Coding system
CTV3 (Read V3)
Codelist ID

  • 2020-07-09


The following codes are used to indicate Depression


The following codes are prepared from CTV3 and expected to be used in general practices in records of people with Depression. They cover a broad range and some codes may no longer be in routine use. The codelists have been derived from information supporting the general practice quality and outcomes framework to support research in OpenSAFELY. Once imported they were reviewed and ....OPTIONAL x, y and z was done (remove if it was signed off)

CTV3Code Description
E0013 Presenile dementia with depression
E0021 Senile dementia with depression
E1120 Single major depressive episode, unspecified
E1121 Single major depressive episode, mild
E1122 Single major depressive episode, moderate
E1123 Single major depressive episode, severe, without psychosis
E1124 Single major depressive episode, severe, with psychosis
E1125 Single major depressive episode, partial or unspec remission
E1126 Single major depressive episode, in full remission
E112z Single major depressive episode NOS
E1130 Recurrent major depressive episodes, unspecified
E1131 Recurrent major depressive episodes, mild
E1132 Recurrent major depressive episodes, moderate
E1133 Recurrent major depressive episodes, severe, no psychosis
E1134 Recurrent major depressive episodes, severe, with psychosis
E1135 Recurrent major depressive episodes,partial/unspec remission
E1137 Recurrent depression
E113z Recurrent major depressive episode NOS
E1154 Bipolar affect disord, now depressed, severe with psychosis
E11y2 Atypical depressive disorder
E130. Reactive depressive psychosis
E2112 Dysthymia
E291. Prolonged depressive adjustment reaction
E2B.. Depressive disorder NEC
E2B1. Chronic depression
Eu320 [X]Mild depressive episode
Eu321 [X]Moderate depressive episode
Eu322 [X]Sev depress epis, no psych: (& single [agit][maj][vital])
Eu323 [X]Sev depress epis + psych symp:(& singl epis [named vars])
Eu32y [X]Depression: [oth episode][atypic][single epis masked NOS]
Eu32z [X](Depressn: [episode unsp][NOS (& react)][depress dis NOS]
Eu33. [X]Recurrent depressive disorder (& [named variants])
Eu330 [X]Recurrent depressive disorder, current episode mild
Eu331 [X]Recurrent depressive disorder, current episode moderate
Eu332 [X]Depressn, no psych symp: [recurr: (named var)]/[endogen]
Eu333 [X]Depress with psych sympt: [recurr: (named vars)][endogen]
Eu334 [X]Recurrent depressive disorder, currently in remission
Eu33y [X]Other recurrent depressive disorders
Eu33z [X] Depression recurrent: [unspecified] or [monopolar NOS]
Eu412 [X]Mixed anxiety and depress disord (& mild anxiet depressn)
Eu413 [X]Other mixed anxiety disorders
X00S8 Post-schizophrenic depression
X00SO Depressive disorder
X00SQ Agitated depression
X00SR Endogenous depression
X00SS Endogenous depression first episode
X00SU Masked depression
X00Sb Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder
X761L Seasonal affective disorder
XE1Y0 Single major depressive episode
XE1Y1 Recurrent major depressive episodes
XE1YC Reactive depression
XE1YD Neurasthenia
XE1ZY [X]Severe depressive episode without psychotic symptoms
XE1ZZ [X]Severe depressive episode with psychotic symptoms
XE1Za [X]Other depressive episodes
XE1Zb [X]Depressive episode, unspecified
XE1Zc [X]Recurrent depressive disorder
XE1Zd [X]Recurr depress disorder cur epi severe without psyc sympt
XE1Ze [X]Recurrent depress disorder cur epi severe with psyc symp
XE1Zf [X]Recurrent depressive disorder, unspecified
XE2un Schizoaffective disorder, depressive type
XM1GC Endogenous depression - recurrent
XSEGJ Major depressive disorder
XSGok Mild major depression
XSGol Moderate major depression
XSGom Severe major depression without psychotic features
XSGon Severe major depression with psychotic features
XSKr7 Cotard syndrome
Xa0wV Recurrent brief depressive disorder
XaB9J Depression NOS
XaCHo [X]Manic-depress psychosis,depressd,no psychotic symptoms
XaCHr [X]Single episode agitated depressn w'out psychotic symptoms
XaCHs [X]Single episode major depression w'out psychotic symptoms
XaCIs Mild depression
XaCIt Moderate depression
XaCIu Severe depression
XaX53 Single major depress ep, severe with psych, psych in remissn
XaX54 Recurr major depress ep, severe with psych, psych in remissn
XagU1 Recurrent reactiv depressiv episodes, severe, with psychosis
XagUK Prolonged single episode of reactive depression

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.