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receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy codes SNOMED CT

Taken from the DXT_CHEMO_COD fields in SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Vaccine Uptake Reporting Codes v.1.5.3

serious mental illness ICD-10
severe and profound learning disability flags CTV3

This is a list of generic codes which record the presence of a severe or profound learning disability, flagged as such in a patient's records separately to their underlying diagnosis.

Published by OpenSAFELY
sick-notes-ctv3 CTV3
Published by OpenSAFELY
sick-notes-snomed SNOMED CT
Published by OpenSAFELY
sinusitis Read V2
Published by QMUL Multimorbidity
skin and soft tissue infections SNOMED CT

Codelist for skin and soft tissue infections that may be treated with repeat antibiotics in primary care.

Published by UKHSA
splenectomy SNOMED CT
Published by UKHSA
substance_misuse Read V2
Published by QMUL Multimorbidity
symptom colorectal CIBH SNOMED CT
symptom colorectal PR bleeding SNOMED CT
symptom colorectal WL SNOMED CT
symptom colorectal anaemia SNOMED CT
symptoms colorectal cancer SNOMED CT
thyroid Read V2
Published by QMUL Multimorbidity