibrosing pancreatitis
76301009 Florid cirrhosis
764962002 Hepatoencephalopathy due to combined oxidative phosphorylation defect type 1
767291004 Chronic pancreatitis due to acute alcohol intoxication
767809001 Chronic hepatitis C caused by hepatitis C virus genotype 6
767810006 Chronic hepatitis C caused by hepatitis C virus genotype 5
768006009 Chronic hepatitis C caused by Hepatitis C virus genotype 3
768125005 Chronic hepatitis C caused by Hepatitis C virus genotype 2
768126006 Chronic hepatitis C caused by Hepatitis C virus genotype 4
768127002 Chronic hepatitis C caused by Hepatitis C virus genotype 1
768288001 Chronic hepatitis C caused by Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b
768289009 Chronic hepatitis C caused by Hepatitis C virus genotype 1a
771149000 Hepatic fibrosis, renal cyst, intellectual disability syndrome
773415005 Contiguous ABCD1 DXS1357E deletion syndrome
773584001 Muscular hypertrophy, hepatomegaly, polyhydramnios syndrome
773737004 Nephrocystin 3-related Meckel-like syndrome
774148007 Polyglucosan body myopathy type 1
774151000 Ferro-cerebro-cutaneous syndrome
77480004 Congenital biliary atresia
776981000000103 Cirrhosis associated with cystic fibrosis
78208005 Pigment cirrhosis
782771007 Mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid depletion syndrome hepatocerebrorenal form
783734000 Mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid depletion syndrome, hepatocerebral form due to deoxyguanosine kinase deficiency
784346006 Navajo neurohepatopathy
79607001 Congenital hepatic fibrosis
79720007 Chronic nonalcoholic liver disease
80378000 Neonatal hepatosplenomegaly
80770009 Secondary syphilis of liver
819953000 Glycogen storage disease due to muscle phosphorylase kinase deficiency
824841000000105 Hepatitis C genotype 1
824851000000108 Hepatitis C genotype 2
824871000000104 Hepatitis C genotype 3
824881000000102 Hepatitis C genotype 4
824891000000100 Hepatitis C genotype 5
824901000000104 Hepatitis C genotype 6
82821008 Congenital atresia of extrahepatic bile duct
831000119103 Cirrhosis of liver due to chronic hepatitis C
838305005 Benign intrahepatic cholestasis type 1
838375006 Chronic infectious pancreatitis
838377003 Chronic hepatitis C co-occurrent with human immunodeficiency virus infection
838380002 Chronic hepatitis B co-occurrent with hepatitis C and hepatitis D
853761000000103 Living donor liver transplantation
86028001 Syphilis of liver
860858001 Glycogen storage disease due to muscle pyruvate kinase deficiency
860860004 Glycogen storage disease type IXB
863957008 Chronic necrosis of liver
86454000 Postnecrotic cirrhosis
870517000 Periportal fibrosis
871619002 Cirrhosis of liver due to and following cardiac procedure
88518009 Wilson's disease
89580002 Cryptogenic cirrhosis
89597008 Glycogen storage disease, type VII
89789003 Chronic aggressive viral hepatitis
96601000119101 Aftercare for liver transplant done

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.