Other Neurological Conditions

Coding system
CTV3 (Read V3)
Codelist ID

  • 2020-06-02


Codes indicating other neurological conditions not including stroke or dementia




Signed off by

  • Laurie Tomlinson, (April 21, 2020)
  • Helen McDonald, (April 22, 2020)
  • Henry Drysdale, (June 2, 2020)
CTV3ID CTV3PreferredTermDesc CTV3Source
F390. Congenital hereditary muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F390z Congenital hereditary muscular dystrophy NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F391. Hereditary progressive muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3910 Duchenne muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3910 Duchenne muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_Only
F3911 Erb's muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3912 Pelvic muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3913 Other limb girdle muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3914 Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3914 Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_Only
F3915 Distal muscular dystrophy with juvenile onset CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3916 Ocular muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3917 Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3918 Becker muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F391y (Oth specif hered progress musc dystrophy) or (distal dystr) CTV3_Children
F391z Hereditary progressive muscular dystrophy NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F39B. Muscular dystrophy High_Level_SNOMED
X005Q Neuraxonal leucodystrophy High_Level_SNOMED
X40VL Late infantile metachromatic leucodystrophy CTV3_Children
X40VM Juvenile metachromatic leucodystrophy CTV3_Children
X40VN Adult metachromatic leucodystrophy CTV3_Children
X708H Muscular dystrophy with predom proximl limb girdle distribut CTV3_Children
X708I X-linked muscular dystrophy with limb girdle distribution CTV3_Children
X708J X-linked muscular dystrophy with abnormal dystrophin CTV3_Children
X708K Intermediate X-linked muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708L Manifesting female carrier of X-linked muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708M X-linked limb girdle muscul dystrophy with normal dystrophin CTV3_Children
X708N Ji muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708P Autosomal recess muscular dystrophy with limb girdle distrib CTV3_Children
X708S Fukuyama muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708T Autosomal recess muscular dystrophy with gene located at 15q CTV3_Children
X708U Reunion-Indiana Amish type muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708V Congenital muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708W Western type of congenital muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708Y Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708Z Eichsfeld type congenital muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708b Hutterite type of muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708d Autosomal domin muscular dystrophy with limb girdle distrib CTV3_Children
X708e Autosomal domin muscular dystrophy with gene located at 5q31 CTV3_Children
X708f Late onset proximal muscular dystrophy with dysarthria CTV3_Children
X708g Muscular dystrophy not predom limb girdle in distribution CTV3_Children
X708h X-linked muscular dystrophy not predominantly limb girdle CTV3_Children
X708i Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X708k Autosom recessive muscular dystrophy not predom limb girdle CTV3_Children
X708l Scapulohumeral muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708m Distal muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X708m Distal muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_Only
X708n Autosomal dominant muscular dystrophy not predom limb girdle CTV3_Children
X708o Benign scapuloperoneal muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
X708q Benign congen muscular dystrophy wth finger flex contracture CTV3_Children
X708r Distal muscular dystrophy with adult onset CTV3_Children
XE15p Other specified hereditary progressive muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE15p Other specified hereditary progressive muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_Only
XE18Z Muscular dystrophy (& [Duchenne muscular dystrophy]) CTV3_Children
Xa0ON Severe childhood autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy CTV3_Children
Xa0ZY Cerebro-oculo-dysgenesis-muscular dystrophy syndrome High_Level_SNOMED
Xa0lL Muscular dystrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaB4V Leucodystrophy without a known biochemical basis High_Level_SNOMED
XaXGu Adult autosomal dominant leucodystrophy CTV3_Children
F23.. Congenital cerebral palsy (& spastic) CTV3_Children
F23y. Other congenital cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
F23y0 Ataxic infantile cerebral palsy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F23y1 Hypotonic cerebral palsy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F23yz Other infantile cerebral palsy NOS CTV3_Children
F23z. Congenital cerebral palsy NOS CTV3_Children
Fyu90 [X]Other infantile cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
G669. Cerebral palsy, not congenital or infantile, acute CTV3_Children
X00Em Infantile cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
X00En Spastic cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
X00Eo Cerebral palsy with spastic tetraparesis CTV3_Children
X00Eq Cerebral palsy with spastic/ataxic diplegia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X00Er Monoplegic cerebral palsy affecting upper limb CTV3_Children
X00Es Monoplegic cerebral palsy affecting lower limb CTV3_Children
X00Eu Dyskinetic cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
X00Ew Dystonic/rigid cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
XE181 Cerebral palsy (&/or infantile) &/or infantile hemiplegia CTV3_Children
XE2Q7 Athetoid cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
XE2Q8 Cerebral palsy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE2Q9 Cerebral palsy with spastic diplegia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE2Q9 Cerebral palsy with spastic diplegia CTV3Map_Code_Only
XE2se Cerebral palsy with spastic tetraplegia CTV3_Children
XM1Pu Congenital cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
XM1Pv Congenital spastic cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
Xa0lM Ataxic cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
XaBE2 Cerebral palsy, not congenital or infantile, acute CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaYfK Spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaYgp Spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaaVG Gross Motor Function Classification System Cerebral Palsy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaadE Choreoathetoid cerebral palsy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaadE Choreoathetoid cerebral palsy CTV3Map_Code_Only
Xab3R Bilateral spastic cerebral palsy CTV3_Children
A411. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F11x7 Cerebral degeneration due to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaA1S New variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease CTV3_Children
XabVp Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease CTV3_Children
F22.. (Hemiplegia) or (hemiparesis) High_Level_SNOMED
F220. Flaccid hemiplegia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F221. (Spastic hemiplegia) or (spastic foot) High_Level_SNOMED
F222. Left: [hemiplegia] or [sided weakness] CTV3_Children
F223. Right: [hemiplegia] or [sided weakness] CTV3_Children
F22z. Hemiplegia NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F231. Infantile hemiplegia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F234. Infantile hemiplegia NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X007Q Alternating hemiplegia of childhood High_Level_SNOMED
X00DE Lacunar ataxic hemiparesis CTV3_Children
X76n9 Hemiparesis CTV3Map_Code_Only
XE15T Hemiplegia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE15U Spastic hemiplegia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Xa0fr Right hemiplegia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Xa0fs Left hemiplegia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Xa0ft Right hemiparesis CTV3Map_Code_Only
Xa0fu Left hemiparesis CTV3Map_Code_Only
XaELO Residual hemiplegia CTV3_Children
XaL3N Hemiparesis NOS CTV3_Children
Y3466 Hemiplegic CTV3_Children
Eu022 [X]Dementia in Huntington's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F134. Huntington's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X003p Juvenile onset Huntington's disease CTV3_Children
X003q Late onset Huntington's disease CTV3_Children
X003r Akinetic-rigid form of Huntington's disease CTV3_Children
F1304 Progressive supranuclear palsy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F1304 Progressive supranuclear palsy CTV3Map_Code_Only
F152. Motor neurone disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F1522 Progressive bulbar palsy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F1524 Primary lateral sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F152z Motor neurone disease NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X002i Western Pacific motor neurone disease CTV3_Children
X002j Madras-type motor neurone disease CTV3_Children
X002l Paraneoplastic motor neurone disease CTV3_Children
F20.. Multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F20.. Multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_Only
F200. Multiple sclerosis of the brainstem CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F201. Multiple sclerosis of the spinal cord CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F202. Generalised multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F203. Exacerbation of multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F20z. Multiple sclerosis NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X005c Acute relapsing multiple sclerosis CTV3_Children
X005d Chronic progressive multiple sclerosis CTV3_Children
X005e Remittent-progressive multiple sclerosis CTV3_Children
X00AX Chr inflamm demyelinat polyradiculoneuropathy with cns demye High_Level_SNOMED
XaKA8 Specialised services for pts with multiple sclerosis ESA CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaKvm Multiple sclerosis review CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaKvn Multiple sclerosis multidisciplinary review CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaKzg Multiple sclerosis care plan agreed CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaOzZ Benign multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaP0X Malignant multiple sclerosis CTV3_Children
XaP0r Primary progressive multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaP1B Relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaP1V Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaPSY Management of multiple sclerosis in onset phase CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaPSZ Management of multiple sclerosis in early disease phase CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaPSa Management of multiple sclerosis in stable disability phase CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaPSb Management of MS in progressive disability phase CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaPSc Management of multiple sclerosis in palliative phase CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaX9A Multiple sclerosis monitoring administration CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaX9F Multiple sclerosis monitoring first letter CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaX9H Multiple sclerosis monitoring second letter CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaX9J Multiple sclerosis monitoring telephone invitation CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaX9L Multiple sclerosis monitoring third letter CTV3_Children
XaXsg Referral to community multiple sclerosis team CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F380. Myasthenia gravis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3800 Persistent neonatal myasthenia gravis CTV3_Children
F3801 Juvenile or adult myasthenia gravis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F380z Myasthenia gravis NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F381. Myasthenic syndrome due to disease EC CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3810 Eaton Lambert myasthenic syndrome CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F3810 Eaton Lambert myasthenic syndrome CTV3Map_Code_Only
F3813 (Myasth syndr due to diab amyotroph) or (diab amyotroph) High_Level_SNOMED
F383. Congenital and developmental myasthenia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Fyu84 [X]Other myasthenic syndromes in neoplastic disease CE CTV3_Children
Fyu85 [X]Myasthenic syndromes/other diseases classified elsewhere CTV3_Children
X00Cb Genetically determined myasthenia CTV3_Children
X00Ce Congenital myasthenia CTV3_Children
X00Cu Myasthenia gravis associated with thymoma CTV3_Children
X00Cv Generalised myasthenia CTV3_Children
X00Cw Myopathy in myasthenia gravis CTV3_Children
XE15n Myasthenic syndrome due to diabetic amyotrophy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE15n Myasthenic syndrome due to diabetic amyotrophy CTV3Map_Code_Only
Eu023 [X]Dementia in Parkinson's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F12.. Parkinson's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F12z. Parkinson's disease NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X003a Juvenile Parkinson's disease CTV3_Children
XaOfZ Cerebral degeneration in Parkinson's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaQwf History of Parkinson's disease CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaZYZ Lindop Parkinson's assessment scale CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaZxQ Referral to Parkinson's service CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaaRV Referral to community Parkinson's service CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Xab7w Seen by Parkinson's disease service CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XabbC Referral to community Parkinson disease clin nurse spcialist CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XaeUN Multiple system atrophy, Parkinson variant CTV3_Children
F140. Friedreich ataxia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F142. Primary cerebellar degeneration CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F142z Primary cerebellar degeneration NOS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F1440 Alcoholic cerebellar degeneration CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X002R Prog spinocerebellar ataxia with retained tendon reflexes High_Level_SNOMED
X002U Secondary cerebellar degeneration High_Level_SNOMED
XaeUM Multiple system atrophy, cerebellar variant CTV3_Children
F240. Quadriplegia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F240. Quadriplegia CTV3Map_Code_Only
X76je Spastic quadriplegia CTV3_Children
XM1Pw Congenital quadriplegia CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XM1Pw Congenital quadriplegia CTV3Map_Code_Only
A413. Progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
A413. Progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy CTV3Map_Code_Only
F0301 Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
F0301 Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis CTV3Map_Code_Only
F11x8 Cerebral degeneration due to multifocal leucoencephalopathy CTV3Map_Code_And_Term

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.