hazardous alcohol drinking

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Codes that indicate hazardous alcohol drinking behavior. Future studies that require to specify ex-drinker and current-drinker need to revisit and review this codelist.


These codes were mapped first in SNOMED using the opencodelist builder. The search terms used were:

  • Alcohol

Codes indicating:

  • acute alcohol issues: such as binge drinking, evidence of recent excessive drinking behavior without necessarily being alcoholic
  • chronic alcohol issues current: i.e. current evidence 'alcoholic' drinking
  • chronic alcohol issues previous: i.e. those who have been previously described as alcoholics. It's hard to distinguish these at times from current alcoholics (e.g. history of alcoholism). were included.

The codes were discussed by 1 practicing clinicians and 1 epidemiologist. A summary of the discussion is available on the github issue below.

These codes were mapped to CTV3 which resulted in 247 codes.


Signed off by

  • Angel Wong, (Jan. 26, 2021)
  • William Elson, (Jan. 26, 2021)

Codelists are developed by a broad community of users for individual study purposes, which may or may not meet the needs of other studies. They should not be thought of as universal definitions of a particular condition.

We don't offer any guarantees about what they do or don't identify. Users should carefully check that any codelist meets their needs, and seek clinical input where appropriate.

code term
1365. Heavy drinker - 7-9u/day
1366. Very heavy drinker - greater than 9 units/day
136D. Ex-heavy drinker - (7-9u/day)
136E. Ex-very heavy drinker - greater than 9 units/day
136K. Alcohol intake above recommended sensible limits
13Y8. Alcoholics anonymous
1462. H/O: alcoholism
2577. O/E - breath - alcohol smell
8BA8. Alcohol detoxification
8G32. Aversion therapy - alcoholism
8H35. Admitted to alcohol detoxification centre
C251. Thiamine (vit B1) defic state: [Wernicke] or [oth & unspec]
E01.. Alcoholic psychoses
E010. Delirium tremens
E011. Korsakov psychosis
E0110 Korsakov psychosis
E0111 Korsakov's alcoholic psychosis with peripheral neuritis
E0112 Wernicke-Korsakov syndrome
E011z Alcohol amnestic syndrome NOS
E012. Alcoholic dementia: [other] or [NOS]
E0120 Chronic alcoholic brain syndrome
E013. Alcohol withdrawal hallucinosis
E015. Alcoholic paranoia
E01y. Other alcoholic psychosis
E01y0 Alcohol withdrawal syndrome
E01yz Other alcoholic psychosis NOS
E01z. Alcoholic psychosis NOS
E23.. (Alcoh depend synd [& alcoholism]) or (alcoh prob drinking)
E230. Acute alcoholic intoxication in alcoholism
E2300 Acute alcoholic intoxication, unspecified, in alcoholism
E2301 Continuous acute alcoholic intoxication in alcoholism
E2302 Episodic acute alcoholic intoxication in alcoholism
E2303 Acute alcoholic intoxication in remission, in alcoholism
E230z Acute alcoholic intoxication in alcoholism NOS
E231. Chronic alcoholism (& [dipsomania])
E2310 Unspecified chronic alcoholism
E2311 Continuous chronic alcoholism
E2312 Episodic chronic alcoholism
E2313 Chronic alcoholism in remission
E231z Chronic alcoholism NOS
E23z. Alcohol dependence syndrome NOS
E247. Drug dependence: [absinthe] or [other specified]
E250. (Alc intox)(hangover)(nondep alc abus)(drunk NOS)(inebr NOS)
E2500 Nondependent alcohol abuse, unspecified
E2501 Nondependent alcohol abuse, continuous
E2502 Nondependent alcohol abuse, episodic
E2503 Nondependent alcohol abuse in remission
E250z Nondependent alcohol abuse NOS
Eu10. [X]Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of alcohol
Eu100 [X]Mental & behav dis due to use alcohol: acute intoxication
Eu101 [X]Mental and behav dis due to use of alcohol: harmful use
Eu102 [X](Ment/beh dis,alc dep) or (chr alcoh'sm [&(addic)(dips)])
Eu103 [X]Mental and behav dis due to use alcohol: withdrawal state
Eu104 [X]Men & behav dis due alcohl: withdrawl state with delirium
Eu105 [X]Ment/beh dis due alc: psychot (& [variants][psychos NOS])
Eu106 [X]Mental and behav dis due to use alcohol: amnesic syndrome
Eu107 [X](Ment/beh dis due alc, resid/late) or (chr alc brain syn)
Eu10y [X]Men & behav dis due to use alcohol: oth men & behav dis
F11x0 Alcoholic encephalopathy
F1440 Alcoholic cerebellar degeneration
F375. Alcohol-related polyneuropathy
G555. Alcohol-induced heart muscle disease
J153. Alcoholic gastritis
J610. Alcoholic fatty liver
J611. Acute alcoholic hepatitis
J612. Cirrhosis: [florid] or [alcoholic]
J613. Alcoholic liver damage unspecified
J617. Alcoholic hepatitis
J6710 Alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis
R103. [D]Alcohol blood level excessive
SM0.. Alcohol causing toxic effect
SM002 Grain alcohol causing toxic effect
SM0y. Other alcohol causing toxic effect
SM0z. Alcohol causing toxic effect NOS
SyuG0 [X]Toxic effect of other alcohols
U2090 [X]Int self poison/exposure to alcohol at home
U2091 [X]Intent self poison alcohol at res institut
U2092 [X]Int self poison alcohol school/pub admin area
U2093 [X]Int self poison alcohol in sport/athletic area
U2094 [X]Intent self pois alcohol in street/highway
U2095 [X]Intent self pois alcohol trade/service area
U2096 [X]Int self pois alcohol indust/construct area
U2097 [X]Int self poison/exposure to alcohol on farm
U209y [X]Int self poison alcohol other spec place
U209z [X]Intent self poison alcohol unspecif place
U409. [X]Poisoning by and exposure to alcohol, undetermined intent
U4090 [X]Poison/exposure ?intent, to alcohol at home
U4091 [X]Pois/expos ?intent to alcohol at res institut
U4092 [X]Pois/exp ?intent alcohol school/pub admin area
U4093 [X]Pois/exp ?intent alcohol in sport/athletic area
U4094 [X]Pois/expos ?intent alcohol in street/highway
U4095 [X]Pois/expos ?intent alcohol trade/service area
U4096 [X]Poison/exposure, ?intent, alcohol indust/construct area
U4097 [X]Poison/exposure ?intent, to alcohol on farm
U409y [X]Pois/exp ?intent to alcohol other spec place
U409z [X]Pois/expos ?intent to alcohol unspecif place
U80.. [X]Evidence of alcohl involv determin by blood alcohl level
U800. [X]Eviden of alcohl involv blood alcohl level <20 mg/100 ml
U801. [X]Eviden of alcohl involv blood alcohl level 20-39mg/100ml
U802. [X]Eviden of alcohl involv blood alcohl level 40-59mg/100ml
U803. [X]Eviden of alcohl involv blood alcohl level 60-79mg/100ml
U804. [X]Eviden of alcohl involv blood alcohl level 80-99mg/100ml
U805. [X]Eviden of alcoh involv blood alcoh level 100-119mg/100ml
U806. [X]Eviden of alcoh involv blood alcoh level 120-199mg/100ml
U807. [X]Eviden of alcoh involv blood alcoh level 200-239mg/100ml
U808. [X]Eviden alcoh involv blood alcoh level 240mg/100ml or more
U80z. [X]Evid alcoh invol detrm by pres alcoh in bld levl not spec
U81.. [X]Evid of alcohol involv determind by level of intoxication
U810. [X]Evid alcoh invol determ by levl of intox mild alcoh intox
U811. [X]Evid alcoh invol determ by level of intox mod alcoh intox
U812. [X]Evid alcoh invol determ by level of intox sev alcoh intox
U813. [X]Evid alcoh invl determ by levl intox very sev alcoh intox
U814. [X]Evid alch invl detrm by levl intox alch invl not oth spec
Ua1Ml Alcohol reduction programme
Ua1Mm Alcohol withdrawal regime
Ub0lN Fairly heavy drinker
Ub0lO Heavy drinker
Ub0lP Very heavy drinker
Ub0lQ Secret drinker
Ub0lR Problem drinker
Ub0lX Park drinker
Ub0lY Street drinker
Ub0lp Drinks with strangers
Ub0lt Drinks in morning to get rid of hangover
Ub0ly Binge drinker
Ub0lz Alcoholic binges exceeding sensible amounts
Ub0m0 Alcoholic binges exceeding safe amounts
Ub0m1 Regular drinker
Ub0m3 Habitual drinker
Ub0m9 Drinking binge
Ub0mH Priority given to drink-related activities
Ub0mI Drinking takes priority over social obligations
Ub0mJ Drinking takes priority over family obligations
Ub0mK Drinking takes priority over financial obligations
Ub0mN Unable to control drinking
Ub0mO Unable to abstain from drinking
Ub0mP Unable to control drinking once started
Ub0mQ Unable to control spontaneous drinking bouts
Ub0mR Unable to stop drinking before intoxication
Ub0mX Behavioural tolerance to alcohol
Ub0mY Physical tolerance to alcohol
Ub0mZ Psychological tolerance to alcohol
Ub0mb Drink driving
Ub0mc Charged with drink driving offence
Ub0md Convicted of drink driving
Ub0mi Ashamed of drinking
Ub0mj Feels should cut down drinking
Ub0mk Feels drinking is out of control
Ub0mm Craving for alcohol
X0053 Wernicke encephalopathy
X0055 Morel laminar sclerosis
X006u Alcohol-induced epilepsy
X00FS Alcoholic coma
X00Rk Alcoholic dementia NOS
X00Rm Acute alcohol intoxication
X00Rn Inebriety NOS
X00Ro Drunkenness NOS
X00Rq Absinthe addiction
X20Bo Alcohol-related macrocytosis
X20CI Alcohol-related sideroblastic anaemia
X306r Alcoholic hepatitis
X3071 Alcoholic liver disease
X3072 Alcoholic fibrosis and sclerosis of liver
X3073 Alcoholic hepatic failure
X308j Alcohol-induced acute pancreatitis
X308v Alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis
X40K4 Alcohol-induced hypoglycaemia
X40MG Alcohol-induced pseudo-Cushing's syndrome
X709V Alcoholic myopathy
XE0b4 Alcoholic cirrhosis of liver
XE0dD (Cirrhos &/or chron liver dis) or (alcoholic liver disease)
XE0dF Alcoholic liver damage NOS
XE1Xu Other alcoholic dementia
XE1YQ Chronic alcoholism
XE1YX Nondependent alcohol abuse
XE1ZE [X]Mental and behav dis due to use alcohol: dependence syndr
XE1ZF [X]Mental & behav dis due to use alcohol: psychotic disorder
XE1ZG [X]Men & behav dis due alcoh: resid & late-onset psychot dis
XE1aI (Alcohol psychosis: [Korsakov][other]) or (alc withdr syndr)
XE1aw Alcohol dependence syndrome (& [dipsomania])
XE1b2 (Non-depend abuse of alcohol) or (drunkenness) or (hangover)
XM033 Smell of alcohol on breath
XM0zW Alcohol blood elevated [D]
XM18Y Alcoholism detoxication centre
XM1D0 Finding of alcohol in blood
XSBcu Alcohol rehabilitation
Xa0hK Alcoholic macrocytosis
Xa17e Alcoholic hallucinosis
Xa17m Alcoholic jealousy
Xa1yZ Alcohol abuse
Xa25J Alcoholic dementia
Xa2lt Persistent alcohol abuse
Xa3dY Ex-problem drinker
Xa7On Alcoholism counselling
Xa7lt Abstinent alcoholic
Xa7nD Alcohol-induced cerebellar ataxia
XaA1V Ethanol abuse
XaBE3 Chronic alcoholic hepatitis
XaBZA Alcohol withdrawal-induced convulsion
XaC1d Oesophageal varices in alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver
XaF99 Alcohol related optic neuropathy
XaIN4 Under care of community alcohol team
XaIPn Referral to community alcohol team
XaJni Alcohol disorder monitoring
XaK9f Alcohol misuse enhanced services administration
XaKAA Community detoxification registered
XaKAC Alcohol consumption counselling
XaKAJ Alcohol misuse enhanced service completed
XaKAo Alcohol counselling by other agencies
XaKUg Referral to community drug and alcohol team
XaKV2 Alcohol induced hallucinations
XaKvA Hazardous alcohol use
XaKvB Harmful alcohol use
XaLWu [X]Alcohol withdrawal-induced seizure
XaLrN Alcohol abuse monitoring
XaLsx Delivery of rehabilitation for alcohol addiction
XaMhj Disqualified from driving due to excess alcohol
XaORR Referral to specialist alcohol treatment service
XaPPv Brief intervention for excessive alcohol consumptn completed
XaPPy Extended intervention for excessive alcohol consumptn complt
XaPQC Alcohol related fit
XaPds Seen by counsellor for alcohol misuse
XaPmB Advised to contact primary care alcohol worker
XaPna Referral to alcohol brief intervention service
XaPty Brief intervention for excessive alcohol consumptn declined
XaPwp Declined referral to specialist alcohol treatment service
XaX4S Extended interven for excessive alcohol consumption declined
XaXan Advised to abstain from alcohol consumption
XaXkb Referral to community alcohol team declined
XaYLJ Cycle of change stage, alcohol
XaYWV Referral to alcohol misuse clinic
XaamS In-house alcohol detoxification
XabN7 Alcohol dependence resolved
XabUM Hospital alcohol liaison team report received
Xabi7 Mild alcohol dependence
Xabi8 Moderate alcohol dependence
Xabi9 Severe alcohol dependence
XaboV Refer to MH services deferred until alcohol misuse resolved
Xac6H Specialist alcohol treatment service signposted
XacTX Emergency dept attendanc related to personl alcohl consumptn
XacTY Hospital attendance related to personal alcohol consumption
Xacab Withdrawn from alcohol detoxification programme
XacfZ Alcohol relapse prevention
Xacmc Alcohol harm reduction programme
Xactr Alcohol twelve step programme
XagOG Signposting to alcohol misuse service
ZV6D6 [V]Alcohol abuse counselling and surveillance

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.