Multiple Sclerosis

Coding system
CTV3 (Read V3)
Codelist ID

  • 2020-05-12


These codes indicate a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS)


This list was derived from a broader openSAFELY list that includes diagnoses of neurological other than stroke and dementia (link below). The broader list was derived from Read V2 codelist provided by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Signed off by

  • Henry Drysdale, (May 12, 2020)
CTV3ID CTV3PreferredTermDesc CTV3Source
F20.. Multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F20.. Multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_Only
F200. Multiple sclerosis of the brainstem CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F201. Multiple sclerosis of the spinal cord CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F202. Generalised multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F203. Exacerbation of multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F20z. Multiple sclerosis NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X005c Acute relapsing multiple sclerosis CTV3_Children
X005d Chronic progressive multiple sclerosis CTV3_Children
X005e Remittent-progressive multiple sclerosis CTV3_Children
XaKA8 Specialised services for pts with multiple sclerosis ESA CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaKvm Multiple sclerosis review CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaKvn Multiple sclerosis multidisciplinary review CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaKzg Multiple sclerosis care plan agreed CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaOzZ Benign multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaP0X Malignant multiple sclerosis CTV3_Children
XaP0r Primary progressive multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaP1B Relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaP1V Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaPSY Management of multiple sclerosis in onset phase CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaPSZ Management of multiple sclerosis in early disease phase CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaPSa Management of multiple sclerosis in stable disability phase CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaPSb Management of MS in progressive disability phase CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaPSc Management of multiple sclerosis in palliative phase CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaX9A Multiple sclerosis monitoring administration CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaX9F Multiple sclerosis monitoring first letter CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaX9H Multiple sclerosis monitoring second letter CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaX9J Multiple sclerosis monitoring telephone invitation CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaX9L Multiple sclerosis monitoring third letter CTV3_Children
XaXsg Referral to community multiple sclerosis team CTV3Map_Code_And_Term

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.