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  • 61b13c39


This contains Medication Review activities, in common with other subsets of this type it does not include procedures with context already declared, e.g. Medication review declined.


This codelist is the Care Planning Medication Review subset published by NHS digital. We have imported it directly from the NHS Digital SNOMED term browser using simple copy and paste.


Signed off by

  • Brian MacKenna, (May 11, 2021)
  • Peter Inglesby, (May 11, 2021)
code term
753951000000101 Annual review of lithium therapy (procedure)
381231000000106 High risk drug monitoring review (procedure)
185381007 Repeat medication check (procedure)
712761000000103 Concordance and compliance level 2 medication review (procedure)
1089291000000107 Review of international normalised ratio time in therapeutic range (procedure)
858091000000102 Respiratory disease medication review (procedure)
922731000000106 Anticoagulant medication review (procedure)
88551000000109 Medication review with patient (procedure)
1831000124101 Pregnancy and lactation medication review (procedure)
1106111000000108 Stopping Over-Medication of People with Learning Disability, Autism or Both medication review (procedure)
473226007 Heart failure medication review (procedure)
473227003 Metabolic disorder medication review (procedure)
473224005 Gout medication review (procedure)
473225006 Hypertension medication review (procedure)
473228008 Neurological disorder medication review (procedure)
473233007 Human immunodeficiency virus medication review (procedure)
473232002 Infectious disease medication review (procedure)
473231009 Renal disorder medication review (procedure)
473230005 Gastrointestinal disorder medication review (procedure)
473235000 Endocrine disorder medication review (procedure)
473234001 Dyslipidemia medication review (procedure)
473219007 Cardiovascular disorder medication review (procedure)
473221002 Pulmonary disorder medication review (procedure)
473220001 Hematologic disorder medication review (procedure)
473223004 Chronic obstructive lung disorder medication review (procedure)
415693003 Synchronization of repeat medication (procedure)
391156007 Medication review without patient (procedure)
1811000124107 Pain medication review (procedure)
6021000124103 Targeted medication therapy review (procedure)
1103191000000105 High risk drug monitoring two monthly review (procedure)
381261000000101 High risk drug monitoring monthly review (procedure)
370807008 Evaluation of response to medications (procedure)
396076000 Medication prefill preparation assessment (procedure)
730061000000107 Post hospital discharge medication reconciliation with medical notes (procedure)
870661000000100 Polypharmacy medication review (procedure)
1239511000000100 Structured medication review (procedure)
170924003 Repeat prescription - follow-up assessment (regime/therapy)
170916008 Follow-up warfarin assessment (regime/therapy)
170908004 Follow-up risk drug assessment (regime/therapy)
792951000000100 Dispensing review of use of warfarin (procedure)
199711000000104 Annual warfarin assessment (regime/therapy)
428911000124108 Comprehensive medication therapy review (procedure)
1079381000000109 Medication review by community nurse (procedure)
401062003 Epilepsy medication review (procedure)
430193006 Medication Reconciliation (procedure)
93311000000106 Medication review of medical notes (procedure)
413974004 Depression medication review (procedure)
381291000000107 High risk drug monitoring three monthly review (procedure)
769063007 Antipsychotic medication review (procedure)
413143000 Mental health medication review (procedure)
938551000000108 Dementia medication review (procedure)
965871000000101 Osteoporosis medication compliance review (procedure)
395005007 Medicine labeling amended (procedure)
353831000000100 Patient held anticoagulation therapy record updated (regime/therapy)
394720003 Asthma medication review (procedure)
394724007 Coronary heart disease medication review (procedure)
394725008 Diabetes medication review (procedure)
381321000000102 High risk drug monitoring six monthly review (procedure)
1841000124106 Palliative care medication review (procedure)
730021000000104 Post hospital discharge medication reconciliation with patient (procedure)
182836005 Review of medication (procedure)
279681000000105 Dispensing review of use of medicines (procedure)
718017007 Bisphosphonate medication review (procedure)
810241000000107 Cardiac medication review (procedure)
803361000000109 Medication review by practice nurse (procedure)
409024003 Medication monitoring assessment (procedure)
409020007 Dispensing medication assessment (procedure)
772741000000105 Dispensing review of use of medicines invitation (procedure)
381351000000107 High risk drug monitoring annual review (procedure)
287031000000100 Review of opioid medication (procedure)

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.