Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Coding system
CTV3 (Read V3)
Codelist ID

  • 2020-04-07


Codes indicating diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease


Derived from Read V2 codelist provided by LSHTM. See discussion in GitHub issue referenced below


Signed off by

  • Caroline Morton, (April 7, 2020)
  • Alex Walker, (April 7, 2020)
CTV3ID CTV3PreferredTermDesc CTV3Source
14C4. H/O: colitis (& [ulcerative]) CTV3_Children
J08z9 Orofacial Crohn's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J4... (Noninf enter/colit) or (inflam bowel dis) or (noninf diarr) High_Level_SNOMED
J40.. Enteritis: [regional-Crohn's disease] or [granulomatous] CTV3_Children
J400. Regional enteritis of small bowel CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J4000 Crohn's disease of duodenum CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J4001 Regional enteritis of the jejunum CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J4002 Crohn's disease of terminal ileum CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J4003 Crohn's disease of the ileum unspecified CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J4004 Crohn's disease of the ileum NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J400z Crohn's disease of the small bowel NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J401. Regional enteritis of the large bowel CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J4010 Crohn's colitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J4010 Crohn's colitis CTV3Map_Code_Only
J4011 Crohn's proctitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J401z (Crohn's colitis) or (Crohn's disease of large bowel NOS) CTV3_Children
J402. Regional ileocolitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J40z. Regional enteritis NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J40z. Regional enteritis NOS CTV3Map_Code_Only
J41.. (Idiopath proctocol)/(muc colit/proctit)/(ulc colit/proctit) CTV3_Children
J410. Ulcerative proctocolitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J410. Ulcerative proctocolitis CTV3Map_Code_Only
J4100 Ulcerative ileocolitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J4103 Ulcerative proctitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J410z Ulcerative proctocolitis NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J41y. Other idiopathic proctocolitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J41yz Other idiopathic proctocolitis NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J41z. Idiopathic proctocolitis NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
J41z. Idiopathic proctocolitis NOS CTV3Map_Code_Only
Jyu40 [X]Other Crohn's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Jyu41 [X]Other ulcerative colitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
N0310 Arthropathy in ulcerative colitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
N0311 Arthropathy in Crohn's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
N0453 Juvenile arthritis in Crohn's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
N0454 Juvenile arthritis in ulcerative colitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X20Pq Orofacial Crohn's disease of gingivae CTV3_Children
X300J Crohn's disease of oesophagus High_Level_SNOMED
X301b Crohn's disease of stomach High_Level_SNOMED
X302r Crohn's jejunitis CTV3_Children
X302t Crohn's ileitis CTV3_Children
X3030 Ulcerative enterocolitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X303k Indeterminate colitis CTV3_Children
X3050 Perianal Crohn's disease CTV3_Children
XE0ae Inflammatory bowel disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE0af Crohn's disease of the large bowel NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE0af Crohn's disease of the large bowel NOS CTV3Map_Code_Only
XE0ag Ulcerative colitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE0aj Other non-infective inflammatory gastroenteritis and colitis CTV3_Children
XE0cX Inflammatory bowel disease (& [noninfect enteritis/colitis]) CTV3_Children
XE0cZ Crohn's disease (& [regional enteritis]) CTV3_Children
XE0qC H/O: colitis CTV3Map_Code_Only
XE2QL Crohn's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE2QL Crohn's disease CTV3Map_Code_Only
XM1RP H/O: ulcerative colitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Xa0lh Regional enteritis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Xa0lh Regional enteritis CTV3Map_Code_Only
Xa3fm Non-infective gastrointestinal inflammation, NOS CTV3_Children
Xa7nY Non-infective colitis CTV3Map_Code_Only
XaB5x Non-infective enteritis and colitis CTV3Map_Code_Only
XaB5z Enterocolitis CTV3Map_Code_Only
XaK6C Exacerbation of Crohn's disease of small intestine CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaK6D Exacerbation of Crohn's disease of large intestine CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaK6E Exacerbation of ulcerative colitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaK6F Exacerbation of non-infective colitis CTV3_Children
XaYzX Ulcerative pancolitis CTV3_Children
XaZ2j Left sided ulcerative colitis CTV3_Children
Y2903 Inflammatory bowel disease in remission CTV3_Children

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.