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PRIMIS Covid Vaccination Uptake Reporting
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Taken from the RESIDE_COD fields in SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Vaccine Uptake Reporting Codes v.1.5.3


Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
1024771000000108 Lives in hospice
105526001 Homeless family
105530003 Living in residential institution
1095421000000107 Living temporarily with friends
113165003 Duplex home living
11762561000119103 Assisted living facility patient
1240291000000104 Living temporarily in care home
160700001 Homeless single person
160712002 Multiple occupancy
160724009 Independent housing, not alone
160729004 Lives in sheltered housing
160732001 Resident in part III accommodation
160734000 Lives in a nursing home
160736003 Lives in a welfare home
160737007 Lives in an old peoples home
160738002 Lives in a children's home
160744003 Lives in bed and breakfast accommodation
160745002 Lives in lodgings
160746001 Lives in a bedsit
160750008 Rehoused
160936008 Houseowner - no mortgage
160937004 Houseowner with mortgage
160938009 House rented from council
160939001 House rented from housing association
160940004 House rented from private landlord
160943002 Lives in own home
16094681000119103 Long term custodial care facility patient
161036002 Housing adequate
161056001 In care
165811000000108 Lives on private site
165821000000102 Lives on council site
176721000000106 Lives on unofficial site
224211003 Does not own home
224212005 Home owned by family member
224213000 Lives in rented accommodation
224214006 Lives in furnished rented accommodation
224215007 Lives in unfurnished rented accommodation
224216008 Lives under a landlady scheme
224217004 Lives in tied accommodation
224218009 Lives in hotel
224219001 Lives in independent group home
224220007 Lives in supported home
224221006 Lives in warden controlled accommodation
224222004 Lives in accommodation with resident warden
224223009 Lives in accommodation with visiting warden
224224003 Lives in staffed home
224225002 Lives in hospital
224226001 No fixed abode
224228000 Living rough
224229008 Sleeping out
224231004 Sleeping in night shelter
224232006 Sleeping at friends home
224233001 Sleeping in vehicle
224234007 Home repossessed
224250004 Satisfactory living conditions
242701000000102 Lives in flat
242711000000100 Lives in house
242721000000106 Lives in mobile home
247521000000104 Living in temporary housing
248171000000108 Lives in care home
26533002 Apartment building living
266935003 Housing lack
266939009 Lives in residential hostel
266940006 Lives in squat
270469004 Lives in warden attended accommodation
287291000000105 Lives in a children's unit
29461000119100 Adult foster home living
302145009 Owns own home
309681005 Lives in furnished rented flat
309683008 Slum housing
32911000 Homeless
365509003 Finding of housing ownership and tenure
365510008 Finding of temporary shelter arrangements
381751000000106 Sofa surfer - person of no fixed abode
394923006 Lives in a residential home
406132007 Living temporarily with relatives
412769006 Lives in mother and baby unit
414418009 Housed
429063000 Lives in bungalow
443314009 Lives as illegal tenant
491751000000100 Lives in local authority rented accommodation
491761000000102 Lives in housing association rented accommodation
5549007 Living in temporary quarters
60585007 Slum area living
609239004 Lives in noninstitutional accommodation
609240002 Lives in ground floor apartment
609243000 Lives in semidetached house
609244006 Lives in terraced house
609245007 Lives in detached house
65421000 Living in tent
67972000 Single home living
700209003 Lives on boat
70147002 Living in trailer
71092004 Living in retirement community
82876001 Living in mobile home
864131000000100 Living in refuge
979501000000100 Lives in Extra Care housing

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.