OpenSAFELY codelists

Venous thromboembolism (current) by type - secondary care and mortality data ICD-10

ICD-10 codelist for any history of venous thromboembolism.

This differs from the existing OpenSAFELY codelist incident VTE by including codes that specify the event occured during pregnancy or post partum, and post thrombotic syndrome, and by further clarifying type (site) of VTE.

Vitamin D Prescription BNF

Codelist created by Liang-Yu Lin using the SNOMED - BNF mapping tool provided by NHS for publication '"The Association between Vitamin D and Incident Herpes Zoster: A UK Biobank Study"

Warfarin dm+d

This is a codelist to identify all warfarin preparations in the NHS dictionary of medicines and devices.


Returns body weight measurements.

Worms CTV3

CTV3 (READ V3) codelist for Worms

chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) CTV3

CTV3 codelist for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (no corresponding ICD-10 codes found)

diabetes-exeter-group CTV3

Codes for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

ethnicity (SNOMED) SNOMED CT

A SNOMED UK ethnicity category codelist

6 categories*, labels are:

  • 1 - White
  • 2 - Mixed
  • 3 - Asian or Asian British
  • 4 - Black or Black British
  • 5 - Chinese or Other Ethnic Groups

16 categories, labels are:

  • 1 - White - British
  • 2 - White - Irish
  • 3 - White - Any other White background
  • 4 - Mixed - White and Black Caribbean
  • 5 - Mixed - White and Black African
  • 6 - Mixed - White and Asian
  • 7 - Mixed - Any other mixed background
  • 8 - Asian or Asian British - Indian
  • 9 - Asian or Asian British - Pakistani
  • 10 - Asian or Asian British - Bangladeshi
  • 11 - Asian or Asian British - Any other Asian background
  • 12 - Black or Black British - Caribbean
  • 13 - Black or Black British - African
  • 14 - Black or Black British - Any other Black background
  • 15 - Other Ethnic Groups - Chinese
  • 16 - Other Ethnic Groups - Any other ethnic group

*The full 6 Group Categories includes "6 - Not stated" which was not included in our codelist

hazardous alcohol drinking CTV3

Codes that indicate hazardous alcohol drinking behavior. Future studies that require to specify ex-drinker and current-drinker need to revisit and review this codelist.

incident heart failure CTV3
incident-venous-thromboembolic-disease CTV3

Codes to define incident cases of venous thromboemolic disease.

peripheral arterial disease CTV3

Codes that indicate incident or history of peripheral arterial disease.

This is used for calculating the CHAD2S2-VASc score.

severe and profound learning disability flags CTV3

This is a list of generic codes which record the presence of a severe or profound learning disability, flagged as such in a patient's records separately to their underlying diagnosis.

sick-notes-ctv3 CTV3
sick-notes-snomed SNOMED CT