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BNF codelists for azathioprine.


This codelist is a psudeoBNF codelist derived from our DMARDs codelist. The dm+d version of this codelist for use in OpenSAFELY is available here


Signed off by

  • Brian MacKenna, (March 4, 2021)
  • Richard Croker, (March 4, 2021)
code term
0802010G0 Azathioprine
0802010G0AA Azathioprine
0802010G0AAAAAA Azathioprine 50mg powder for solution for injection vials
0802010G0AAADAD Azathioprine 25mg tablets
0802010G0AAAEAE Azathioprine 50mg tablets
0802010G0AAAHAH Azathioprine 10mg capsules
0802010G0AAAPAP Azathioprine 50mg/5ml oral solution
0802010G0AAAQAQ Azathioprine 40mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AAARAR Azathioprine 10mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AAASAS Azathioprine 25mg/5ml oral solution
0802010G0AAATAT Azathioprine 75mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AAAUAU Azathioprine 15mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AAAVAV Azathioprine 100mg/5ml oral solution
0802010G0AAAWAW Azathioprine 20mg/5ml oral solution
0802010G0AAAXAX Azathioprine 125mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AAAYAY Azathioprine 5mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABABA Azathioprine 45mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABBBB Azathioprine 7mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABCBC Azathioprine 30mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABDBD Azathioprine 17.5mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABEBE Azathioprine 35mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABFBF Azathioprine 37.5mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABGBG Azathioprine 60mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABIBI Azathioprine 200mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABJBJ Azathioprine 175mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABKBK Azathioprine 17mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABPBP Azathioprine 5mg capsules
0802010G0AABRBR Azathioprine 30mg capsules
0802010G0AABSBS Azathioprine 12mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABTBT Azathioprine 4mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABXBX Azathioprine 120mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABYBY Azathioprine 150mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AABZBZ Azathioprine 70mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AACBCB Azathioprine 2.5mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AACCCC Azathioprine 80mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AACDCD Azathioprine 90mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AACECE Azathioprine 13mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AACGCG Azathioprine 250mg/5ml oral liquid
0802010G0AACHCH Azathioprine 50mg/5ml oral suspension
0802010G0AACICI Azathioprine 25mg/5ml oral suspension
0802010G0AACJCJ Azathioprine 100mg/5ml oral suspension
0802010G0AACKCK Azathioprine 20mg/5ml oral suspension
0802010G0AACLCL Azathioprine 65mg/5ml oral suspension
0802010G0BC Imuran
0802010G0BCAAAD Imuran 25mg tablets
0802010G0BCABAE Imuran 50mg tablets
0802010G0BCACAA Imuran 50mg powder for solution for injection vials
0802010G0BE Immunoprin
0802010G0BEAAAE Immunoprin 50mg tablets
0802010G0BH Azapress
0802010G0BHAAAE Azapress 50mg tablets

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  • Azapress (0802010G0BH)
  • Azapress 50mg tablets (0802010G0BHAAAE)
  • Azathioprine (0802010G0AA)
  • Azathioprine (0802010G0)
  • Azathioprine 100mg/5ml oral solution (0802010G0AAAVAV)
  • Azathioprine 100mg/5ml oral suspension (0802010G0AACJCJ)
  • Azathioprine 10mg capsules (0802010G0AAAHAH)
  • Azathioprine 10mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AAARAR)
  • Azathioprine 120mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABXBX)
  • Azathioprine 125mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AAAXAX)
  • Azathioprine 12mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABSBS)
  • Azathioprine 13mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AACECE)
  • Azathioprine 150mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABYBY)
  • Azathioprine 15mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AAAUAU)
  • Azathioprine 17.5mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABDBD)
  • Azathioprine 175mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABJBJ)
  • Azathioprine 17mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABKBK)
  • Azathioprine 2.5mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AACBCB)
  • Azathioprine 200mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABIBI)
  • Azathioprine 20mg/5ml oral solution (0802010G0AAAWAW)
  • Azathioprine 20mg/5ml oral suspension (0802010G0AACKCK)
  • Azathioprine 250mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AACGCG)
  • Azathioprine 25mg tablets (0802010G0AAADAD)
  • Azathioprine 25mg/5ml oral solution (0802010G0AAASAS)
  • Azathioprine 25mg/5ml oral suspension (0802010G0AACICI)
  • Azathioprine 30mg capsules (0802010G0AABRBR)
  • Azathioprine 30mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABCBC)
  • Azathioprine 35mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABEBE)
  • Azathioprine 37.5mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABFBF)
  • Azathioprine 40mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AAAQAQ)
  • Azathioprine 45mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABABA)
  • Azathioprine 4mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABTBT)
  • Azathioprine 50mg powder for solution for injection vials (0802010G0AAAAAA)
  • Azathioprine 50mg tablets (0802010G0AAAEAE)
  • Azathioprine 50mg/5ml oral solution (0802010G0AAAPAP)
  • Azathioprine 50mg/5ml oral suspension (0802010G0AACHCH)
  • Azathioprine 5mg capsules (0802010G0AABPBP)
  • Azathioprine 5mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AAAYAY)
  • Azathioprine 60mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABGBG)
  • Azathioprine 65mg/5ml oral suspension (0802010G0AACLCL)
  • Azathioprine 70mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABZBZ)
  • Azathioprine 75mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AAATAT)
  • Azathioprine 7mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AABBBB)
  • Azathioprine 80mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AACCCC)
  • Azathioprine 90mg/5ml oral liquid (0802010G0AACDCD)
  • Immunoprin (0802010G0BE)
  • Immunoprin 50mg tablets (0802010G0BEAAAE)
  • Imuran (0802010G0BC)
  • Imuran 25mg tablets (0802010G0BCAAAD)
  • Imuran 50mg powder for solution for injection vials (0802010G0BCACAA)
  • Imuran 50mg tablets (0802010G0BCABAE)