Valvular atrial fibrillation

Coding system
CTV3 (Read V3)
Codelist ID

  • 6cab4902


Codes indicating incident/ history of valvular atrial fibrillation (codes indicating artificial valves and mitral stenosis).


These codes were mapped first in SNOMED using the opencodelist builder. The search terms used were:

  • aortic valve implantation
  • artificial heart valve
  • disease of mitral and aortic valve
  • heart valve prosthesis
  • heart valve replacement
  • mitral and aortic
  • mitral and tricuspid
  • mitral stenosis
  • mitral valve disease
  • mitral valve disorder
  • mitral valve stenosis
  • mitral valvotomy
  • mitral valvuloplasty
  • multiple valve
  • prosthetic heart valve
  • repair of mitral valve
  • replacement of mitral valve
  • replacement of aortic valve
  • replacement of truncal valve

414 codes were identified in SNOMED. Of them, 53 were excluded because they only indicated physical object, e.g. cardiac valve prosthesis, device (not the procedure itself), cine study of artificial heart valve, Computed tomography angiography planning or the specimen of heart valve.

The codes were discussed by 1 practicing clinician and 1 epidemiologist. A summary of the discussion is available on the github issue below.

These codes were mapped to CTV3 which resulted in 141 codes.


Signed off by

  • Laurie Tomlinson, (Dec. 12, 2020)
  • Angel Wong, (Dec. 15, 2020)
code term
14T3. H/O: artificial heart valve
7910. Mitral valve: [plastic repair] or [replacement]
79100 Homograft mitral valve replacement
79101 Xenograft mitral valve replacement
79102 Prosth mitral v repl (& [Bjork Shiley]/[Carpentier Edwards])
79103 Replacement of mitral valve NEC
79104 Mitral valvuloplasty NEC
7910y Other specified plastic repair of mitral valve
7910z Plastic repair of mitral valve NOS
7911. Aortic valve: [plastic repair] or [replacement]
79110 Homograft aortic valve replacement
79111 Xenograft aortic valve replacement
79112 Mechanical prosthetic aortic valve replacement
79113 Replacement of aortic valve NEC
7912. Tricuspid valve: [plastic repair] or [replacement]
79120 Homograft tricuspid valve replacement
79121 Xenograft tricuspid valve replacement
79122 Mechanical prosthetic tricuspid valve replacement
79123 Replacement of tricuspid valve NEC
7913. Pulmonary valve: [plastic repair] or [replacement]
79130 Homograft pulmonary valve replacement
79131 Xenograft pulmonary valve replacement
79132 Mechanical prosthetic pulmonary valve replacement
79133 Replacement of pulmonary valve NEC
7914. Unspecified heart valve: [plastic repair] or [replacement]
79143 Replacement of valve of heart NEC
79150 Revision of plastic repair of mitral valve
79160 Open mitral valvotomy
79170 Closed mitral valvotomy
79180 Annuloplasty of mitral valve
79190 Percutaneous transluminal mitral valvotomy
G110. Mitral stenosis (& [rheumatic])
G112. Mitral stenosis with insufficiency
G113. Non-rheumatic mitral valve stenosis
G130. Mitral and aortic stenosis
G131. Mitral stenosis and aortic insufficiency
P553. Lutembacher's syndrome
P65.. Congenital mitral stenosis
P650. Congenital mitral stenosis, unspecified
P651. Fused commissure of the mitral valve
P652. Parachute malformation of mitral valve
P65z. Congenital mitral stenosis NOS
P6yyC Fusion of mitral valve cusps
SP002 Mechanical complication of heart valve prosthesis
SP004 Infect and inflammatory reaction due to cardiac valve pros
X00tj Repair of mitral valve
X00tk Mitral annuloplasty using ring
X00tl Plication annuloplasty of mitral valve
X00u6 Excision of supramitral valve ring
X00u7 Decalcification of mitral valve
X00u8 Decalcification of implanted mitral valve
X00uA Mitral valvotomy
X00uB Balloon mitral valvotomy
X00uC Balloon dilatation of implanted mitral valve
X00uD Transluminal radiofrequency mitral valvotomy
X00uF Mitral valve replacement
X00uG Bjork-Shiley prosthetic replacement of mitral valve
X00uP Replacement of implanted mitral valve
X00uy Tricuspid valve replacement
X00v7 Replacement of implanted tricuspid valve
X00vV Aortic valve replacement
X00vW Autograft aortic valve replacement
X00vf Replacement of implanted aortic valve
X00vi Aortic valve replacement and replacement of ascending aorta
X00vj Aortic valve replacement and aortoplasty
X00vk Aortic valve replacement and patch aortoplasty
X00vl Aortic valve replacement and plication of ascending aorta
X00wD Pulmonary valve replacement
X00wM Replacement of implanted pulmonary valve
X00xY Replacement of truncal valve
X00xZ Homograft truncal valve replacement
X00xa Xenograft truncal valve replacement
X00xb Mechanical prosthetic truncal valve replacement
X00xk Replacement of implanted truncal valve
X200m Prosthetic valve endocarditis
X200r Rheumatic mitral stenosis
X200s Mitral restenosis
X208t Prosthetic cardiac valve dehiscence
X208u Prosthetic cardiac valve component embolism
X208v Prosthetic cardiac valve regurgitation
X208x Prosthetic cardiac paravalvular leak
X208y Prosthetic cardiac valve thrombosis
X208z Prosthetic cardiac valve obstruction
X2090 Prosthetic cardiac valve vegetation
X2091 Prosthetic cardiac valve calcification
X2092 Prosthetic cardiac valve displacement
X777Y Prosthetic aortic valve regurgitation
X777Z Paraprosthetic aortic regurgitation
X777o Prosthetic mitral valve regurgitation
X777p Paraprosthetic mitral regurgitation
X7785 Mitral sub-valve apparatus calcification
X7788 Masses on mitral apparatus
X77wB Mitral atresia
X77wI Dilatation of mitral annulus
XE0Ed Plastic repair of mitral valve
XE0Ee Mechanical prosthetic mitral valve replacement
XE0UZ Mitral stenosis
XM0Bd Disorder of prosthetic cardiac valve
XM1IU Ball valve mitral valve replacement
XM1IV Disc valve mitral valve replacement
XM1IW Single leaflet mitral valve replacement
XM1IX Bileaflet mitral valve replacement
XM1IY Replacement of unspecified valve of heart
XM1IZ Heart valve replacement - prosthesis
XM1LC Ball valve aortic valve replacement
XM1LD Disc valve aortic valve replacement
XM1LE Single leaflet aortic valve replacement
XM1LF Bileaflet aortic valve replacement
XM1LG Ball valve tricuspid valve replacement
XM1LH Disc valve tricuspid valve replacement
XM1LI Single leaflet tricuspid valve replacement
XM1LJ Bileaflet tricuspid valve replacement
XM1LK Ball valve pulmonary valve replacement
XM1LL Disc valve pulmonary valve replacement
XM1LM Single leaflet pulmonary valve replacement
XM1LN Bileaflet pulmonary valve replacement
XM1LP Aortic valve replacement NOS
XM1LQ Mitral valve replacement NOS
Xa0Cy Pulmonary hypertension with occult mitral stenosis
Xa3fL Rheumatic mitral stenosis with insufficiency
Xa3lM Heart valve replacement - graft
Xa6bf Paraprosthetic pulmonary regurgitation
Xa6bg Paraprosthetic tricuspid regurgitation
XaBXl Biological mitral valve replacement
XaBXm Porcine mitral valve replacement
XaBXp Porcine aortic valve replacement
XaBXq Biological tricuspid valve replacement
XaBXr Porcine tricuspid valve replacement
XaBXs Biological pulmonary valve replacement
XaBXt Porcine pulmonary valve replacement
XaBXz Biological truncal valve replacement
XaBY0 Ball valve truncal valve replacement
XaBY1 Disc valve truncal valve replacement
XaBY2 Single leaflet truncal valve replacement
XaBY3 Bileaflet truncal valve replacement
XaLfj Percutaneous transluminal pulmonary valve replacement
XaLfr Aortic root replac us pul val auto ri vent pulm art val cond
XaLfs Ao ro repl us pulm val auto ri vent pul art val cond aortov
XaQYo Transapical aortic valve implantation
XaQYp Transluminal aortic valve implantation
ZV45H [V]Presence of prosthetic heart valve

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.