Psychosis, schizophrenia + bipolar affective disease

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CTV3 (Read V3)
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  • 2020-07-09


The following codes are used to indicate Psychosis, schizophrenia + bipolar affective disease


The following codes are prepared from CTV3 and expected to be used in general practices in records of people with Psychosis, schizophrenia + bipolar affective disease. They cover a broad range and some codes may no longer be in routine use. The codelists have been derived from information supporting the general practice quality and outcomes framework to support research in OpenSAFELY. Once imported they were reviewed and ....OPTIONAL x, y and z was done (remove if it was signed off)

CTV3Code Description
E1... Non-organic psychoses
E10.. Schizophrenic disorders
E100. Simple schizophrenia
E1000 Unspecified schizophrenia
E1001 Subchronic schizophrenia
E1002 Chronic schizophrenic
E1003 Acute exacerbation of subchronic schizophrenia
E1004 Acute exacerbation of chronic schizophrenia
E1005 Schizophrenia in remission
E100z Simple schizophrenia NOS
E101. Hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1010 Unspecified hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1011 Subchronic hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1012 Chronic hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1013 Acute exacerbation of subchronic hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1014 Acute exacerbation of chronic hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1015 Hebephrenic schizophrenia in remission
E101z Hebephrenic schizophrenia NOS
E102. Catatonic schizophrenia
E1020 Unspecified catatonic schizophrenia
E1021 Subchronic catatonic schizophrenia
E1022 Chronic catatonic schizophrenia
E1023 Acute exacerbation of subchronic catatonic schizophrenia
E1024 Acute exacerbation of chronic catatonic schizophrenia
E1025 Catatonic schizophrenia in remission
E102z Catatonic schizophrenia NOS
E103. Paranoid schizophrenia
E1030 Unspecified paranoid schizophrenia
E1031 Subchronic paranoid schizophrenia
E1032 Chronic paranoid schizophrenia
E1033 Acute exacerbation of subchronic paranoid schizophrenia
E1034 Acute exacerbation of chronic paranoid schizophrenia
E1035 Paranoid schizophrenia in remission
E103z Paranoid schizophrenia NOS
E105. Latent schizophrenia
E1050 Unspecified latent schizophrenia
E1051 Subchronic latent schizophrenia
E1052 Chronic latent schizophrenia
E1053 Acute exacerbation of subchronic latent schizophrenia
E1054 Acute exacerbation of chronic latent schizophrenia
E1055 Latent schizophrenia in remission
E105z Latent schizophrenia NOS
E106. Residual schizophrenia
E107. Schizoaffective schizophrenia
E1070 Unspecified schizoaffective schizophrenia
E1071 Subchronic schizoaffective schizophrenia
E1072 Chronic schizoaffective schizophrenia
E1073 Acute exacerbation subchronic schizoaffective schizophrenia
E1074 Acute exacerbation of chronic schizoaffective schizophrenia
E1075 Schizoaffective schizophrenia in remission
E107z Schizoaffective schizophrenia NOS
E10y. Schizophrenia: [other] or [cenesthopathic]
E10y0 Atypical schizophrenia
E10y1 Cenesthopathic schizophrenia
E10yz Other schizophrenia NOS
E10z. Schizophrenia NOS
E1100 Single manic episode, unspecified
E1101 Single manic episode, mild
E1102 Single manic episode, moderate
E1103 Single manic episode, severe without mention of psychosis
E1104 Single manic episode, severe, with psychosis
E1105 Single manic episode in partial or unspecified remission
E1106 Single manic episode in full remission
E110z Manic disorder, single episode NOS
E111. Recurrent manic episodes
E1110 Recurrent manic episodes, unspecified
E1111 Recurrent manic episodes, mild
E1112 Recurrent manic episodes, moderate
E1113 Recurrent manic episodes, severe without mention psychosis
E1114 Recurrent manic episodes, severe, with psychosis
E1115 Recurrent manic episodes, partial or unspecified remission
E1116 Recurrent manic episodes, in full remission
E111z Recurrent manic episode NOS
E1124 Single major depressive episode, severe, with psychosis
E1134 Recurrent major depressive episodes, severe, with psychosis
E114. Bipolar affective disorder, current episode manic
E1140 Bipolar affective disorder, currently manic, unspecified
E1141 Bipolar affective disorder, currently manic, mild
E1142 Bipolar affective disorder, currently manic, moderate
E1143 Bipolar affect disord, currently manic, severe, no psychosis
E1144 Bipolar affect disord, currently manic,severe with psychosis
E1145 Bipolar affect disord,currently manic, part/unspec remission
E1146 Bipolar affective disorder, currently manic, full remission
E114z Bipolar affective disorder, currently manic, NOS
E115. Bipolar affective disorder, current episode depression
E1150 Bipolar affective disorder, currently depressed, unspecified
E1151 Bipolar affective disorder, currently depressed, mild
E1152 Bipolar affective disorder, currently depressed, moderate
E1153 Bipolar affect disord, now depressed, severe, no psychosis
E1154 Bipolar affect disord, now depressed, severe with psychosis
E1156 Bipolar affective disorder, now depressed, in full remission
E115z Bipolar affective disorder, currently depressed, NOS
E116. Mixed bipolar affective disorder
E1160 Mixed bipolar affective disorder, unspecified
E1161 Mixed bipolar affective disorder, mild
E1162 Mixed bipolar affective disorder, moderate
E1163 Mixed bipolar affective disorder, severe, without psychosis
E1164 Mixed bipolar affective disorder, severe, with psychosis
E1165 Mixed bipolar affective disorder, partial/unspec remission
E1166 Mixed bipolar affective disorder, in full remission
E116z Mixed bipolar affective disorder, NOS
E117. Unspecified bipolar affective disorder
E1170 Unspecified bipolar affective disorder, unspecified
E1171 Unspecified bipolar affective disorder, mild
E1172 Unspecified bipolar affective disorder, moderate
E1173 Unspecified bipolar affective disorder, severe, no psychosis
E1174 Unspecified bipolar affective disorder,severe with psychosis
E1176 Unspecified bipolar affective disorder, in full remission
E117z Unspecified bipolar affective disorder, NOS
E11y. Other and unspecified manic-depressive psychoses
E11y0 Unspecified manic-depressive psychoses
E11y1 Atypical manic disorder
E11y3 Other mixed manic-depressive psychoses
E11yz Other and unspecified manic-depressive psychoses NOS
E11z. Other and unspecified affective psychoses
E11z0 Unspecified affective psychoses NOS
E11zz Other affective psychosis NOS
E120. Simple paranoid state
E121. [Chronic paranoid psychosis] or [Sander's disease]
E122. Paraphrenia
E123. Shared paranoid disorder
E12y0 Paranoia querulans
E13.. Psychoses: [other nonorganic] or [reactive]
E130. Reactive depressive psychosis
E131. Acute hysterical psychosis
E134. Psychogenic paranoid psychosis
E13y. Other reactive psychoses
E13y0 Psychogenic stupor
E13y1 Brief reactive psychosis
E13yz Other reactive psychoses NOS
E13z. Psychosis: [nonorganic NOS] or [episode NOS]
E1y.. Other specified non-organic psychoses
E2122 Schizotypal personality disorder
Eu2.. [X]Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders
Eu20. Schizophrenia
Eu202 [X](Cat schiz)(cat stupor)(schiz catalep)(schiz flex cerea)
Eu203 [X]Undifferentiated schizophrenia
Eu20y [X](Schizophr:[cenes][oth])(schizo'form dis [& psychos] NOS)
Eu20z [X]Schizophrenia, unspecified
Eu22y [X](Oth pers delusion dis)(del dysm)(inv paranoid)(par quer)
Eu22z [X]Persistent delusional disorder, unspecified
Eu230 [X]Ac polym psych dis, no schiz (& [bouf del][cycl psychos])
Eu231 [X]Acute polymorphic psychot disord with symp of schizophren
Eu232 [X]Ac schizophrenia-like psychot disord (& [named variants])
Eu233 [X](Oth ac delusn psychot dis) or (psychogen paran psychos)
Eu23y [X]Other acute and transient psychotic disorders
Eu23z [X]Ac trans psych dis, unsp (& [reac psychos (& brief NOS)])
Eu24. Induced delusional disorder
Eu25. Schizoaffective disorder
Eu252 [X](Mix schizoaff dis)(cycl schizo)(mix schiz/affect psych)
Eu25y [X]Other schizoaffective disorders
Eu25z [X]Schizoaffective disorder, unspecified
Eu2z. [X] Psychosis: [unspecified nonorganic] or [NOS]
Eu30. [X]Manic episode (& [bipolar disord, single manic episode])
Eu301 [X]Mania without psychotic symptoms
Eu302 [X](Mania+psych sym (& mood [congr][incong]))/(manic stupor)
Eu30y [X]Other manic episodes
Eu30z [X] Mania: [episode, unspecified] or [NOS]
Eu310 Bipolar affective disorder, current episode hypomanic
Eu311 [X]Bipolar affect disorder cur epi manic wout psychotic symp
Eu312 [X]Bipolar affect disorder cur epi manic with psychotic symp
Eu313 [X]Bipolar affect disorder cur epi mild or moderate depressn
Eu314 [X]Bipol aff disord, curr epis sev depress, no psychot symp
Eu316 Bipolar affective disorder , current episode mixed
Eu317 [X]Bipolar affective disorder, currently in remission
Eu31y [X](Bipol affect disord:[II][other]) or (recur manic episod)
Eu31z [X]Bipolar affective disorder, unspecified
Eu323 [X]Sev depress epis + psych symp:(& singl epis [named vars])
Eu333 [X]Depress with psych sympt: [recurr: (named vars)][endogen]
X00Qx Psychotic episode NOS
X00Qy Reactive psychoses
X00RU Epileptic psychosis
X00S6 Psychotic disorder
X00S8 Post-schizophrenic depression
X00SA Persistent delusional disorder
X00SC Acute transient psychotic disorder
X00SD Schizophreniform disorder
X00SJ Mania
X00SK Manic stupor
X00SL Hypomania
X00SM Bipolar disorder
X00SN Bipolar II disorder
X50GE Cutaneous monosymptomatic delusional psychosis
X50GF Delusions of parasitosis
X50GG Delusions of infestation
X50GH Delusion of foul odour
X50GJ Delusional hyperhidrosis
X761M Schizophrenic prodrome
XE1Xw Acute schizophrenic episode
XE1Xx Other schizophrenia
XE1Xz Manic disorder, single episode
XE1Y2 Chronic paranoid psychosis
XE1Y3 Other non-organic psychoses
XE1Y4 Acute paranoid reaction
XE1Y5 Non-organic psychosis NOS
XE1ZM [X]Other schizophrenia
XE1ZN [X]Schizotypal disorder
XE1ZO Delusional disorder
XE1ZP [X]Other persistent delusional disorders
XE1ZQ [X]Acute polymorphic psychot disord without symp of schizoph
XE1ZR [X]Other acute predominantly delusional psychotic disorders
XE1ZS [X]Acute and transient psychotic disorder, unspecified
XE1ZT [X]Other non-organic psychotic disorders
XE1ZU [X]Unspecified nonorganic psychosis
XE1ZV [X]Mania with psychotic symptoms
XE1ZW [X]Manic episode, unspecified
XE1ZX [X]Other bipolar affective disorders
XE1ZZ [X]Severe depressive episode with psychotic symptoms
XE1Ze [X]Recurrent depress disorder cur epi severe with psyc symp
XE1aM Schizophrenic psychoses (& [paranoid schizophrenia])
XE1aU (Paranoid states) or (delusion: [paranoid] or [persecution])
XE2b8 Schizoaffective disorder, mixed type
XE2uT Schizoaffective disorder, manic type
XE2un Schizoaffective disorder, depressive type
XM1GG Borderline schizophrenia
XM1GH Acute polymorphic psychotic disorder
XSGon Severe major depression with psychotic features
Xa0lD Involutional paranoid state
Xa0lF Delusional dysmorphophobia
Xa0s9 Acute schizophrenia-like psychotic disorder
Xa0tC Late paraphrenia
Xa1aD Monosymptomatic hypochondriacal psychosis
Xa1aF Erotomania
Xa1bS Othello syndrome
XaB5u Bouffee delirante
XaB5v Cycloid psychosis
XaB8j Oneirophrenia
XaB95 Other manic-depressive psychos
XaK4Y [X]Erotomania
XaX52 Non-organic psychosis in remission
XaX53 Single major depress ep, severe with psych, psych in remissn
XaX54 Recurr major depress ep, severe with psych, psych in remissn
XaY1Y Bipolar I disorder
XagU1 Recurrent reactiv depressiv episodes, severe, with psychosis

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.