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code term
0801030L0 Mercaptopurine
0801030L0AA Mercaptopurine
0801030L0AAAAAA Mercaptopurine 50mg tablets
0801030L0AAABAB Mercaptopurine 10mg tablets
0801030L0AAACAC Mercaptopurine 5mg/5ml oral suspension
0801030L0AAAFAF Mercaptopurine 50mg/5ml oral suspension
0801030L0AAAGAG Mercaptopurine 10mg capsules
0801030L0AAAHAH Mercaptopurine 25mg/5ml oral suspension
0801030L0AAAIAI Mercaptopurine 75mg/5ml oral suspension
0801030L0AAAJAJ Mercaptopurine 25mg tablets
0801030L0AAAKAK Mercaptopurine 45mg/5ml oral suspension
0801030L0AAALAL Mercaptopurine 25mg capsules
0801030L0AAAMAM Mercaptopurine 30mg capsules
0801030L0AAANAN Mercaptopurine 75mg tablets
0801030L0AAAPAP Mercaptopurine 75mg capsules
0801030L0AAAQAQ Mercaptopurine 20mg/ml oral suspension
0801030L0AAARAR Mercaptopurine 20mg capsules
0801030L0AAASAS Mercaptopurine 12.5mg capsules
0801030L0BB Puri-Nethol
0801030L0BBAAAA Puri-Nethol 50mg tablets
0801030L0BC Xaluprine
0801030L0BCABAQ Xaluprine 20mg/ml oral suspension
0801030L0BD Hanixol
0801030L0BDAAAA Hanixol 50mg tablets

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  • Hanixol (0801030L0BD)
  • Hanixol 50mg tablets (0801030L0BDAAAA)
  • Mercaptopurine (0801030L0AA)
  • Mercaptopurine (0801030L0)
  • Mercaptopurine 10mg capsules (0801030L0AAAGAG)
  • Mercaptopurine 10mg tablets (0801030L0AAABAB)
  • Mercaptopurine 12.5mg capsules (0801030L0AAASAS)
  • Mercaptopurine 20mg capsules (0801030L0AAARAR)
  • Mercaptopurine 20mg/ml oral suspension (0801030L0AAAQAQ)
  • Mercaptopurine 25mg capsules (0801030L0AAALAL)
  • Mercaptopurine 25mg tablets (0801030L0AAAJAJ)
  • Mercaptopurine 25mg/5ml oral suspension (0801030L0AAAHAH)
  • Mercaptopurine 30mg capsules (0801030L0AAAMAM)
  • Mercaptopurine 45mg/5ml oral suspension (0801030L0AAAKAK)
  • Mercaptopurine 50mg tablets (0801030L0AAAAAA)
  • Mercaptopurine 50mg/5ml oral suspension (0801030L0AAAFAF)
  • Mercaptopurine 5mg/5ml oral suspension (0801030L0AAACAC)
  • Mercaptopurine 75mg capsules (0801030L0AAAPAP)
  • Mercaptopurine 75mg tablets (0801030L0AAANAN)
  • Mercaptopurine 75mg/5ml oral suspension (0801030L0AAAIAI)
  • Puri-Nethol (0801030L0BB)
  • Puri-Nethol 50mg tablets (0801030L0BBAAAA)
  • Xaluprine (0801030L0BC)
  • Xaluprine 20mg/ml oral suspension (0801030L0BCABAQ)