Antiphospholipid syndrome

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Codes that indicate incident or history of antiphospholipid syndrome


These codes were mapped first in SNOMED using the opencodelist builder. The search terms used were:

  • antiphospholipid syndrome
  • hughes syndrome
  • lupus

Though a broad search term, "lupus" was included to capture codes such as Lupus anticoagulant positive". Lupus anticoagulant is synonymous with the detection of antiphospholipid antibodies which is seen in antiphospholipid syndrome. 12 codes were identified in SNOMED.

The codes were discussed by 2 practicing clinicians and 1 epidemiologist. A summary of the discussion is available on the github issue below.

These codes were mapped to CTV3 which resulted in 8 codes. One extra TPP CTV3 code was identified from Tree which resulted in 9 codes in total.


Signed off by

  • Angel Wong, (Dec. 8, 2020)
  • Laurie Tomlinson, (Dec. 8, 2020)

Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
X704i Antiphospholipid syndrome
X704j Primary antiphospholipid syndrome
X704k Primary antiphosph syndrome with organ/system involvement
X704l Prim antiphosph syndrome with multisystem involvement
X704m Secondary antiphospholipid syndrome
X704n Secondary antiphospholip synd with organ/system involvement
X704o Secondary antiphospholipid syndrome with multisystem involv
XaaPR Lupus anticoagulant positive
Y2546 Hughes syndrome (Antiphospholipid syndrome)

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.