Sulfasalazine (oral)

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  • 285d0473

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code term
0105010E0AAAAAA Sulfasalazine 500mg tablets
0105010E0AAABAB Sulfasalazine 500mg gastro-resistant tablets
0105010E0AAAEAE Sulfasalazine 250mg/5ml oral suspension
0105010E0AAAJAJ Sulfasalazine 500mg/5ml oral suspension
0105010E0AAAKAK Sulfasalazine 125mg/5ml oral suspension
0105010E0AAALAL Sulfasalazine 200mg/5ml oral suspension
0105010E0AAANAN Sulfasalazine 100mg/5ml oral suspension
0105010E0AAAPAP Sulfasalazine 250mg/5ml oral suspension sugar free
0105010E0BBAAAA Salazopyrin 500mg tablets
0105010E0BBABAB Salazopyrin EN-Tabs 500mg
0105010E0BBACAC Salazopyrin 500mg suppositories
0105010E0BBAEAE Salazopyrin 250mg/5ml oral suspension
0105010E0BCABAB Sulazine EC 500mg tablets (Genesis Pharm)
0105010E0BCACAB Sulazine EC 500mg tablets (Teva)

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  • Salazopyrin (0105010E0BB)
  • Salazopyrin 250mg/5ml oral suspension (0105010E0BBAEAE)
  • Salazopyrin 3g/100ml enema (0105010E0BBADAD)
  • Salazopyrin 500mg suppositories (0105010E0BBACAC)
  • Salazopyrin 500mg tablets (0105010E0BBAAAA)
  • Salazopyrin EN-Tabs 500mg (0105010E0BBABAB)
  • Sulazine (0105010E0BC)
  • Sulazine EC 500mg tablets (Genesis Pharm) (0105010E0BCABAB)
  • Sulazine EC 500mg tablets (Teva) (0105010E0BCACAB)
  • Sulfasalazine (0105010E0AA)
  • Sulfasalazine (0105010E0)
  • Sulfasalazine 100mg/5ml oral suspension (0105010E0AAANAN)
  • Sulfasalazine 125mg/5ml oral suspension (0105010E0AAAKAK)
  • Sulfasalazine 200mg/5ml oral suspension (0105010E0AAALAL)
  • Sulfasalazine 250mg/5ml oral suspension (0105010E0AAAEAE)
  • Sulfasalazine 250mg/5ml oral suspension sugar free (0105010E0AAAPAP)
  • Sulfasalazine 3g/100ml retention enema (0105010E0AAADAD)
  • Sulfasalazine 500mg gastro-resistant tablets (0105010E0AAABAB)
  • Sulfasalazine 500mg suppositories (0105010E0AAACAC)
  • Sulfasalazine 500mg tablets (0105010E0AAAAAA)
  • Sulfasalazine 500mg/5ml oral suspension (0105010E0AAAJAJ)