OpenSAFELY codelists

Azathioprine BNF

BNF codelists for azathioprine.

Azathioprine DM+D dm+d

This codelist contains NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) codes for all azathioprine preparations.

Azithromycin Medication dm+d

This codelists includes AMPs and VMPs from the NHS dictionary of medicines and devices for azithromycin.

Bell's palsy CTV3

CTV3 codelist for incident Bell's palsy

Included unspecified facial nerve disorders following Leite et al.

Did not include: - facial nerve disorders with other specified cause (e.g. zoster, trauma) or specified as 'other' - history of Bell's palsy - palsies of an unspecified cranial nerve - multiple cranial nerve palsies (including palsies specified as both cranial nerves 5+7)

Bell's palsy - ECDS restricted reference set SNOMED CT

Bell's palsy - relevant code from ECDS restricted reference set of SNOMED codes

Bell's palsy ICD-10 ICD-10

ICD-10 code for Bell's palsy, for use in hospital admissions and mortality data

Beta-blocker medications dm+d

This code list contains NHS dm+d codes for beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs, which are better known as beta-blockers.

Bone Marrow Transplant CTV3

Codes indicating a bone marrow transplant has been carried out

Bone Marrow Transplant (SNOMED) SNOMED CT

Automatically-generated equivalent of Bone Marrow Transplant

COPD - secondary care ICD-10

Identifies COPD hospital admissions.

COPD Infection CTV3

Codes indicating a diagnosis of COPD exacerbation or a LRTI infection

COPD Rescue Packs and Annual Reviews CTV3

Code indicating an annual review of COPD or the provision of a rescue pack for COPD exacerbations

COPD exacerbation secondary care ICD-10

Identifies COPD exacerbation hospital admissions.

COVID Identification ICD-10

The following two ICD-10 codes for COVID identification have been used

U07.1 virus identified Use this code when COVID-19 has been confirmed by laboratory testing irrespective of severity of clinical signs or symptoms. Use additional code, if desired, to identify pneumonia or other manifestations.

U07.2 COVID-19, virus not identified Use this code when COVID-19 is diagnosed clinically or epidemiologically but laboratory testing is inconclusive or not available. Use additional code, if desired, to identify pneumonia or other manifestations

COVID Identification in primary care (helper) - 111 suspected CTV3

Helper file for COVID identifcation in primary care - suspect case. Used to identify which of the suspect codes in the COVID identification in primary care file is used by 111 for recording a suspect case.