Albumin tests (level)

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UK Renal Registry
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code term
1000941000000101 Albumin excretion rate
1003301000000109 Urine albumin level
1010251000000109 Urine microalbumin level
994621000000103 Urine microalbumin profile

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code: 1000941000000101

Included 1 out of 2 matching concepts.

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  • Albumin excretion rate (1000941000000101)
  • Overnight albumin excretion rate (1002901000000100)

code: 1003301000000109

Included 3 out of 5 matching concepts.

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  • 24 hour urine albumin output (1019891000000109)
  • Urine albumin level (1003301000000109)
  • Urine methaemalbumin level (1021401000000107)
  • Urine microalbumin level (1010251000000109)
  • Urine microalbumin profile (994621000000103)