OpenSAFELY codelists

Amoxicillin (oral) dm+d

This codelist contains amoxicillin formulations which may be given orally.

Amputation CTV3

Codelist for defining the presence of a history of amputation

Amputation OPCS-4 procedure codes OPCS-4

OPCS-4 codes to identify amputations following orthopaedic surgery

Amputation of lower limb CTV3

This captures amputation of the lower limb for the risk prediction project. Other studies requiring amputation codes should refer to the full codelist, under 'Amputation'.

Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBs) dm+d

The following notebook contains medicines that are angiotensin II receptor antagonists from the RAS section of BNF codes. All combination products have been excluded and the list has been cross refereneced with the actual BNF for "Other drugs in the class ace inhibitors".

Ankylosing Spondylitis CTV3
Antidepressants for pain indication - dm+d dm+d

This codelist will be used to identify prescribing of antidepressants with an indication for pain to people waiting on procedure waiting lists.

Antidiabetic drugs dm+d

This codelists contains all the NHS dictionary of medicines and devices codes for "antidiabetic drugs" as specified by the BNF coding system. This does not include insulin.

Antihistamines (oral) dm+d

This codelist contains NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) for oral antihistamines

Antiphospholipid syndrome CTV3

Codes that indicate incident or history of antiphospholipid syndrome

Antiplatelets dm+d

This codelist contains codes for antiplatelets.

Anxiety Disorders SNOMED CT

Codes that indicate the presence of an anxiety disorder.

Aplastic Anaemia CTV3

Codes indicating diagnosis of aplastic anaemia

Aplastic Anaemia (SNOMED) SNOMED CT

Automatically-generated equivalent of Aplastic Anaemia

Ascitic drainage SNOMED CT

User Requirements

This codelist aims to identify any ascitic drain procedure or code that indicate that an ascitic drainage procedure has taken place.