incident heart failure

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CTV3 (Read V3)
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code term
G1yz1 Rheumatic left ventricular failure
G2101 Malignant hypertensive heart disease with CCF
G2111 Benign hypertensive heart disease with CCF
G21z1 Hypertensive heart disease NOS with CCF
G232. Hypertensive heart&renal dis wth (congestive) heart failure
G234. Hyperten heart&renal dis+both(congestv)heart and renal fail
G400. Acute cor pulmonale
G41.. Chronic pulmonary heart disease
G41y. Other chronic pulmonary heart disease
G41yz Other chronic pulmonary heart disease NOS
G41z. Chronic cor pulmonale (& [NOS])
G58.. Heart failure
G580. Heart failure: [right] or [congestive]
G5800 Acute congestive heart failure
G5801 Chronic congestive heart failure
G5802 Decompensated cardiac failure
G5803 Compensated cardiac failure
G581. (L ventric:[fail][imp func]) or (card asth) or (ac pulm oed)
G5810 Acute left ventricular failure
G582. Acute heart failure
G58z. Heart: [weak] or [failure NOS]
G5y4z Post cardiac operation heart failure NOS
H541z Pulmonary oedema NOS
H584. Acute pulmonary oedema unspecified
H584z Acute pulmonary oedema NOS
Q48y1 Congenital cardiac failure
SP111 [Cardiac insuffic] or [heart fail] as a complication of care
X102X Acute pulmonary oedema
X102Y Acute cardiac pulmonary oedema
X202k Heart failure as a complication of care
X202l Right ventricular failure
X203E Chronic cor pulmonale
XE0V8 Biventricular failure
XE0V9 Heart failure NOS
XE0WM (Chronic cor pulmonale) or (pulmonary heart disease NOS)
XE0Wo (Conges card fail)(dropsy)(card insuf)(R hrt fail)(LV fail)
XE1p9 Cardiac insufficiency as a complication of care
XE2QG Left ventricular failure
XM1Qn Impaired left ventricular function
Xa07h Neonatal cardiac failure
Xa0TT Sepsis-associated left ventricular failure
Xa0TU Sepsis-associated right ventricular failure
XaBLt Cardiac failure therapy
XaEgY Refractory heart failure
XaIIq Left ventricular systolic dysfunction
XaIpn Heart failure confirmed
XaItG Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction
XaJ98 Echocardiogram shows left ventricular systolic dysfunction
XaJ99 Echocardiogram shows left ventricular diastolic dysfunction
XaJ9G New York Heart Association classification - class I
XaJ9H New York Heart Association classification - class II
XaJ9I New York Heart Association classification - class III
XaJ9J New York Heart Association classification - class IV
XaKNW Admit heart failure emergency
XaO5n Congestive heart failure due to valvular disease
XaWyi Heart failure with normal ejection fraction
XaXLu Worsening pulmonary oedema
XaYYr Right ventricular diastolic dysfunction
XaYYs Diastolic dysfunction
XaZih Heart failure clinical pathway
Xaacj Left ventricular cardiac dysfunction
Xaapw Right ventricular systolic dysfunction
XabM9 On optimal heart failure therapy
XafeB Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction

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