Transient ischaemic attack

Coding system
CTV3 (Read V3)
Codelist ID

  • 3526e2ac


Codes that indicate incident or history of transient ischaemic attack. This codelist include definite and probable transient ischaemic attack. Future studies which require codes denoting definite transient ischaemic attack need to derive another codelist.


These codes were mapped first in SNOMED using the opencodelist builder. The search terms used were:

  • transient cerebral ischaemia
  • transient ischaemic attack
  • h/o: tia

Codes only indicating the assessment scale (CHAD2S2-VASc score itself), high risk of TIA, suspected case and family history of TIA were excluded. 36 codes were identified in SNOMED.

The codes were discussed by 1 practicing clinicians and 1 epidemiologist. A summary of the discussion is available on the github issue below.

These codes were mapped to CTV3 which resulted in 24 codes.


Signed off by

  • Angel Wong, (Dec. 15, 2020)
  • Laurie Tomlinson, (Dec. 12, 2020)
code term
14AB. H/O: TIA
F4236 Amaurosis fugax
Fyu55 [X]Other transnt cerebral ischaemic attacks+related syndroms
G65.. (Drop attack) or (trans cereb isch) or (verteb-basil insuff)
G65y. Other transient cerebral ischaemia
G65z. Transient cerebral ischaemia NOS
G65zz Transient cerebral ischaemia NOS
X00DU Carotid territory transient ischaemic attack
X00DV Vertebrobasilar territory transient ischaemic attack
XE0VK Transient ischaemic attack
XE0X0 (Trans isch attacks) or (vert-basil insuf) or (drop attacks)
XE18h (Retinal vasc occlusn) or (amauros fugax) or (retin thromb)
XaEGK Transient ischaemic attacks
XaJkS Stroke / transient ischaemic attack referral
XaJuH Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring administration
XaJuU Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring first letter
XaJuX Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring second letter
XaJuY Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring third letter
XaJwA Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring status
XaQve Transient ischaemic attack clinical management plan
XaRCF Transient ischaemic attack monthly review
XaX16 [V]Personal history of transient ischaemic attack
XaXOh Referral to transient ischaemic attack clinic
XaZIY H/O amaurosis fugax

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.