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Below, you'll find all the codelists we have used in OpenSAFELY research to date.

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Sodium tests (numerical value) SNOMED CT

A SNOMED CT codelist for patients receiving monitoring of sodium levels, with a numerical value.

Published by OpenSAFELY
Solid Organ Transplantation CTV3

Codes indicating solid organ transplantion (receptient only) has been carried out

Published by OpenSAFELY
Solid Organ Transplantation (SNOMED) SNOMED CT

Automatically-generated equivalent of Solid Organ Transplantation

Published by OpenSAFELY
Spironolactone dm+d

This codelist contains spironolactone preparations.

Published by OpenSAFELY
Statin Medication dm+d

A list of statin preparations at VMP and AMP from the NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices.

Published by OpenSAFELY

Automatically-generated equivalent of Stroke

Published by OpenSAFELY
Stroke (deprecated) CTV3

DEPRECATED due to presence of Read 2 codes, and missing CTV3 codes, the corrected version is:

Codes indicating stroke (both haemorrhagic and ischaemic).

Published by OpenSAFELY
Stroke (updated) CTV3

An updated version of, which contained some stray unmapped Read 2 codes.

The original codelist had 49 Read 2 codes. These are replaced by 127 CTV3 codes.

Published by OpenSAFELY
Stroke Secondary Care ICD-10

Stroke ICD-10 codes.

Published by OpenSAFELY
Structured Medication Review - NHS England SNOMED CT

SNOMED code to support NHS England Structured Medication Review Service.

Published by OpenSAFELY
Sulfasalazine (oral) BNF
Published by OpenSAFELY
Sulfasalazine-oral (dmd) dm+d

Oral sulfasalazine preparation in dm+d

Published by OpenSAFELY
Surgery Emergency OPCS-4 codes WITHOUT complication codes OPCS-4

This is a list of all the emergency OPCS-4 codes (as defined by RCS priority groups 1a and 1b), excluding the complication OPCS-4 codes for amputations, dislocations, compartment syndrome and washouts

Published by OpenSAFELY
Surgery emergency and immediate procedure OPCS-4 codes OPCS-4

OPCS-4 codes indicating an emergency or immediate procedure. Can be used in addition to primary procedure code

Published by OpenSAFELY
Surgery for peripheral artery disease CTV3

DEFINITION: Surgery for peripheral artery disease

Variables: (1) a binary variable denoting the presence of one of the codes at any point in the patient record. (2) the earliest date of such a code.

Published by OpenSAFELY